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Behold the most treasured possession of any adventurer: The Chalice of Might. He or she who drinks of the chalice attains partial immortality and is forever bound to it's power. This, my friends, is the goal of your quest.

In the Kingdom of Zhune, all evil was finally eradicated. Soon the heroes became soft and lazy with idleness. The ruler of the land, realizing that evil can never truly be defeated, became concerned that his heroes would be too weak to stave off evil - should it ever return.
So the ruler choose the mightiest heroes in the land and had them participate in a challenge once per year. Each one of them would take the part of an Evil Dungeon Master to challenge his peers and keep them sharp. To keep him or herself sharp, each hero would also adventure into other hero's dungeons. Whoever, became the most powerful hero/DM and discovered the Chalice of Might, would be deemed the winner of that years tournament.

You have been chosen to take part in the tournament. This simulation of the tournament is somewhat unique in that multiple players can emerge victorious.

The game involves a progression in levels. Most items in the game are rated on the basis of level - an abstract rating of power. The chalice will appear when Dungeons have reached level 99. The game will continue for a week after this first occurs and anyone finding the chalice during this period will be a winner for that game. Winners of the game will be given certain rewards such as special player portraits, and possibly additional powers in later games.

As a bonus, beta testers will be given these advantages when the site goes live.

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