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Current Slayers:     You receive one for every chalice you attain.
You receive one for every 10 levels you attain.

You receive this when you support by registering.

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Kaz : Level 21; Background: The legendary warrior returns to actio

Spuddo : Level 21; Background: A gnome of questionable morals. Known for
chaotic and avaricious behavior. Just like the picture except more compact!

Canthos : Level 20; Background: Unofficially dubbing himself Defender of
the Realm Canthos revels in his 4th Chalice
Aryx : Level 5; Background: Hearing the calling of the Gods from a
young age, Aryx has dedicated his life to their service...and smashing things.
Nomek : Level 3; Background: Nomek loves slaying dragons, beating the
crap out of steroid orcs, and destroying elementals.
rete : Level 3; Background: ?
Stephanos : Level 2; Background: Blahblahblahblah
Aslan : Level 2; Background: Little is known about this mysterious man.
His past is shrouded and he never remembers having any parents. Aslan is a master swordsman, also with basic magic. He's not very social but inside he's not so bad.
Wog : Level 2; Background: Wog, a stout dwarf. Clothed in light brown
leather from head to foot with a light brown cloak that unravels in the back. Nothing is to tough for this descendent of the mighty Geofoss.
Gollum : Level 1; Background: He is a big ruthless bastard that'll kick
anyone's ass.

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