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[Biggs] : Level 1; Background: I am a half-elf from the destroyed city
of Shadar Logoth.
<=-oMeGa-=> : Level 1; Background: well...i like games!!
DS Kato : Level 1; Background: An powerful warrior who is part of a humanoid
race called dragniers.
1 : Level 1; Background: -1'
-1' : Level 1; Background: 1
111333ploy : Level 1; Background: likes to battle demons warrior style but
likes to cast spells too. and is a farmer when not fighting also likes to cook fish. and mine a llittle likes a good fight sometimes.
22522544 : Level 1; Background: I am a warrior, out to slay evil and unholy
Aaymbra Pagenkoff : Level 1; Background: All Aaymbra wants is a little bit of adventure
and companionship.
Abbadon : Level 1; Background: The bastard son of a noble and a thief,
trying to make a living in the only trade he knows.
Abernathy : Level 1; Background: I left my war-torn homeland to find a new
way of life. I'm still searching...
Abramelin : Level 1; Background: Not much is Known about this Wizard of the
North except that he seems to be getting more powerful all the time!
Abraxas : Level 1; Background: Nobody knows about his past - including
him. The only thing he remembers is seeing a bright light before he woke up in a forest.
Abriel Nithuck : Level 1; Background: Abriel, is a young man that has an taste
for danger and a thirst for knowledge and will go anywhere that might help him in his quest
Abyss Ravenheart : Level 1; Background: Half Drow-Half Black Dragon bron to a clan
of warriors to be a sorcerer, but his warrior side won and he fought his clan with a mystical sword he came upon and through his trials became good hearted.
ACE : Level 1; Background: Frome parts not known to any man. He is
the master of magic he is ace. He is anly at an age of 15. He has become the master of all wizardre.
Ace McCauley : Level 1; Background: Born in the city of Gallimin, Ace was taken
in by a wizard named Donavon. As Ace grew older he showed potential to be a great magic user but the other wizards where jealous and didn't want him to surpass them. After his master's mysterious death Ace was t
ace slingshot : Level 1; Background: A knight who was sent by the king to find
rare items.
acecastaway : Level 1; Background: Blonde hair.blue eyes,very smart,and incredibly
Acharna : Level 1; Background: Immediate introduction into the world at
the age of 18 forced Acharna to become a powerful, aggressive, defensive, solitary warrior. No body stands against him without somebody dying!!!
Achilles : Level 1; Background: As a child, I loved to play in the forest.
But then the forest was taken away from me. Now I fight to get it back.
AdamShadow : Level 1; Background: Adam Shadow is a reclusive wizard hoping
to someday achieve the creation of a spell that will allow him to instantaneously travel back in time to the day of his wife's death.
aDoom : Level 1; Background: One hell of a warrior.
adracko : Level 1; Background: Adracko was born in a small village of Menklar.
He has steel blue eyes and shaggy black hair. He has several battle scars.
Adweid Lunaire : Level 1; Background: nt
Adwillin : Level 1; Background: Adwillin is a rouge elf from a rarely discussed
band of rebellious elves that turned on their own king and were eventually captured and exilled into the Fantoun forest.
Aelin : Level 1; Background: A human with great skill with the sword.
She has no memory of her past and is travelling on a quest to find answers to her many questions.
Aellithia : Level 1; Background: Swift on his feet, and quick to anger.
aeryn : Level 1; Background: A medium height redhead wearing long flowing robes.
She is wearing the symbol of her goddess and her blue eyes seem to pierce your very soul.

Aglician Fairskin : Level 1; Background: Aglician was abandoned at birth and has
since been searching for her real parents to find out why.
ah guei : Level 1; Background: unknown
Aiden : Level 1; Background: Borne in the Highlands. Studied under Merlin
the Great One. Come for adventure.
aislinn : Level 1; Background: a strong and mystical wizard trying to fight
everything to get stronger
Ajantis : Level 1; Background: Black eyes. Brown hair.6 foot. Loves magic.
Very intelligent.Got his high degree in magic arts. Elf friend. Has a magic ring called Ninya,the ring of fire. He is a good character and destroys evil.
Akasha : Level 1; Background: Little of her background is known to her
from an incident that left her with a severe case of amnesia
Aladar RiftRaven : Level 1; Background: A warrior mage Aladar has learned to fight
in many ways: magic, swords, spears, bows, and unarmed combat. He also is an accomplished blacksmith and theif.
Alara : Level 1; Background: A lady by no means, she grew up knowing
the harsh realities of the world. She holds an air of mystery about her, her secrets numbering many. Her friends are few and far between, but those who have won her trust more than make up for the lack.
Alatra : Level 1; Background: A young woman that is in seach of a reason
to belong. She has been through many battles and thinks that most battles are pointless. She has been brought up as a warrior but the way she acts makes it seem like she rejects it, but really all she wants to do
Alexander : Level 1; Background: He was born in a noble family that was attacked
and killed by a barbarian tribe now all he can think about is his vengence for his family.
Alfee : Level 1; Background: Serve justice, live for love
Alfred the red : Level 1; Background: born of a red dragon and a goddess,alfred
the red has trained his whole life for this day..
Alkazar Thunderbolt : Level 1; Background: Alkazar was born in the city of Akthalka,
where magic is greatly disliked, his parents are famous tradesmen, currently in trouble due to illicit affairs. When they discovered their son'magical aptitude, he was quicly sold to the hooded wizards, an associa
Allen : Level 1; Background: Allen was nothing more than a homeless boy
that wanted to be something. He never knew his parents or what happen to them. So he decided to leave the small village he was staying in a try to fing a way to become a hero. So people would lood at him as so
Ally Of Kings : Level 1; Background: Was kicked out of my home plane of Ysgard.
Now I live in the Material Plane.
alphasmart : Level 1; Background: no comment
altup : Level 1; Background: Elves rock but screw Legolas!
Alturius : Level 1; Background: Alturius was abandoned in a dungeon by his
mother as a infant. Raised by passersby and running away with yet another passerby was a common occurance. As he progressed in age he watched his temporary "family" and learned fighting arts and battle stragey. W
Alucard Dracule : Level 1; Background: Alucard is a simple apprentice to the greater
vampire hunting guilds.
alucard6 : Level 1; Background: A Barbarian exciled from his home. Is now
on a quest to find a new home
Alynian : Level 1; Background: I wilt lay ye low should ye prove unrigh
amara_magus : Level 1; Background: an nearly all powerful mage from avalon
amberel : Level 1; Background: girl apprentice wizard
Ameena : Level 1; Background: Ameena knows nothing of her past. She merely
woke up in the middle of a forest one day, with knowledge of how to survive, but no memory of a past.
Ammenon : Level 1; Background: Born for battle and brute strength, this
Barbarian loves to fight.
Anastasia : Level 1; Background: Brown hair hazel eyes. Orphaned at childhood
raised by a night refuses marriage proposal and is now hired merc.
andrew delmar : Level 1; Background: for as long as i can remember, i have had
no family or friends. so i took up theivery as a hobby and a way of life. but now i have become a so-called "dungeon crawler" seeking exitement and treasure.
Andyrew : Level 1; Background: Born as a normal human, he lost his parents
in a horrible war. from that moment on, he swore revenge on the killers and began practicing dark and powerful wizardry.
Angel 2 : Level 1; Background: Angelike
Angel Hero of Life : Level 1; Background: Strongest and most loving being alive
Angel of Fire : Level 1; Background: (none)
Angelo : Level 1; Background: Born from a cult of evil in a society of
despare, Angelo wanted to choose the right path to walk. Even though this meant going against his homeland, Sorgath, he knew it would take him to the place he always dreamed of...or would it?
Angelus : Level 1; Background: Comes from a half-man half-lion species
called the Hact. A great worrior, will take better care of his weapons than his friends or himself. Becomes enraged at the site of a Dragon.
anna : Level 1; Background: blue eyes black hair.loves to t

Anthaeus : Level 1; Background: The bravest warrior you will ever meet,
and with a really cool pair of sunglasses too...
Anthony : Level 1; Background: Shy, But when opposed, crushes his oppon
Antias : Level 1; Background: After being banished by the High Mages for
the use of black magic Antias decided he should not be treated as an outlaw ofr his miraculous gift of magic so he pondered ways to take revenge and when nothing seemed good enough, he decided thhe world might be
Antiod Emberin : Level 1; Background: I was born in Aravant a small village, and
was trained in the art of magic by a mage after death of my parents.
Anton DeSilva : Level 1; Background: Anton is a very quiet,soft spoken person,
till he gets piss off. Then he swear like a navy sailor. He is left-handed as his family teachs this skill to defeat monster
Anubis : Level 1; Background: The reincarnated Deity, Anubis comes with
plans to remake his great name. Although sometimes mistaken for an Elven ranger his skills far surpass any ranger.Also taught Kolder everything he knows.
Anvar : Level 1; Background: A wizard of the research sort.
ApocDrgn : Level 1; Background: A mysterious man with a dark past. Forever
cursed to wander in darkness...
aragon2nd : Level 1; Background: an elve from a far distant land and born
in rivendale.
Araka : Level 1; Background: Araka is a tough little dwarf that has a
fondness for only two things, his axe and gold.
Aramil Illphukiir : Level 1; Background: Born into a poor family Aramil was forced
to work in fields and farms to help raise money. When he turned six a group of wizards came to his home and told him of his magical powers. They took him to their school where he learned all Arts of Magic. Afterwa
Aranyic : Level 1; Background: Aranyic's parents died when he was young
and he was left on his own. He took up exploring as a hobby and found he could make a living of it so eh has contenued it to this day.
Arbaal : Level 1; Background: A rather imposing figure, with Black and
Crimson Armour, Arbaal scours the lands for Items of power in order to help in his quest to eradicate those evils which transgress against humanity.
Arcage : Level 1; Background: Shunned by most humans due to the demon
blood that taints his human features, Arcage was forced to be self sufficient at a young age. Now he seeks to increase his personal power so that he can eventually show those who hate how it feels to be hated.
Archer Of Death : Level 1; Background: silent wolf Was from the Clan of Archer
and Sneakery but a Knight name Deathron came and foght the Brave Elf the elf Silent Wolf Kill Deathron died in the archers hands there forth he Be came know as Archer of Death!
archimus : Level 1; Background: soon to b hi wizard
Archivis : Level 1; Background: Born to a lineage of humble scribes and
destined for the greatest heights of sorcery.
Archmage : Level 1; Background: Red
Arcon : Level 1; Background: warior/wizerd
Ardon : Level 1; Background: dfsagfgdhfghbdfssgdfsgf
Aristia : Level 1; Background: Aristia was born in the city of Midgaard,
she decided to become a warrior in hopes of making something of herself. She is a outspoken and energetic person. She has an older sister, and the two of them are very close. She hopes to accuire a lot of riches a
Aristobus : Level 1; Background: Aristobus is a member of the Order of the
Magi ,He is currently one of the highest field mages that still traverses over the lands helping the people of need. He also seeks and helps young ones posses the arcane knowledge.
Arithian : Level 1; Background: Arithian is a small female warrior. Having
grown up in a little village with two warrior parents, it was the natural occupation to choose. After her father was killed by a dwarf, Arithian vowed to find the murderer or his next of kin, and destroy him.
Arrack : Level 1; Background: Great barbarian slayer.
Arrgon : Level 1; Background: From the northern 'Alkaliad Mountains',
Arrgon searchs the world for those who killed his family. He is known for his honor and intergrity, though unfortunatly for his rage as well.
Artanis : Level 1; Background: Artanis, a wealthy noble, one day grew bored
and decided to take up the adventuring profession.
Artex : Level 1; Background: Artex and Symon have conquered many lands,
and will no conquer another..
ARTHAS : Level 1; Background: HUNTS EVIL
artisimo : Level 1; Background: artistic geometrist
Artonis : Level 1; Background: Artonis was born in a land of wonderous
and mystical andventures...dragons roamed the land and animals were 20x than that of earth. Here, Artonis has trained and survived in his land of mystery.
Arvesi : Level 1; Background: Too curious for her own good.
Aryx : Level 5; Background: Hearing the calling of the Gods from a
young age, Aryx has dedicated his life to their service...and smashing things.
asdf : Level 1; Background: asdf
Aseneth D'Amberville : Level 1; Background: Aseneth is the daughter of a wealthy merchant
whom gave up her life of luxury to seek out adventure. She is determined to suceed by the strenth and intellect she strive for instead of the beuty that she was born with.
Ash : Level 1; Background: A big buff man with a big sword. Trapped
in Time. Surrounded by evil. Low on Gas. The story of how I got here is a long story, however I will shorten it: I was in the old professer's cabin when I found a book which was the book of the dead.
Ashaman : Level 1; Background: Ashaman is a tall gangly human who was cast
out of his village at a very young age. He found his best friend being beaten by his father. He cast a magic missle into his friends fathers face because his friend was close to death. Only his friend believe
Ashen Shugar : Level 1; Background: 1st character.
Ashrael : Level 1; Background: little is known about this powerful wizard
except that he has been seen often with many a vampire
Ashton : Level 1; Background: Ashton past is skecthy and really unknow
Aslan : Level 2; Background: Little is known about this mysterious man.
His past is shrouded and he never remembers having any parents. Aslan is a master swordsman, also with basic magic. He's not very social but inside he's not so bad.
Aslan2001 : Level 1; Background: This young knight is not one of the best,
but he has the potential to become a great warrior.
aslark : Level 1; Background: My guy is a ranger that has no past. He
was raised by animals, but doesn't no where he's from or who he is.
Aspin : Level 1; Background: Likes long walks on the beach and shooting
Atarax : Level 1; Background: Atarax is a neophyte wizard. Despite his
initial shyness, he has a secret yearning to extend his power to control the world!
Athabasca : Level 1; Background: Drow Elf outcast
Auion : Level 1; Background: A very young, naive man who has set out
to destroy the evil which destroyed his family.
Aurix : Level 1; Background: Aurix is a warrior from a long line of warriors.
War has always been a part of his life and always will be.
Avarazac : Level 1; Background: Casts spells. 'Nuff said.
Axle : Level 1; Background: Parents were killed leaving him to defend
for him self since he was seven.
Axxer : Level 1; Background: I have no idea about what to write about
my character it's not even begun yet... what kinda of question is this?
ayanami : Level 1; Background: who really cares?!?!?
ayman16 : Level 1; Background: a wizard that has great spells and can hold
any kind of sword
Azar : Level 1; Background: Born into poverty Azar learned slight of
hand tricks to keep himeself feed. In his teens he started to study the art of Swordplay. Finding that he is skilled in the ways of Swordsplay he set out to become a great Warrior and to go down in history with a n
Azerok : Level 1; Background: Pimps all fair maidens. (and unfair mai

Azides : Level 1; Background: bored with life
azriel : Level 1; Background: evil wizard banished to the future by the
queen sorceress exalthia AD62 only drive is to seek revenge.
BABRULE : Level 1; Background: this is retarted
babyblue : Level 1; Background: left alone to feind for him to fend for
babygirlmint : Level 1; Background: didnt know my parents. emotional. bad pa
Badass : Level 1; Background: He is what he name suggests.
Bael : Level 1; Background: Brigands slaughtered Bael’s parents
at an early age. The leader Uthner raised Bael as his own son and shows much regret for killing Bael’s parents who has forgiven the old brigand for his crime. Bael has a serpent tattoo that entwines itself a
Balanon : Level 1; Background: Balanon started his career with the idea
that he would be a great warrior. He soon discovered that the strict discipline and ability to obey orders were not characteristics he possessed. He then turned towards the less structured life of a rogue.
Baldar : Level 1; Background: Son of Thor born in Duran lernd to use
magic at age 13 on a mision to become a great wizard.
Baldov IV : Level 1; Background: The son of a great line of warrior's, he
will defend Baldov famly name at all costs.
Balord the Ranger : Level 1; Background: A well explored wizard who particularrly
dislike bugbears
Balsackius : Level 1; Background: Balsackius son of Scrotilus is a powerful
and wise librarian who fights dragons in his spare time. He enjoys reading, playing wheel of fortune and major drug importing.
Bandit : Level 1; Background: He is a wizard.
BASH : Level 1; Background: I COME FROM THE LAND OF Kiftal TO KILL ALL
basterd : Level 1; Background: kills fo enjoyment
Batman : Level 1; Background: A Bat in the wild, is worth 2 in the Han
Battleaxe : Level 1; Background: A short thick man with along brey beard.
Eyes that show the fire of many battlesand room for many more. Although not to smart uses power to get out of sticky situations.
Battleton Mage : Level 1; Background: Very sly and he levatates because he has
so much magic.
baywolf : Level 1; Background: average adventurer, bor in a poor vilage,
father use to be a hero, was slain in combat
beatdown : Level 1; Background: i am cool, i am the best
Beklet : Level 1; Background: A strange wizard stands before you. Looking
quietly at you, you feel an aura of peace. You feel that you can trust this man.
Beladon : Level 1; Background: Banished from his homeland because of his
fathers disgrace, he tries to reclaim his lost honour. A loner that prides himself on his wits and fighting ability, he longs one day to regain his hereditary titles.
Belgarion : Level 1; Background: Belgarion is a wizard of emense power that
defeated the god TORAK.

Belle : Level 1; Background: Belle is a mysterious woman who lets no
one close to her. Is this from some hurt in her past...try and find out..and DIE
benamato : Level 1; Background: one crazed man!
Benno : Level 1; Background: im a warrior...named benno......thats al
Berossus : Level 1; Background: This hardy and rough warrior likes nothing
more than vanquishing his enemies
Berserker : Level 1; Background: Born in the waste lands and raised to fight
his only concern is to battle the best.
berttyt : Level 1; Background: an old wizard with white hair and beard.with
black robes.
bigfrell : Level 1; Background: wicked!
Bilbo : Level 1; Background: Hi I am bilbo.

Bill : Level 1; Background: A small time footpad who made the mistake
of developing a conscience - now a reluctant crusader for good
Billy : Level 1; Background: very handsome young man contact is email
Bim : Level 1; Background: Warrior. Enjoys a nice cup of tea and a
cucumber sandwich.
Bingy : Level 1; Background: A mysterious wizard who is always on the
move. Legend says he traines by moonlight.
Binh Silversword : Level 1; Background: Binh has ventured forth from his home to
find fame and fortune and thus increase his standing in his home community
Biroc : Level 1; Background: Biroc was kidnapped and sold to a colisseum
when he was very young. After earning his freedom, he has been wandering trying to find to way to his past.
Bizzaro : Level 1; Background: My caracter come from Forgtem ream , and
i live to become the best wizard of all time
Bjork : Level 1; Background: Bjork is very quick tempered and can be
angered easily. He is an elite rogue and fears nothing.
Black Jack : Level 1; Background: An aged elvin mage who is of age to wander
and defend his beliefs in the use of magic, schooled with many a wise wanderer and jacks-o-trades.
Black_Prince : Level 1; Background: a great warrior in search of wealth and
BlackCat : Level 1; Background: Sliding in the shadows he suddenly appea

Blackmace : Level 1; Background: He is a mystical wizard that had suddenly
appeared out of the blue one stormy night no-one knows where he comes from or why he is here but everyone knows that he is of the darkest kind of evil.
Blacknight : Level 1; Background: Skulking through the darkness. Blacknight
looks for treasure and adventure thriving on the danger inherint in these tasks.
BlackSmoke : Level 1; Background: Black as night, and inafferable as smoke
Blacksword : Level 1; Background: The berserk warrior.
Blackwolf : Level 1; Background: asd
Blade : Level 1; Background: In the darkness in the light i will cut
you with a fright cut you up cut you down be prepared to hit the groud.
Blade00 : Level 1; Background: A strong fighter who kills for honor purposesses
Bladesong : Level 1; Background: Bladesong is a Antipaladin who has been
journeying for man years. He seeks infamy and power, and will stop at nothing to gain it.
blaine66 : Level 1; Background: i dont have any...
Blazer McCloud : Level 1; Background: strong,powerful,spell caster,smart,andwi
blckdeath : Level 1; Background: hes cool
Bleckshavikl : Level 1; Background: Left to die by his parents as an infant,
Bleck was found and raised by goblins. This is how he recieved his odd name. Driven by an internal hatred for his human ancestors, he now explores of dungeons of the world in search of the blood of his parents.
bling : Level 1; Background: i am a rogue, but not a bad guy... just
sort of a recluse..
Blink182 : Level 1; Background: i am angry
blitz : Level 1; Background: jaxar killed parents
Blod : Level 1; Background: Unknown.
bloodaxe : Level 1; Background: a chaotic and fun person
Bloodmoon : Level 1; Background: Raised in a noble household
BloodOmen_Kain : Level 1; Background: A deadly dark demon this warrior is under
his armor. He is only a dark spirit. Kain was slain by Diablo and will get revenge once he is strong again. Join his clan in Diablo whisper him /w BloodOmen_Kain everytime you log on!
Bloodwalker : Level 1; Background: Raised in the artic wilds, bloodwalker quickly
learned how to survive. He's on a quest to seek his spirit guide, and become whole to his tribe.
Blud bringer : Level 1; Background: I have a very avengetic attitude. So don't
get me mad or i'll hunt you down.
blueeyes : Level 1; Background: hi
Blueman : Level 1; Background: none
Bluetooth : Level 1; Background: A brave Wizard who knows that oftain it
is better to run away and come back with others to help, and that staying comfertable in his own tower is even safer.
Blythe Clovis : Level 1; Background: as a young lad he practiced with the sowrd
until he became the best in his small vilage now he sets off to improve upon his skills
Bob I Friend : Level 1; Background: Likes to dress up in his spare time as the
Scream killer and kill people.
bob the barbarian : Level 1; Background: Former star of the builing trade, bob traded
in his cement trowel for a sword and set off in search of treasure, glory and of course the damsel thats de-dressed ... i mean distressed ... er, maybe that was another site!
bob the dwarf : Level 1; Background: he is a dwarf named bob
Bob The Great : Level 1; Background: I am Bob The Great, You suck because you
are not Bob The Great.
bob_silver_cat : Level 1; Background: ???
Bob2002 : Level 1; Background: Um....
bobcat : Level 1; Background: a wimp who strives to be the ultimate force
in the universe
Boco : Level 1; Background: was born on a choco farm, will die on a
choco farm.
Boink : Level 1; Background: Ill tempered and mean
Bolt : Level 1; Background: A lone warrior, due to the death of his
parents and entire town. Bolt will stop at nothing to be the best.
bombom : Level 1; Background: after the murderous soul that killed his
family, bombom has been traveling the world to find them for 7 years, never tiring in his search.

bonecrusher : Level 1; Background: taught by the great mandrid, is set to become
the greatest dungeon master that ever lived
Bonesnaper : Level 1; Background: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Boom Boom : Level 1; Background: Born to wealthy parents, Boom Boom was stolen
at an early age by slave traders. He was sold as a servant to an elderly wizard who needed help around the keep. While learning nothing of wizardry, Boom Boom picked up fighting skills from the master of arm
Borbarad : Level 1; Background: Borbarad is a young warrior, eager for power
and glory.
Borgio : Level 1; Background: As a joung boy Borgio always dreamed of
joining the order of holy knights from the stories. Then on his 16th birthday he decided to leave home and head out to look for his order.
Boromir : Level 1; Background: He's wise.
bountyhuntnz : Level 1; Background: is a small time bountyhunter looking for
the big time
Braxus : Level 1; Background: Braxus is barbarian, no more, no less. He
was raised in a nomadic tribe in a harsh environment and therefore feels almost at home in the dungeons.
Brease : Level 1; Background: Brease is a handful of dwarven fun!
Brendawyne : Level 1; Background: After being sold into slavery by a family
that couldnt afford to feed another mouth, Brendawyne was purchased by and wretched man with a twisted sense of humor. He taught her to fight, so that he could take greater pleasure in beating her, making his vict
Bresnan Stronghammer : Level 1; Background: Comming out of a split family and a dark
past, Bresnan knows only one thing-- Crushing.
Brn Chocobo : Level 1; Background: Elite Runescape veteran- look me up there
if ya like- but be warned... I'll destroy you...
Brom O Berin : Level 1; Background: I come for the ale, I stay for the ladie
Bron : Level 1; Background: Left village where family was by raider.
Still looking for a place where I feel I belong.
Bront : Level 1; Background: Taste my steel, demon spawn!
Brood : Level 1; Background: Brood is strog and intelligent but he can't
run or hide very well, but is feared very much.
brood_ling : Level 1; Background: ............
Bruzak : Level 1; Background: A Barbarian from the far East
Bubba : Level 1; Background: The lover of an angel sent down from the
bug : Level 1; Background: VegeVirgoVerdelect. Occult consultant to
Bullet : Level 1; Background: Blah blah blah.
Burba : Level 1; Background: A strong Dwarf who likes to hit things.
Burdoc Brandybelt : Level 1; Background: Burdoc is from a long line of brewers, a
surprisingly disrespected profession in dwarven society given their love of a stiff drink. However, compared to mining, forging, and other such professions it is considered weak.
burlywizard : Level 1; Background: studied at the academy of mystical arts
and sciencefollows the path of good
Burt Briskwalk : Level 1; Background: Born in Ashelm he grew up living the Dwarven
life, with the usual love for fine ale and good metals. He soon showed amazing aptitude for the smithys work and became renowned for his fine craftmanship. But after years of making the blades he finally decide
Bushido : Level 1; Background: Experienced archer. One wrong move and you
are shot in the eye.
Byrch : Level 1; Background: Raised alone!
cadetsilva : Level 1; Background: parents were killed in front of his eyes
at the age of 10. now he is looking for revenge.
Cadrian : Level 1; Background: I left my home in order to find glory and
wisdom, find new friends and fight the evil.
Cadwallon : Level 1; Background: He is a member of mage order.He spend much
of time seeking ancient knowledge, artefacts and machines.
Cai : Level 1; Background: safdafsdadfasd
Cain : Level 1; Background: Slayer of Abel
callista : Level 1; Background: she likes to help people solve problems,
but she likes to play lots of pranks on unsuspecting people.
CamoDuck : Level 1; Background: Out of this world
Canack : Level 1; Background: he had to protect his town from evil went
ot get help when come back town gone.red spiked hair.5"3.196 pounds.arm cut of by dragon.now metel skeleton arm
Cannon Fodder : Level 1; Background: Cannon Fodder was born to be fresh meat.

Canthos : Level 20; Background: Unofficially dubbing himself Defender of
the Realm Canthos revels in his 4th Chalice
CAPELOR : Level 1; Background: Capelor arises from the ashes much like
the Phoenix Bird of legends past. Takes on the form that once was him, but only much more powerful from the lessons learned in his last battle that had almost destroyed him but for the spell he cast on himself.
Captain : Level 1; Background: Born on the High mountain of erg Where he
watched his tribe get killed at the age of 5
Captain of Lorien : Level 1; Background: Leading elf warrior of the Elves in the
woods of Lothlorien
Captain_ Octavian : Level 1; Background: Captain of the Crimson Guardsmen.
Captin Char : Level 1; Background: He is a long time fighter hardend in battle
and eager for new blood spill when things go wrong hes on hes feet slashing and cutting down his enemys
Carly : Level 1; Background: I have big tits, a tight ass and I make
guys get big BONERS!
carmon magger : Level 1; Background: carmon a strong man and tall he is the brother
of a dark mage named raistlin magger.
casper : Level 1; Background: unknown, remains a mystery
cb88 : Level 1; Background: i am chris....
celerus : Level 1; Background: Seeks to better his skills and have some
fun along the way
Celeste : Level 1; Background: TBA
Celion : Level 1; Background: At first glance he may seem no more than
an old feeble man, but in truth he is a wise and powerful wizard. Though none know his real age he is speculated at being some couple of hundred years old.
Centuar : Level 1; Background: Not known
Cerberus : Level 1; Background: Nothing is known about this person or his
Chakos : Level 1; Background: An innate connection to the spiritual world,
that is both the blessing and the curse of the man known simply as Chakos. He knows not where it came from, but from as far back as he can remember, supernatural happenings seemed to hound him, but he wasn't be
chance : Level 1; Background: mess whith the best and die like the res
Chaos_Knight : Level 1; Background: Driven from his home land by horeds of evil
brigands, Chaos is now forced to scoure the planet looking to grow stronger to kill the evil bringads.
Charles : Level 1; Background: A powerfull wizard.
CharlesScott : Level 1; Background: Was orphaned at 10 and witnessed parents
deaths.Taken then to slave camp for many years,finally won freedom through gladiator trials.
Chaz : Level 1; Background: Born, raised, living, killing
Chazwazer : Level 1; Background: Why isn't everyone else at this high of
a level? I mean, it took me less then ONE DAY to get from level 1 to 257.
Cheesemo : Level 1; Background: he loves cheese
cheesequake's revenge : Level 1; Background: was born
cheezdonut : Level 1; Background: A warrior!
cheeze : Level 1; Background: very strong likes to kill things bigger
than her enjoys killing men
Cherokee : Level 1; Background: Cherokee is a loaner from a small village
that was destroyed before the evil was removed from the land. He is quite old and wise. Cherokee has learned to survive in the wilderness by using his wits and being very comfortable with the woodland creatures.
Chibodee Crocket : Level 1; Background: I am the Gundam fighter of Neo America.
I fight for the honor of my nation. Born: June 7 FC 39 Height: 192 CM Weight: 87 Kg Blood: Type B Mobile Suit: Gundam Maxter
Chinces : Level 1; Background: He grew up in a family with very strict
parents because his father was a General and had long years in the military. He expects Chinces to be a General too although he doesn't want to.
Chiqmaster : Level 1; Background: Chiqmaster is a master in the art of thi
Chocoboy : Level 1; Background: A legend from the land of Runescape, Chocoboy
has come forth to rid this world of all who seek to damage it. Not to be trusted either... Chocoboy would kill his own grandmother for the silver in her hair.
Chrick : Level 1; Background: A worrior, who has lost his memory from
an accident, he is seacrhing to find out who he is.

Christian Man : Level 1; Background: Man Of Christ Living For GOD
Chroma : Level 1; Background: none
chunk_money : Level 1; Background: A tough worrior who hates nothing but can
kill anything
cjc2003 : Level 1; Background: unknown
clant : Level 1; Background: not much is known about Clant. Kind of
an outsider. keeps to himseld but is never afraid to help out those in need...if it benifits him
Clolm : Level 1; Background: Stock elf with blue eyes
Cloud : Level 1; Background: parents killed when he was 12, grew up as
a theif travelling from town to town
cloud_wolfe : Level 1; Background: My name is cloud wolfe....i am the greatest
sky pirate captain to sail the skies..
Coal Arbaya : Level 1; Background: Grew up blacksmithing with his father, but
when his dad was murdered by some drunk men, who had a grudge against him, Coal made it his quest in life to find and kill the people who killed his father, and also to help out people who needed it!
Coati : Level 1; Background: it's been a long time since he wanted to
become an adventurer, since his parents' death when he was 12 educated by a wizard uncle he learned lot of things now that he is 18 he can go by his one!!!
Cocidius LochDanan : Level 1; Background: Orphaned as a child because the ship he
and his parents were traveling on wrecked on a Keltic island...Cocidius had to fend for himself for 12 years before getting adopted into a barbaric fighting clan. His action speaks louder than words.
Cody : Level 1; Background: A 12 year old wisard. His parents also
had a power of magic. They were killed by demons,but Cody dosent remember it,but he dose know they were killed by demons.
Cody the magical : Level 1; Background: strong and powerful , old and wise
cody3 : Level 1; Background: i need help
cody5 : Level 1; Background: i'm doing terrific now that i know what
to do
Col-Kaeth : Level 1; Background: a colonel in the SAS-australian division,
Kaeh throws a mean punch
Commander Petey : Level 1; Background: Strong Barbaric and smaller than a babay
Cool2001 : Level 1; Background: Was abandoned as a kid so he had to steal
food to survive.
coolmick : Level 1; Background: Coolmick is a very charasmic and intelligent
adventurer. Though not the strongest, his strategies often save his life.
CoolP64 : Level 1; Background: Good at almost anything.

Corak : Level 1; Background: An ancient Paladin with mystical powers
gained the hard way!
Corath : Level 1; Background: Corath, keeper of justice, adventurers from
place to place, in search of things he can do to aid others.
Cornwalliss Elderon : Level 1; Background: UNKNOWN
CorpseHammer : Level 1; Background: Unknown
Cosidius Catha : Level 1; Background: Cosidius Catha's name means red raven.
She was raised in the temple of Macha, a war goddess, to whom ravens are sacred. She is a warrior.
Cotech : Level 1; Background: Cotech is a dwarf who has traveled a long
way from home to learn about the world he lives in.
cpdude007 : Level 1; Background: strong and good with the dark art's
Creator : Level 1; Background: Born in another world,will stop at anything
to prove himself to be the master of time and space.
Crescens : Level 1; Background: Good ol' munny grubber looking for a good
time, cheap mead, and good winches. Often finds himself in trouble once sober. "Damn, not another #$@%! dungeon, oh my head."
Crimson : Level 1; Background: Crimson, is on a mission to destroy anything
that stands in his way!
crobarian : Level 1; Background: Wizard who has always studied and tries
his hardest to learn everything.
cronos : Level 1; Background: mlord i will serve you well
Cronus : Level 1; Background: Born in a little town. Got bored one day
and decided to go on a journey to seek further knowledge.
Crosser : Level 1; Background: Attacks everything in front of him. So step
Crowbar : Level 1; Background: Little is known of this mysterious stranger
as his past is shrouded in shadows. He carries the tattoo of a skeletal crow on his left arm and speaks in a thick coastal accent.
Crusher : Level 1; Background: A Knight Noblis, Crusher lives by the law
of the sword and the strength of his mind.
Cryptonia : Level 1; Background: Buried alive as a child. The half-elf was
rescued by an old Necromancer named Nemnek. While he himself could not master the art of Necromancy (because she believed his heart was too pure for such a dark art, he taught her all he could. She made 2 promises
Culix : Level 1; Background: A young prince and swordsman who has always
believed in kindness and the Light
cursssed : Level 1; Background: an enigma!
Curtis : Level 1; Background: He is a skilled warrior in the godly way
Cyanide : Level 1; Background: DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cyclone : Level 1; Background: Loves magical and mystical things such as
unicorns and stuff like that.
Cypher : Level 1; Background: Unkown
Cypher4 : Level 1; Background: UKNOWN
Cyrix Valanthe : Level 1; Background: His parents killed when he was 6, he tries
to make the world a little bit good and generous with life.
Cyrus253 : Level 1; Background: I am Cyrus253.
Da Majik Weasel : Level 1; Background: Monkey man
Dac Vin : Level 1; Background: Yeah, i am a warrior. With a sword, shield,
armor and stuff. Seriously, i'm not THAT interesting.
Daemon blackthorn : Level 1; Background: He study the arts from the time he could
Daenna : Level 1; Background: A very Mysterious Warrior! adept at both
fighting and spellcraft! Very little is known about this man
dagger : Level 1; Background: i'm from a northern state looking for action!
maybe being a cleric isn't so bad. NOT!!!
Dahak Soulhaven : Level 1; Background: A dwarven descendant of Horus Soulhaven,
Grandmaster of the Forge. One can only assume this heritage provides an excellent understanding on how to wield a hammer.
Daiehawk : Level 1; Background: Place of Birth: Unknown Age: Unknown Parents:
Unknown People suspect he was risen from the depths of hell by a powerful Wizard. Always travelling alone, he has set out to find his origins. His intolerance for those who get in his way have gotten him
Dain : Level 1; Background: An old dwarf, skilled in combat and jewelry
DaKillaBeast : Level 1; Background: Dead Beast
Dakkus : Level 1; Background: Dakkus has traveled through many realms,
collection fame and friends along the way. He now seeks a new land to explore.
Dalan : Level 1; Background: A young man lost and alone. It is doubtful
that he will survive. He looks vastly inexperienced and very scared.
Dalmar : Level 1; Background: Years of study have prepaired Dalmar for
many challenges.
dameon : Level 1; Background: N/A
Dameon Sunderspells : Level 1; Background: This powerful mage is as old as dirt but
more powerful than all the gods.
Damian : Level 1; Background: Tall blond man. Poorly born, he joined
his local melitia, where he fought in many battles. now he adventures for the thrill of it.
damien : Level 1; Background: dark wizard whos origins are unknown
Damitri : Level 1; Background: due to his unreliable parents of abandoning
him into the terrible forrest he is on his own
Dan : Level 1; Background: unknown
danath o'da staff : Level 1; Background: eeeevil the rest is unknown
dannypoon : Level 1; Background: Where did he came from, nobody tells. Rumors
said he was here since the time of darkness.
Dante : Level 1; Background: Found wandering in the deserts, a band of
nomads took Dante in and taught him how to survive in the harsh world. Now trained in the use of sword, Dante travels the world seeking sights and wonders.
DanTheBigMan : Level 1; Background: ok then
Danyboy : Level 1; Background: There is no background of Danyboy. No one
knows where he is from. One day he just showed up and started dominating.
darafayen : Level 1; Background: Darafayen is an elf
Daren714 : Level 1; Background: Brave and strong, what more could you ask
Dareon Spellweave : Level 1; Background: Dareon has no present recolection of his
Dargoth : Level 1; Background: Fearless
Darius Veerenan : Level 1; Background: half demon/ half elf surching for a way
to free his father from my uncle.
dark cloud 666 : Level 1; Background: was abandoned at the age of 12. lived in
a forest and spent most of his life in it. one day he found a book while he was going to get water, then he read it and fount out that it was a magical book with spells in it. he studied for years and now is a wiza
dark matter : Level 1; Background: ????????
dark one : Level 1; Background: I SUCK
Dark Seraph : Level 1; Background: Dark Seraph, The mighty and cunning Wizard,
Is believed to have been the Child of an Immaculate conception. When the mighty thor took his place on earth, he found a beautifull woman, emplanted her with the seed of the gods, and thus arrived The mighty Da
Dark Shadow : Level 1; Background: Dark Shadow
Dark Warlord : Level 1; Background: Brewed from a magic cauldron...he was created
for one reason...to destroy all who stand in his way.
dark_dragon : Level 1; Background: bprn in a poor family taken into army and
the rest is history
dark_shad0w : Level 1; Background: Hiding in the shadows until, BAM! your killed
or poisined.
DARKA : Level 1; Background: Verry strong

Darkblade : Level 1; Background: N/A
DarkDog : Level 1; Background: DarkDog was once a (as his name states)
a dog. One day he encountered a strange old man on his travel through the dark wood. The old man spoke: "Ur a lucky dog! I will turn u in a better form.. " So it was done and he now travels as an elf on his way to f
DarkDragon666 : Level 1; Background: Nothing to say really I like to takl IM
me at StormEvil9. or e-mail me at StormDragon666@yahoo.com
Darkdrium : Level 1; Background: As a baby was found on the steps of a wizard
guild. According to a sacred legend a baby would be found on the steps and would become the master of magic, Due to that legend Darkdrium got the most magic training they could offer.
darkdrive : Level 1; Background: I don't really want to tell my backgroun
Darkelf : Level 1; Background: Darkelf lived in a small elven village.
HE was around 16 years old when it was attacked. No one knows what happened next only that the village was destroyed. 3 years later Darkelf was seen. He had grown powerful but did not remember his past. To this day
Darkeye : Level 1; Background: a wizard from the deepths of the dark and
master of many magic spells
darkfood : Level 1; Background: lol killer
darkfox : Level 1; Background: a scholar of the magical arts and experince
in war ready to gaing power
Darkie : Level 1; Background: The holy knight that was raised by an evil
demon which seems impossible but Darkie lives and fight the evil demons in his home lands of Myth Drannor!
Darkism : Level 1; Background: Darkism, an evil drow that walks with grace.
He is adorned with a black woven silk robe, his robes tower towards the floor with liquid smoothness at a seemignly endless surplus of magnifigence. His favorite weapon is ofcourse his long bow, tipped his arro
Darklynoon : Level 1; Background: Darklynoon had a very cushy life up util
his parents were killed and he was put on the streets he now learns dark magiks to avenge his parents
DarkMage : Level 1; Background: Dark Mage is an evil wizard with magnificent
darkraijin : Level 1; Background: The Dark Warrior from the endless abyss
of chaos, hatred, and death.
DarkScarr : Level 1; Background: A character from the darkness of flames,
evolving from Mitsurugi's downfall.
DarkShadow : Level 1; Background: DarkShadow, knows not where he is from,
his earliest memory is crawling out of a cave in the middle of the woods, and for 6 years hunting wild game in the woods, from then on he was shunned out of many villages. He decided his best plan was to live in the
DarkSnake : Level 1; Background: evillllllllllllll lol
DarkSou| : Level 1; Background: Lost and cnfused, abandoned and betrayed,
none knows what its like to have a DarkSoul
DarkSoul : Level 1; Background: Nothing...
DarkStar : Level 1; Background: the might darkdragon has arrived watch o
DarkTemplar : Level 1; Background: Prince of thieves
Daroca : Level 1; Background: Daroca is a dwarf mercenary who has a strict
code of honor and won't take jobs that make him kill people he thinks are innocent.
Darrick : Level 1; Background: A knight in the kings army
Dasilodavi : Level 1; Background: Some confuse Dasilodavi to be an evil person.
Not so. Dasilodavi was merely a former employee of one of the dark Arch-knights of the old desert realms. Dasilodavi sight at Lord Amjad's right hand, to obey his requests. And he was quite good at what he
Dave : Level 1; Background: A wanderer with no place to call home.
David Soulwind : Level 1; Background: Opening a portal from the ancient land of
Knorr, the powerful wizard Soulwind travels to this unknown land in search of power to save his dying homeland, but it has been affected by strange portal storms and its power reduced almost to nothing...
dayntee : Level 1; Background: A small tough and rumble fighter who doesn't
let her size stop her dreams of conquest.
DE4TH2U : Level 1; Background: A strong wizard with eternal life.
Dead American : Level 1; Background: Aspiring warrior who will take on anythi
death blazer : Level 1; Background: wizard warrior

Death Hammer : Level 1; Background: Having filled the chalice of might with
ale from the AW bar, Death Hammer roams the lands with his Ale-Buffalo.
death sickle : Level 1; Background: strong powers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death Stoner : Level 1; Background: Suffering from amnesia I walk the land in
search of people to help and quest's to perform in hopes that someday I will remember who I am !... In the few months I have been adventuring I have remembered my family name "BrightBlade".I am a grandson of Sturm
death trapman : Level 1; Background: her parents where killed by rogues the rofues
later hang but still she wasnt pleased
Death_Johnson : Level 1; Background: He worships the god of cows.
DeathDragon : Level 1; Background: Evil, loves dragons, death, necromancer/sorcerer,
and loves to kill Holy people.
Deathhand the Unmerciful : Level 1; Background: Family killed by Evil mage
deathhunter : Level 1; Background: Kidnaped from parents at age three to be
trained as an evil warrior but found hope in the eyes of good!
deathmage : Level 1; Background: Deathmage comes from a line of wizards skilled
in the arts of necromancy. He has gone to seek his fortune.
DeathoOne : Level 1; Background: Is on a journey to see the world and the
artifacts that it contains.
deathreaver : Level 1; Background: i am big hairy and evil
Deathstar : Level 1; Background: With his godly skills and spells, Deathstryke
can overcome his enemies with ease. Try to take him on to see his unleashed fury and lightning reflex.
DeathWarrior : Level 1; Background: comes from a long line of strong warriors.He
wants to earn the respect of the elders and fight till the end.
Deep_Hyren : Level 1; Background: I am from the depths of the dark sea. I
love to eat flesh and I enjoy torchering people who sail on my evil sea's. Only the chosin one can tame my darkness. Other than that, you die. But that's only in my name. And I'm really not a wizard, I'm a dragon.
Degeta : Level 1; Background: Strong,brave,heroic
Dekuxutu : Level 1; Background: yo im coolio
demandred : Level 1; Background: A refomed dark sorcerer, Demandred was once
rumored to be one of the most powerfull wizards in the world. He was dethroned and now must regain his mystical status.
Demisus : Level 1; Background: High-elf thief currently pulling strings
to get a casino up and running once more.
Demon_Minion : Level 1; Background: He is cool
demon-king : Level 1; Background: he never tells any one any thing and all
his familly memmbers where killed by vampyers and that is why he huntes them
Demonsbane : Level 1; Background: There are many mysteries surrounding this
powerful warrioress. Some say she rose out of the pits of hell to avenge the wrongs done to her in previous lives. Whatever her origins, she is now a force to be reckoned with.
DennisTheGreat : Level 1; Background: Born in Halifax NS grew up on the tough
roads of dragonplop fighting siblings for anything and everything.Now all grown up he still likes fighting anyone for anything anytime. Easily bribed with anything.
deponceau : Level 1; Background: deponceau was a major wizard who lived in
the mainland of the great war. He lived alone and practiced magic since the age of 14 he is now going to live forever under a new spell he has performed he is now the wisest of all wizards at the age 458.
Depraedor : Level 1; Background: Hello Im a dwarf
Derandon : Level 1; Background: cursed at birth with the power to tell the
future of any living thing , he strugles with his gift through a ll lands in despair . the giftof seeing peoples future ... huh . all i can see is the day of their death .
Derrick Goldheart : Level 1; Background: Derrick is a bastard son of a merchant that
deals with the elves. His father (CHA 17) does not like him because he is not very charismatic (11), but he is very intelligent (17). Smarter than his father (12). He choose the life of a thief to start his o
deryni : Level 1; Background: 25, grew up in woods with father, no siblings,
unusually intelligent
Destitution : Level 1; Background: No memory of his own past, he is on a search
for identity...
Destrim : Level 1; Background: An elven mage of frail physical might and
hardiness, his true power lies in his great intellect, and his cunning mindset. He doesn't have any real goals, beyond power, and what it brings.
Deth : Level 1; Background: He is a strong warrior from a broken hom
Detrasil : Level 1; Background: A determined dungeon delver with many great
stories to share.
Deverain : Level 1; Background: A sorcerer from the unknown north lands,
Deverain is an enigma to all who meet him.
devil44 : Level 1; Background: lost from family at age of 3 raised by crazy
kick butt ninjas
Dexlore : Level 1; Background: For many, many years, this elf has trained
his aim and his strength against any intruders to his forest. Now he seeks to test his abilities in the tournament.
deystroyer : Level 1; Background: Trained in many sorts of magic and sorce
dfslimjr : Level 1; Background: when he was a child he was banned from the
city and demons adopted him then he was kicked out of there to now hes a powerful demoninfested warrior looking for someone to care for him
dh dusty : Level 1; Background: maichdel and big
Diablo : Level 1; Background: a warrior from the town of doongon
Diablo Link : Level 1; Background: Served General Goliath of Zeratul. When
he was away Zeratul got blown up. Now he is wandering and looking for an adventure
diablodestroyer : Level 1; Background: good with healing from planet your anus

DialbloKid15 : Level 1; Background: A very strange and powerful Warrior from
the mysterious woods. He constantly looks for battle. He has won many battles by going berzerk. He is so strange that you would think that he is immune to every power a monster has...or has them himself!
Dice : Level 1; Background: the abiltiy to heal all ailment
Dippi : Level 1; Background: unknown
dixon : Level 1; Background: dixon on evermars warrior of the vallie
DMX : Level 1; Background: a knight ryder from back in the day...
Doc : Level 1; Background: A neutran half- elf warrior from varre is
are young traveler Doc he's come to take what he needs and help other's in there mis fortunes
Dodan : Level 1; Background: Born in a house. Likes chicken pot pie.
Licks signs in dungeons.
dogg : Level 1; Background: x marine
Dom Juklaffe : Level 1; Background: He was abandoned as a child and was raised
to the age of 5 by a group of renagade druids. He then left them and decided to study the dark magics under a powerful sorceror. Though he is still untried and inexperienced he will in time gain power to become a
Domina : Level 1; Background: Born of common folk, and the youngest of
11 kids, Domina set out on her own to become a legend as the fiercest warrior in the land.

Dominique Wayfarer : Level 1; Background: Tall, willowy, dark and beautiful is what
one first notices. She likes to keep the rest a mystery.
Donald Marlainen : Level 1; Background: A former menber of a local duke's standing
army, Donald decided to find his fortune by himself.
Donizetti : Level 1; Background: The great and unheard of thief of the we
donkay : Level 1; Background: a very srange and mysterious young wizard
in his 20's
Doobieboy69 : Level 1; Background: GRRRRRRR, I HATE YOU!
Doom Hreo : Level 1; Background: none
DoomHammer : Level 1; Background: Born in the hills of Kilinger, DoomHammer
is a fierce fighter and valiant warrior. He was found by a wandering wizard on the Path of Kings. He showed extraordinary strength in his youth.
Doomhunter : Level 1; Background: A sneaky little man, Doomhunter is never
willing to do any real work.
doomII : Level 1; Background: hell
Doomsday : Level 1; Background: Master of Wiccan, Celtic, Arcane, White,
Time, Space,and Egytian Magic

Doran_Ironhand : Level 1; Background: Born to the Ironhand Clan, Doran is out
to make a name for himself before becoming Heir apparent.
Dordan : Level 1; Background: I've nothing to say, so I'll say nothing
Doren Swoftblade : Level 1; Background: When he was a squire, his father, Sir Cangharooh,
was killed. He vowed to one day find the murderer, who made Doren so hopping mad!
Dorion : Level 1; Background: Dorion was once a homeless wafe intioll
master Yosho came and taught him the art of magery, and now Dorion is a wizard on a quest to master all the dungeon realms and to become a master magicer.
Dou : Level 1; Background: none is known about dou
Draco D. : Level 1; Background: Wandering Cleric trying to find his love
who was carried of by a winged demon untold years ago...
DracoBlamordian : Level 1; Background: A very stout warrior.
Dracoreth : Level 1; Background: Hes a Character marked by a Drow atack
against their elven village
dracos : Level 1; Background: dracos is a barbarian that travels alone
he is ready for any thing to happend.he was brought up by his mother after his father went to battel and never returned now he's looking for him.
Dracul : Level 1; Background: Very little is know about him. Few even
acknowlegde his existence.
Dracuz : Level 1; Background: Was born in the street and was fighting
all his way to gain respect of the town and the people in the town at last he found his calling wizardy. he studied magic for 10 years and then started fighting with his new skills and with the magic he had and got
Drafur : Level 1; Background: Drafur comes from the ironmines his father
is a famous blacksmith and a captain in the civil army at the mines. Drafur and his father was on there way to kill a large orc tribe when they becomed ambushed by the same orc tribe that they where going to kil

Drago : Level 1; Background: His dark skin and rippling muscles glisten
in the hot sun. His massive hands grasp the mighty broadsword as it sails through the monster's neck. Drago hails from the island of Krintz. A land full of giants, and much adventure. His experiences from his
Dragon Lord : Level 1; Background: He like frighing with his sword. The leader
of all dragon. He can ride on the dragon back. You will find him at dragon land.
Dragon Neo : Level 1; Background: Unknown Survivor Of The Explosion Of Planet
"Vegita", Dragon Neo Relies On His Explosive Super-Saiyan Rage To Defeat His Enemies.
dragon_master : Level 1; Background: strong, fast, and smart
dragon_rydr : Level 1; Background: a dark and mysterious warrior monk..always
with a sword at his side
Dragonlancer : Level 1; Background: Out of the relm of krynn comes dragonlan
Dragonly : Level 1; Background: what ye see is what ye get
Dragonslayor247 : Level 1; Background: An awesome warrior and formal Blacksmith
Dragonx : Level 1; Background: an extreamyly skilled worrior and mage uses
both magic and wepons
dragoon : Level 1; Background: evil wizird
Dragos : Level 1; Background: 1
Dragoth : Level 1; Background: Big, ugly, mean, 'nuff said
Dragus Santain : Level 1; Background: From the high mountain peaks of the west
comes this hardy dwarven warrior.
Drake : Level 1; Background: when he was 12 years old his parents died
in a raid leaving him to learn to survive on his own. For years after, he studied the art of war and became a Warrior.
Drakel Morris : Level 1; Background: Drakel has devoted his life for fighting
evil and spreading his religion. He works in hopes that he will become famous within his chrurch and always enjoys money wine and humor.
draken : Level 1; Background: A darkelf from a torn world of dragons
and demonlords.
Drako : Level 1; Background: A mighty warrior who has a shady past. You
see pain and suffering in the flames burning in his eyes. This man has been to HELL and back
drakon the bold : Level 1; Background: this young dwarf before your eyes is a bit
down on his luck by your guess but when you begin to ask a question he growls a quick responce "Aye and what be ye wanting? Nothing then leave me be."
Dramier : Level 1; Background: There is something about this person that
makes you suspicious. The head is completely covered by a cowl leaving only shadows visible. Only small delicate hands can be seen.
draon16 : Level 1; Background: born a pesent he traind in the forest surounding
his cabin until the age of 21 when he set off to form his own life. he heard of a contest in the far east he enterd and won it. he became Sir draon hyles of Lathrop. he is always in search of a quest. one d
Drauken : Level 1; Background: Evil, pale skin, gold eyes, evil, black
hair, evil, tall, hates being around people, evil, and very easily angered. Did i mention that he's evil?
Dravin Caine : Level 1; Background: A Dark Elvish ranger who escaped the Underdark
and left the evil of the Chaotic Drow.
dre : Level 1; Background: criminal gone good
Dreadman : Level 1; Background: I am Dreadman. The most lethal pirate in
the known cosmos. I shall avenge my familys death by killing of all who stand in my way to the top. Do not try to run, I am always there.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Dreadme : Level 1; Background: Born in a small farming village with the
name Reginald. Regie quickly decided spending his days with his hands buried in manure enriched soil was not for him. At the age of eleven Regie met a strange man on the road in front of his parents mud hut. This m
Dreadnought : Level 1; Background: Dreadnought was born in a small village.
He showed great promise as a wizard at a very young age. He was sent to a training center for the magically gifted. He quickly rose to the top of his class, and soon even surpassed his teachers. Now he roams the w
Dreken : Level 1; Background: 14 year old male with red hair and red eyes.wears
a black cloak lined in red.
Drizzit : Level 1; Background: Born, walked here
drizzt : Level 1; Background: everyone should know drizzt
Drizzt Do'Urden : Level 1; Background: Spirited young warrior that just might have
what it takes to survive
DrizztX : Level 1; Background: Raised by Drow and is keen and agile. Enjoys
the passion of the battle and when in trouble he goes into a Blood Lust Frenzy.
DrN : Level 1; Background: hes strong
Droc : Level 1; Background: Age: Unknown. Sex: Male. Family Background:
Unknown. Family murdered as an infant. Found and raised by a wizard who spoke little except to instruct. Quest: Unknown source pulling at his soul but always out of reach.
Drogo Earthcarver : Level 1; Background: Drogo is a wizard that is trying to be the
most powerful in the world.
Drowy : Level 1; Background: MY character is a character of mystical
powers he uses spells to get his way into things and to work his way out Work for the "Good" life.
Druthlen : Level 1; Background: Druthlen was raised with a good ethical
code that drives him to do good deeds and attempt to make the world around him better for others.
dudeguy : Level 1; Background: Man who went crazy and doesn't remember
things from more than a week ago.
Dufunk04426 : Level 1; Background: unknown
Duir : Level 1; Background: Strong with incredible speed.He uses the
wolf spirit to guide him
DuVall : Level 1; Background: great desire to slaughter the skeletons
that destoyed his homeland
dve : Level 1; Background: an ogeruos person but is verysmart
Dwan : Level 1; Background: Little is known about him.
Dwilt Youre : Level 1; Background: Dwilt is a Warrior from a far away land.
The sun is always shining and the waters always pure. If you want a friend then he can be and if you want an enemy woe to thee....
Dworkin : Level 1; Background: Loves woman and takes care of them.
Dwyddion : Level 1; Background: Dwyddion is a cunning elven druid of unknown
origin. He is often seen with a huge brown bear, called Yemba.
Dynne : Level 1; Background: Banished from his land by an Evil Overlord,
Dynne the warrior has traveled many miles and goes where ever he can.
Dysis : Level 1; Background: outcast of the "tribe"
Eastern Paladin : Level 1; Background: placed in hell
EaTmAn : Level 1; Background: Firce Elf know to all by his valliance he
strikes fear in to all he comes in cotact with.
Echo : Level 1; Background: character background here>
Edix : Level 1; Background: Born form the buring flames of Mt Hecata. Edix
the fearless wizard of the king of alcon.Has been alive for a millinnium.This man of men is the only true soul left alive form the age of old.
Egalmoth : Level 1; Background: .
Eladan Dragonsbane : Level 1; Background: The great dwarven warrior
Elamros : Level 1; Background: Searching for absolute wisdom and power
Elamros has journeyd many places and slain many foes.
Elander : Level 1; Background: Born in the northern woods of Shandalhorn,
this elf continues his endless quest in search of the fabled Tear of god. An arrow that is said to have been made by the hands of the gods themselves. His quest is tiresome, and has seen many woes..
Elb : Level 1; Background: Elb is an intelligent but clumsy scholar
of magic.
Eldric : Level 1; Background: UNKNOWN?
Elean100 : Level 1; Background: Hi I am a fierce warrior. I like to read
and I will venture anywhere in search of a challenge or fortune!
Elf : Level 1; Background: nothing
elfie : Level 1; Background: 28 years old. Female elf.
Elion : Level 1; Background: I explore this website!
Elkin Arainath : Level 1; Background: Elkin Arainath was found behind a waterfall
by an elderly mage, who took him in and raised him as a mage.
ellobomex : Level 1; Background: im an elf with attitude the leves on this
lokok kind of shabby but if u want a look at my real character go to(not made a site yet)
Elminster : Level 1; Background: Most powerful mage/warrior/cleric in the
Forgotten Realms, The Old Mage, Elminster of Shadowdale
ElminsterOfShadowdale : Level 1; Background: Faeruns greatest wizard. If you play D&D
and dont know him...you are a poser
Elmoras : Level 1; Background: Not really intrested in becoming the most
powerful, just all around very skilled wielder of magic. Would like to learn many many diverse types of magic.
Elric : Level 1; Background: .
Elvish soultier : Level 1; Background: Is the champion of the krosan forest. makes
all elves around him stronger with a simple touch.
Elvish Treadwater : Level 1; Background: Elvish Treadwater, orphaned when parents
killed by evil priests, ws raised by his paternal grandfather. At twelve he was seperated by war and has been on his own ever since.
Elwe Eriador : Level 1; Background: A young elf looking for the ones who killed
nearly everyone in his village.
Ember666 : Level 1; Background: Ember does not know were she comes from
just that shes here.. on a mission for what is unknown, but will be discovered
embrace : Level 1; Background: father was a powerful elf, so my character
fully appreciates the benifits of her heritage
Endaphia : Level 1; Background: She is a gentle woman from a different time
and world.
Endimion : Level 1; Background: Ex fightrt, whant revenge
Enker : Level 1; Background: I'm headed straight to the top baby! Hahahaha-huh?
Thats not the way to the top? Then where the hell am I going?!?! Any one got a map?
Entah : Level 1; Background: Raised as a hunter, Entah started adventuring
for excitement.
Entar Moonslay : Level 1; Background: Drow Elf left old kingdom to come to the
surface. Left when very little, have been hunted every since. Have no idea about own past, would like to find out real parents. Persucuted by surface world
Eobus Stormhaven : Level 1; Background: I am a specialist wind wizard. Mostly of
the time I'ma traveller but once in a month I'm also at home. When I was 6 I started with magic and poison. So if you have questionsabout one of them. JUST ASK!!!
Erada Preytor : Level 1; Background: Erada's mother died at child birth, she
was raised by her father who was a general for the great king. He knew nothing of how to raise a girl so he riased her as he would a son, by way of the blade. She fought and grew strong. Upon her 16th brithday her f
erendor : Level 1; Background: erendor is a wizard of great renown in the
land of erntheflel where he was born. he ventured far and wide untill he came upon this land where he has lived for months.
Eric Ironforge : Level 1; Background: A member of Jetrell's Mutant Force. A sargent
on the JMS Blacken
Eric the Red : Level 1; Background: Barbarian companion, warrior type, from
Norse heritage. Skilled swordsman, no magic.
Eric_The_Red : Level 1; Background: A great warrior
ErisRage : Level 1; Background: I am Eris, goddess of discord and chaos.
Born in lust, turn to dust, Born in sin come on in
Ertai II : Level 1; Background: he was born in a place... i think
Ertani : Level 1; Background: Council Member Daniel is Ertani, a mage
new to the world, but destined to be a legend. (I'm a newbie)
Ethan : Level 1; Background: I'm a very strong warrior none can yet compare
my strength.
Ethan "Polecat" Polle : Level 1; Background: Ethan is the bastard son of a high ranking
priestess who was seduced by an altar boy. He was raised by monks but escaped at the age of 12 and lived his formative years in the gutter. He is tall, thin and sports a neatly trimmed moustache.
Etharion : Level 1; Background: Born in the Valleys of Might.
Ethylwyn : Level 1; Background: Created from the mists of time..
eureb : Level 1; Background: ever since he was little he posesed magic
so when he got older he became a wizard
Evalon : Level 1; Background: One day Evalon suddenly developed wander
lust, that stirkes many of her race; as a result she took to adventuring.
Everald : Level 1; Background: A well know wizard. Educated in the dark
Eves : Level 1; Background: ...
Evil Merlin : Level 1; Background: Born in a small villige far to the north,
he was the only one there that had magic powers.

EvilJsin : Level 1; Background: EvilJsin is The Foulest Necromancer and
the Most Skilled Burgler in all of the Great Domain.Bury your gold and your dead deep when EvilJsin is in town.
Excavator : Level 1; Background: Left for dead by friends. I have no memory
of my past. (excepting for being left by what I assume to have been my friends) I search for who I am.
ezo : Level 1; Background: If you need some money just say
Fade : Level 1; Background: evil
FaeMab : Level 1; Background: FaeMab is a young elf, with a love and nature
and magic.
Falatius : Level 1; Background: an outcast by birth, Falatius spent his
time in the woods training under the mentorship of his master. Soon the time came where he had to leave to venture into the outside world in search of fame and glory
Falchian : Level 1; Background: A Battlemage from a parallel universe
Falcon Darkflight : Level 1; Background: Falcon is a Nocturn: Otherwise known as
the "Dark Angel" race. A society of fearless and brave warriors from a realm known as Nocturnis that was lost in the Great War over 300 years ago. Nocturns are generally human like, usually with a muscular build...
falcor : Level 1; Background: strong
Faldain : Level 1; Background: Was raised by dwarfs
Falene : Level 1; Background: Very young and impetuous.
Falin M'or : Level 1; Background: He is a rouge from Elf society, banished
forever because of some forgotten crime. He is ever trying to redeem himself and go home.
Falron : Level 1; Background: Last born and all but forgotten in his own
family, Falron journeys to a place where his.. questionable skills will help his people.
Falson : Level 1; Background: Nothing much is know but he came from a
poor town and lived in the wilds when he was younger
Falstaff Calamay : Level 1; Background: He was given up by his parents, who were
both adventures, and was raised by his uncle in the city. As hard as they tried to teach him the family business , leather working, he was drawn to the training grounds to become a soldier. Even though he advanced
Faris : Level 1; Background: A rogue elf exiled from his town
febu : Level 1; Background: very strong kicks alot of ass
Fecking Feck : Level 1; Background: Fecking Feck likes collecting flowers, hard
core drugs and 80's rock music. Oh, and beating the crap out of things.
FelKamlor : Level 1; Background: Not knowing what to do about the stange
abilities he recently discovered, Kam was out out in the valley playing when he noticed the smoke rising from his town, having to go back through the cave to return, he hit his head and was knocked out. It was dark
Ferrick : Level 1; Background: Ferrick is a half-ef rogue, who is just
beginning to venture out on his own. Skilled in weaponry and survival skills taught by his father, he has little worry that he'll make it on his own. His mother instilled him with knowledge of nature, music, and l
Fifelon : Level 1; Background: He is a leader

FiFi Chainsaw : Level 1; Background: uhh. I'm mean and stuff. yeah.
Figgs : Level 1; Background: this is figgs
Fingrol : Level 1; Background: A Dark Elf as a child, she is actually a
Sylvan elf, one of the most good elves in the world. At the Age of 13 she cruelly hacked her parents into pieces while they were still alive and made her way into the world. That was 100 years ago.
Finodborn : Level 1; Background: Gifted young wizard from the order of El
Fionn Mac Cumhail : Level 1; Background: From the hills of Eire, arrive Fionn, son
of Lugh, to bring light to this world of darkness.
fiperlaus : Level 1; Background: great palidan from the forest of errok.
born in the own of rverfrost his parents were killed and he roams the land in search of the emerald drake that killed them.
fir3boy : Level 1; Background: muhahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha
Fire Buster : Level 1; Background: ????
fire_cleric : Level 1; Background: cleric
Firelord : Level 1; Background: Raised by a fire demon lord as his servent,
I am pledged to destroy the world with a glorious inferno.
Fist : Level 1; Background: Kicked out by family, hunted by the law,
figured I gotta get my frustration out on them creatures.
Fistandilus : Level 1; Background: Well built mage, intents on world domination,
coughing rackets, and very powerful (obviously)
flamefart : Level 1; Background: he is from the 6th centery and likes squirrel
Flar : Level 1; Background: A want-to-be archmage from a land unknown
to others. Magic is sacred to his people.
flavion : Level 1; Background: hes good
Flay : Level 1; Background: A short but powerful man, Flay likes to
get drunk and beat people up. He has a bad attitude but you can always depend on him.
flayme : Level 1; Background: a rogue bard turned adventerer, flayme uses
his wits to escape where others have perished. cross him and you shall know the true meaning of being flamed!
Flint Ironforge : Level 1; Background: Flint is the first son of the clan chief.While
away on a walk about when he turned adult his clan was destroyed by evil hoard.He has vowed to erradicate evil no matter where. This how he avenges his clan.
FlintFire651 : Level 1; Background: I love my ale and food
Foxheart : Level 1; Background: Born in a seedy small town adventure called
from an early age. She has now taken up a sword and an adventurers life of hardship on the open roads and dark depths.
Foxhound : Level 1; Background: Emerging from the abyss itself Foxhound
travels the land searching for helpless victims
Foxx : Level 1; Background: an orphan taken in by a group of magi who
apprenticed him until manhood.this wizened fellow stands 5'7" weighs 190 lbs,swift of weapon&spell,very intelligent.this brown skinned wise man who is hard of body&spirit seeks to rid the land of evil.
Frad : Level 1; Background: Explore the world and defend the weak
Franky : Level 1; Background: Franky is a wizard.. right..
Freakpizzaboy : Level 1; Background: He enojoys long strolls under the moonlight
and italian food
Freebird : Level 1; Background: From the Halls of NooBs arizes FREEBIRD!
Freewolf : Level 1; Background: Lost in the wilds , we search for enligh
fremenmg : Level 1; Background: Ages ago this wizard was created. during
the millennia he has been in this realm he learned to draw power from the land itself. He is the only one known that has learned to teleport through solid walls.
Fugis : Level 1; Background: Fugis is wierd.
Fullon Dark : Level 1; Background: Taken in as a 12 year old beggar, fullon
was taken under the wing of a kind old man, and taught to use the street skills he knew to help others.
funkymunky24 : Level 1; Background: very active and war like
futnab : Level 1; Background: wise and cuning old and sturdy
Fyra : Level 1; Background: I come from a land far away where great
wars are fought and treasures won I am Fyra the Great all bow before me.
Fyre Blayd : Level 1; Background: Newbie
gabaruski : Level 1; Background: his name is gabaruski
Gabriel : Level 1; Background: adventure-seeker, raised by warrior uncle
after parents were murdered. searches for revenge.
Gabriel7 : Level 1; Background: Mystical Warrior, Destined TO RULE THE
Gafgarion : Level 1; Background: As long as I'm paid, I don't care how evil
it is.
Gaidal Cain : Level 1; Background: comes from a long line of legendary hero's.
was once a sourseror for Artur Hawkings. Still one of the most powerful wizards know to man.
Galahad : Level 1; Background: Sir Galahad the Pure. Finder of the Holy
galaxy : Level 1; Background: birth
Galen : Level 1; Background: Arcane, and mysterious, not much is know
about me, not even by myself.
Galian : Level 1; Background: Elminsters apprentce
Galkor : Level 1; Background: Joined the Royal Guards League, and quit,
because of the bitterness of the leader. Now searches for treasures using his skills from his previous ways of life.
gallapoo : Level 1; Background: born with the beging of life the stongest
most powerful wizard ever!
Gambit Dragonbane : Level 1; Background: Gambit was abandoned, by his parents, at
the age of twelve. He was taken in by an old beggar, which taught him a very limited amount of arcane magic. At age 16, the Kingsment of a rivaling empire slew the old beggar, leaving Gambit on his own, again. H
gamepro : Level 1; Background: a wizard aprentince who is very good at
being a wizard.
Gan the Singed : Level 1; Background: Having been, hmmm, 'released' from his master's
care, Gan has decided that it is time for him to make his fortune on the open road.
Gandalf : Level 1; Background: I am a knight of honor that will travel
the lands to banquish evil. I hold the power and the strength of my grandfather who i was named after. For he was a mighty wizard that helped young frodo baggins travel into the cracks of doom to destroy the ruling
gandalf of middle earth : Level 1; Background: gandalf is an old school magician from the
times of man when magic ruled the world
Gandalf the White123456789 : Level 1; Background: I wuz Gandalf the Grey
Gandalf! : Level 1; Background: See www.freewebs.com/isitari and go to GANDALF!!!! OK,so,
ummm... came here to study harder and get cooler to get more fans. My best friend is Gwaihiir.
gandalf13 : Level 1; Background: a free wandering miserious person,has a
history that even he does not know.
Gandrek : Level 1; Background: Gandrek's family was slain ruthlessly by
orcs when he was a mere beardling. He was taken captive by the orcs and forced to work in their dungeons. Eventually the plucky young dwarf made his escape and makes his living on the road.
gandron : Level 1; Background: gandron was summoned by the spirit to protect
the humans casading into the brink of destruction
Gandul : Level 1; Background: Gandul comes from a group of wood elves
that were currently forced out of their homes by a band of marading orcs. He hopes to return to his homeland one day.
gannon : Level 1; Background: this wizard comes from an unknown realm
of magic and is here to raise hell
Gantwick : Level 1; Background: Raised by human wizard mother and elven
ranger father near the town of Twosprings.
Garion : Level 1; Background: Just try and mess with me, I'll open up
a six pack on you.
Garthaug : Level 1; Background: With no memory of his past he is on search
for who he is.
Gary : Level 1; Background: A Warrior from Hitogamma. He Seeks To avenge
his dead father.
Gator Bonenose : Level 1; Background: Gator is a evil dwarf!
Gaulwrathe : Level 1; Background: Gaulwrathe was abbandoned at birth, in an
effort to save his life. Strange beings had persued his mother, who upon finding a human, left the child with him. Minutes later, she was torn appart by the beings, who offered no persuit of the Human or Child.
Gaven : Level 1; Background: Has amnesia and can't remember much of anything
about his past, he lost his memory when he survived a boulder hitting his head. He wanders around searching for his true identity.
Ged : Level 1; Background: Ged has had many adventures in the realm
of Earsthea, and has become a well known wizard and maybe even an Arch-Mage. He is skilled with many spells, yet eager to learn.
Gek the Destroyer : Level 1; Background: Gek the Destroyer is the last of his tribe,
saved by one of the warriors from a neighboring village who helped fight their attackers. Trained, himself, to be a warrior by using all things around him for attack and defense. He, causiously, befriends all un
Geko : Level 1; Background: Gecko is a young warrior who has just graduated
from warrior school. He hopes to one day become a very powerful warrior who will vanguish all of his enemies.
Gene : Level 1; Background: I HUGE BARBARIAN!
genghis khan : Level 1; Background: hes a womaniser hes buff and pumps iron
george : Level 1; Background: hello
gerotecks : Level 1; Background: extreamly tuff
Geth : Level 1; Background: Parents abandoned me at a wizards place
as a child. The wizard took pity on me and made me his apprentice. It has been over 20 years and my master has died because bandits broke in and killed him. I wasnt strong enough to save my master, but Im determin
Ghould Ewana : Level 1; Background: A circus midgets bitch.
gildok : Level 1; Background: 6ft tall 17 years old likes bats.has no
parents ,lived by his wits
Gil-Galad : Level 1; Background: an elf from far away
Gillgamesh : Level 1; Background: Likes to kick ass.
Gilthanis : Level 1; Background: Strong,Brave warrior with a passion to gain
Gimli : Level 1; Background: A mysterious dwarf
Giotto_p : Level 1; Background: Orphan by kid learned to live alone in the
dangerous world....
gisgof : Level 1; Background: wandering mage
Glinden3 : Level 1; Background: .
Gnak : Level 1; Background: Big ...bad... barbarian
God : Level 1; Background: A friendly but slightly antisocial character
who is struggling with a great deal of mental disorders
God Of Death : Level 1; Background: Lone survivor of the golden land of Arcadia,
the Knight seeks revenge on the Gnomes for destroying his home and his people.

Godfrey : Level 1; Background: That voice that you always here on comercials
that speaks real fast...
godlsd : Level 1; Background: A Nobel Paladin Questing His Lost Idle Dr.
Tim Leary Was Exiled From His Home World And Thought For Dead Some Brave Souls Still Continue His Work But None Have Perfected His Lost Knowledge Thus A Quest For Dr. Leary has Been Formed
gohan : Level 1; Background: strong little boy
gohan10 : Level 1; Background: very strong
gohan52 : Level 1; Background: strong not week
Goji : Level 1; Background: Big scar over his eye and metal armor over
right arm. The only other thing Known about him exept that he was an orphan. He was the Barbarian Prince, but they were betrayed by the dark mages, who killed his parents.
Goku_Son : Level 1; Background: Has studied magic all his life in his hut.
Was abandoned by his parents because they were never magic peoeple and thought it to be dangerous
Goldeneyes : Level 1; Background: Named after the color of his eyes, Goldeneyes
has trained since age 5 to become a blade master. At age 18 he finally earned his heron marked blade and has set out to make a name for himself.
Golem : Level 1; Background: Golem Grew up alone and is very shy. Phoenix
is learning how to be a true ranger and is ready for all challenges!
Goliath : Level 1; Background: A strong and courageous warrior in his t
Goliath Bodhammer : Level 1; Background: Favorite Weapon:Sword
Gollum : Level 1; Background: He is a big ruthless bastard that'll kick
anyone's ass.
Goober : Level 1; Background: goober
goofy : Level 1; Background: A very powerful person a talent smart in
math, science, and just smart
Gorgon : Level 1; Background: From the wasteland of a war torn nation
rise a sole warrior
Gorgoroth : Level 1; Background: my magic is my lord, my lord is death
Gorian Skysplitter : Level 1; Background: lala =)
Gort : Level 1; Background: umm hi i am gort :o)
gorth : Level 1; Background: A peaceful fellow on the outside but having
his family killed while he was a child angers him greatly so now searches for the murderer.
Goten21 : Level 1; Background: Unknown.
Gotrek : Level 1; Background: :P
graffix : Level 1; Background: I am the laSt Man StanDinG

Grandarck : Level 1; Background: Warrior of Renown Contact at grandark@hotmail.com or
in Grandarck's Castle.
Gravian : Level 1; Background: Gravian is a dexerous elf of Kindelwood.
He thrives on the destruction of evil...
Greenfreak : Level 1; Background: Having lived in the sunlit glades of the
Tollierion Forest for hundreds of years, greenfreak decided to seek adventure.
Greven Alexiar : Level 1; Background: Born in a small village named Vuntarium.
Greven grew up alone and dependent on only himself. He is a ranger that protects the forest and every living thing.
grevenilvec : Level 1; Background: he lived in a log cabin made out of bric
greyclawz : Level 1; Background: A lone warlock.
GreyDourx "The Red Hammer" : Level 1; Background: Sworn enemy of all rust and tarnished Or
Greymalkin : Level 1; Background: Greymalkin is an elf from the Forest Primevel,
who is unlike most of his peaceful cousins. He has a warriors heart, and seeks to become powerful enough to be globally known.
greywolf : Level 1; Background: is dark and far away this elf only trusts
his brother wolf and his shapeshifting brother
Grifter : Level 1; Background: he live for dead. He want to see this world
Free of evil

Grim Ironshod : Level 1; Background: Grim's a stubborn old dwarf. He's lived
all his life by a simple moto,"Stop your whining and start fightin'" he practical to a fault. Works as a traveling merchant when he not caught uo in trouble.
Grimarel : Level 1; Background: Grimarel is an evil wizard. He would kill
his own family to get stronger, which he did... Anyways, he was then put into jail for 10 years, he busted out in five. He is now on the run from the law.
Grimblade : Level 1; Background: A barbarian from the northern lands of Soron,
running away from his legacy as chieftain in search of his brother, attaining fame and fortune along the way.
Grimm : Level 1; Background: Grimm is a fierce fighter, and absolutely
despises demons.
Grimrider : Level 1; Background: An elven warrior hailing from the distant
City of Sigil, a metropolitan city at the centre of the Outer Planes of existence themselves. A member of the Free League, he stands for no cause aside from the freedom of each individual to choose their own path
grodark : Level 1; Background: He trained for years.. trying to become
strong enough to rescue his true love from an evil dragon. He finally reached the dragon and defeated it and his true love was killed in the process. He was left bitter and is now seeking revenge.
Grul : Level 1; Background: Comes form the northern wasts, very savege
and dangerous and will attack anyone or anything. If you see hi RUUUUN!

Grumpy : Level 1; Background: Has wild temper and lusts for combat and
women and treasure. Comes from the badlands and trusts noone.
Guendolyn : Level 1; Background: The daughter of a pirate captain and a barmaid
Guen had a very interesting childhood, some spent in the Inn with her mother but her formative years were spent upon the sea in the ship of her father. When he was killed she returned to the land bringing wit
Guio : Level 1; Background: A kick butt character thats all.
Gundo : Level 1; Background: I am a wizard from the ancient world
Gundor : Level 1; Background: A decendent of the Great King Goldor the
Gustave : Level 1; Background: Part o a roal family Left his kingdom to
save his family from evil.
Guy : Level 1; Background: Unknown
gwibble : Level 1; Background: grew up in a wizards land found his way
threw a hauntid forist and became insain split personality and a bad attitude unless you bring him back from death then your friend till the end he was taught how to use limmited magic and was given strenth and spe
Gyrosis : Level 1; Background: I am gyrosis, this is all you need to kn
Hach'net : Level 1; Background: Children of heaven
Hadariel : Level 1; Background: Hadariel is sent by the Lord himself, to
punish them who deserve it... Hadariel is also known as the "Angel of Death." His human figure saves him from being recognised as an angel.
Hades_Revenge : Level 1; Background: I Like to burn things.
Hagrid : Level 1; Background: Black hair, brown eyes
Haishao : Level 1; Background: A bounty hunter with a rather normal background.was
brought up by her mother and father.
Halcion : Level 1; Background: Blends in with the background, but unleases
fury in the heat of the battle.
Halflar : Level 1; Background: Halflar is an evil wizard of dark magic.
He likes his allies, and hates his enimies.
Hariel : Level 1; Background: A loner who seeks only fame and glory for
his name. To prove to his dead brother that He is better than him.
Harros : Level 1; Background: Harros is a white haired half Elf wizard
that has fought countless battles.
harson : Level 1; Background: protecter
Harten : Level 1; Background: Was born as King Eurodite's son and was
raised to protect the throne. For the past 14 years he has been on a deadly journey to destroy all evil and conquer anyone against his father!
HATRED_IN_THE_BLOOD : Level 1; Background: I will rule this game next year. Enter my
dungeon if your a beginer it's the best.
Havelock : Level 1; Background: ???
Haven Resurrection : Level 1; Background: Hideous Ghoul Being, Entered this realm
to rip the HighMage's soul from his chest for putting a tax on the entrance to his realm!
Havler : Level 1; Background: rave in the trees practicing nothing but
the art of arrow
Hazen : Level 1; Background: Wise old wizanrd out to have fun and kick
your ass.
HE HE HE : Level 1; Background: he is coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
and he is the best person in the world iuodcnhio fgio iojrioh id ivchjb nfgiob fg if nfg lnkfd nliln cniln ldfidfilhb ihlfji fdiljdflb kj
heian : Level 1; Background: I was a small Kid When my parents left me
to taken care of an old man named Taelon. He teched me the ways of magic.
hell : Level 1; Background: doom
Hellbane : Level 1; Background: sent from hell to destroy those that have
damned him for eternity
Hellfire : Level 1; Background: a
Hellfire X : Level 1; Background: im an elf from the forsts of avolon i have
come seeking glory and power and i am also a trained assasin
Hellkite : Level 1; Background: Very Strong Warrior
hellraiser : Level 1; Background: unknown
HellRaiser40K : Level 1; Background: I came out of a rough group that trained
me to be a fighter. I kill without remorse and steal if the situation presents itself. I will take on all challengers and will be victorius. I am not a loner however, and if you decide to join me you will be pro
hell's fury : Level 1; Background: A strong warrior withgreat magic
Herc : Level 1; Background: cams frome a tower
Hercules : Level 1; Background: Half human, half god son of Zeus.
herro : Level 1; Background: blah
Hexan : Level 1; Background: Hexan is a barbarian fighter with furious,
electric-blue eyes, a length of black hair, and a high temper and maybe not TOO much brain in him.
hiddendragon : Level 1; Background: the king of the un touchable dragons
highlander : Level 1; Background: born in a world with no mortal father> he
is now searching 4 hes destiny to over com eny thing in hes way of what he is looking for
himolos : Level 1; Background: i come along away island that nobody has
ever heard of called solaris
hiro : Level 1; Background: mighty wizard from the far east. born from
a wizard mom and a sorcerer dad.
Hiro Strider : Level 1; Background: Powerful and Relentless
hit : Level 1; Background: A unKnown traveler some say hes a wanderer
of great power
HiTmAnX : Level 1; Background: Tall and muscular, showing no mercy to his
enemies in battle, he is an agressive and brave warrior. He tends to be alone often, but has a close net of comrades... not much is known about him...
Hobbes : Level 1; Background: A old hermit deep within the woods has heard
the call of power. Having studied magic all his life he finds he must obey.
Hogram : Level 1; Background: Versed in the ways of magic, obsessed with
the power to control lesser undead and the destruction of higher undead
Holy Knight : Level 1; Background: Unknown
Holyfyre : Level 1; Background: Magical
Holz : Level 1; Background: My name es Holz. I am vom zur land avay
vom here. Zey are to zur east, near dur mountainz. I have taken a journey to ziz land to find glory, though I don't speak zur language vell.
HoNdA : Level 1; Background: From Long Beach
HooKUp : Level 1; Background: from the town of Alderon
Hoplit : Level 1; Background: A large feirce dwarven warrior. Unstopable
in his race and many others..he is a true fighter. He is honorable and yet sneaky. He is a good friend but fierce enemy.
hoss : Level 1; Background: a Curious fellow new to the craft

hunter : Level 1; Background: likes girls
Hyp Nosis : Level 1; Background: Dragon magic user whose mentor was an Ancient
Gold Dragon named Gilden. ^'2 golden blonde hair,skin, and eyes, weighs 200lbs.
hyperfiredragon : Level 1; Background: noob...oh yea i rock like heck dudes like
iamsorc_314 : Level 1; Background: Newbie
IamTrunks : Level 1; Background: I'm a hot young thing with a skimpy little
dress on.
ianthemick : Level 1; Background: out of work warrior with a appitite for
IceHart : Level 1; Background: Son of a poor man,he grow up and studied
the art of war whith his uncle,a former soldier.He dreams of big adventures and acts of courage.He is determinated to become a brave warrior.
iceman0118 : Level 1; Background: none
idol_mind : Level 1; Background: He's Smart =)
iKhan : Level 1; Background: Your common wizard of uncommonly poor ab
Ikke : Level 1; Background: Ikke is a very young wizard who does not
know anything of his past.
Ikki : Level 1; Background: Black magic is your weakness and my stre
Illidan100 : Level 1; Background: killer
im6re6ory : Level 1; Background: A regretful posessor of others former posessions.
He is moral, and yet finds he can not help but play the hand that life has delt him. With a few hidden aces, he plans to win the pot.
imacheater2000 : Level 1; Background: ir a wizard
Impaler : Level 1; Background: He was chased from his home and is looking
for revenge.
Impnaz : Level 1; Background: Unknown
Impulse : Level 1; Background: She grew up in a small, quiet village, but
always had a desire for more excitement. Her family thought she was silly, and encouraged her to stay and live a peaceful life. She began training herself in secret, and eventually left her home in search of ad
in soviet russia car drives you : Level 1; Background: im ugly!
incarnate : Level 1; Background: LOne wolf
Incendio : Level 1; Background: Living a life of war, Incendio has trained
hard in order to brave the difficult tasks put forth by his enemies.
InternetMel : Level 1; Background: Outgoing, wants to be the best.
Inverso : Level 1; Background: Wizard
Iris : Level 1; Background: Unknown
Irishman : Level 1; Background: A true Gaelic adventurer who is destined
to wander the realms in search of a Quest worthy of his attention. This burden he must bear until he completes the ultimate quest and breaks the curse which will not allow him to settle in one place...
Ishimari Hamayoto : Level 1; Background: I was a lone ranger before I met my companion
dakevster. Now we are adventuring the world to find out what lies ahead.
Isilfly Mithrandir : Level 1; Background: Half-elf,Half-human magic user
Isys : Level 1; Background: She's new to adventuring, but she is one
tough cookie.
ItamarG : Level 1; Background: i am the greatest wizard that have ever
Ituriel : Level 1; Background: Ithuriel was raised by a band of rogues,
she disbanded them when she was 15 years old to become a soldier.
Ivan Stoneback : Level 1; Background: A good Ole Dwarf Strong and True.
ivohardy : Level 1; Background: the mind is stronger then the sword as it
were. age 396 and i think this wizards mind is the ultimate weapon.
iyalafiwky : Level 1; Background: orphin, grew up in a major metropolitian
area, awnry on the point of senile
Izzy : Level 1; Background: Once ago live a powerful wizard named Omeg.
He ruled the Western Plain. He taught many student but among of these were, Izzy. Izzy had a greed for power and contol so he set forth into the world search for all the anwsers of ancient magic. He later learn
JackRed : Level 1; Background: Though he does not know it royal blood surges
through his veins and he fights as a mighty warrior of khar'gath should.
jacob : Level 1; Background: magic
jacob_kavanagh : Level 1; Background: A wizard of some power traned by his master
a great wiizard named Atris he quest for power has led him here.
Jade : Level 1; Background: her mother and father killed when she was
a small child. a master took her in and trained her to be a warrior.
Jade Falcon : Level 1; Background: in search of information to research new
spells and magical items
Jagerdragon : Level 1; Background: 6'3 blue eyes bulit
Jago_M : Level 1; Background: He is a wizard.
Jake Marti : Level 1; Background: I will try to beat all dungens and get all
items but I will try not to die
Jakescott : Level 1; Background: A mysterious wizard
jakuta : Level 1; Background: cool/funny/like this game/
Jalios : Level 1; Background: dude.
jambongusa : Level 1; Background: fdhsdsfd
James : Level 1; Background: James
JamesC : Level 1; Background: James was born in the city of Clerica the
village of Clerics!The evil Rouges came by and stole all the gold and killed all the people!James was only a child!The Rogues decided to keep him as a slave!Once he gets freed he will learn more magic!
Jamie : Level 1; Background: Shes from the lands of darkness. contact
at ItsJamieT@aol.com
Jan : Level 1; Background: Great with magic.He became a wizard.
Janga : Level 1; Background: A thief with thunder powers.
Jangre : Level 1; Background: tall dark&handsome loved by all women al
Janne : Level 1; Background: Born of god
janny902 : Level 1; Background: once upon a time, there were many of his
kind. But now he is one of the few survivers, searching to regain a bit of his, once, unbeatable strenght... beware !!!
Jao : Level 1; Background: Jao belongs to the order of Viro. One of
Viro's Personal bodyguards, he is very powerful.
Jaquio : Level 1; Background: I Have Came From a Place Far Far Away From
Jarix : Level 1; Background: He lives in kaladim. He fight the undead
for good.
jason : Level 1; Background: we cant win them all
Jason Knightbringer : Level 1; Background: Home town was destroyed. Both parents were
killed. Father was a magic user, so he fallowed in his fathers foot steps. Seeks revenge for those that destroyed his town.
javlin : Level 1; Background: a hero defending thows in need
Jazz : Level 1; Background: A loner. Works for the money but isn't
payed. Don't get on his bad side or you won't be able to tell which way is up or down.
jcSlayer : Level 1; Background: Brave, loyal, and true-hearted
JDub : Level 1; Background: A dude.
jeff2k : Level 1; Background: ??
Jeler : Level 1; Background: Tall,strong and well built, dark hair and
eyes. Steadfast and tempered, but deadly in the end...
Jenna : Level 1; Background: Raised by adoptive parents. Oddly strong
and skilled she has a gift for physical combat! Also a kind and generous person.
jeon99 : Level 1; Background: Won the battle of the dwarves and goblins
in the old age, where he was outnumbered greatly by goblins.
Jere : Level 1; Background: jere was orphan was just baby and grew up
in the forest were he learned the way of the animals he grew and went out and for people how trained him in sword play to fight in the ring
Jerikia : Level 1; Background: With his parents killed at a young age Jerikia
was forced to live in the wilderness until he came of age and now adventures in the local dungeons for fun!
jerroyl : Level 1; Background: i fucked your mum last night
Jet : Level 1; Background: Born in a large city and trained in the
ways of hand to hand combat all my life. Jet is a force soon to be reconned with!
jetboard : Level 1; Background: strong magic and swordsmen. magic skills
of unbeiond.
JIm Drunkard : Level 1; Background: Dwarf whose history is not known, or nothing
could be thought of.....
Jin Caryu : Level 1; Background: Former Elven Prince. Born to defeat the
dark mages.
Jinx : Level 1; Background: A trouble maker who seems to know when to
duck to stay alive.

Jiriki : Level 1; Background: Becoming recently sober, this hardened Dwarven
warrior seeks to make his name an unforgotten legend.
jncaptain18 : Level 1; Background: He is the beast of all beast, he never runs
away from a fight and fights till death.
Joalin : Level 1; Background: Joalin is an orphan who was found as a young
boy by a wandering monk. He was raised by a monastic order made up of misfits and outcasts. Joalin is a cleric who tends to challenge the conventions of his order yet holds a deep reverence to his deity. Joa
Jobber : Level 1; Background: a poor dwarven warrior
Jobe : Level 1; Background: a man obsessed with finding the the man
who killed his clan. he desires nothing more than that mans blood on his sword.
Jocker : Level 1; Background: Strenght:200 Life:255/255 Magic:20/20
Inteligence:100 Dexterity:150
Jodah : Level 1; Background: From the pages of ancient lore comes Jodah,
Archmage of the School of the Unseen...

Joe Boxer : Level 1; Background: Joe Boxer is a fierce warrior he seems to
keep ot himself and you dont think it would be a good idea to anoy him in anyway.
joemama271 : Level 1; Background: dude i am the best there is the best there
was the best there ever be
JoeRiot : Level 1; Background: He was a great theif and still is.
joey : Level 1; Background: came to save the wourld
john : Level 1; Background: evil attitude sneaky and litreally not very
nice to be around
John Grubs : Level 1; Background: The son of a great general, ran because
of the accusations of killing his father. Ran and now runs a 'mail' service, far from home. Well he tries anyway, the call for adventure never rings far from his heart
jonathan : Level 1; Background: started to train at the age of 2 with his
master. His master was killed a few 20 years latter and has had to tain by himself
jonfreak : Level 1; Background: as a little boy of 14 years old he grow
up on an island were he alone was and nobody else. he made a little raft to go over the big and dangerous ocean and landed on an island were only reall fighters were and he needed to prove himself worthy to join the
joshie : Level 1; Background: after being thrown out of his home he is
Jotasset : Level 1; Background: I grew up in a desert in the far North,
in the city of Ddretgos, where some of the world's finest Warriors trained. Alas, I have recieved news that the city was destroyed while I was away; how I do not know, but I have sworn vengeance on the culprits.
jowzer : Level 1; Background: Hero
Jozan : Level 1; Background: He is a mighty warrior. He is a begginer
but he will become powerful. He runs by his insticts
jrbaker_knightz : Level 1; Background: jrbaker
jugglofreak : Level 1; Background: came from a family that they say he'll be
a no body...Time to prove them wrong!
Junth Farnis : Level 1; Background: Jnuth is the son of a blacksmith and was
fostered out to a baker at the age of 10. Has slight smithing skills. Village and family was distroyed at the age of 16 by unknow persons.
justice : Level 1; Background: justice is a sadistic evil bieng with a
past and origins he has yet to reveal.
Kaden : Level 1; Background: He is from a rich family but he wanted to
be something more so he left home to become something he had always wanted to be a Wizard
Kahild : Level 1; Background: Born into a long line of noble member, Kahild
has wanted to explore the outside lands since he was a young lad. Now, against his family's wishes he has ventured out...
kahriman batlehamer : Level 1; Background: i mighty warrior who forget his strength
in the heat of the dwarven forges
kahron : Level 1; Background: from the realm of hades all els is unkno
Kai Morduun : Level 1; Background: One-time general of a vanquished army, Kai
searches for old foes and lost comrades alike.
Kain : Level 1; Background: I'm the greatest of the dragoon.
Kairos : Level 1; Background: A paladin of the old days, Kairos has been
reborn in this age to have his destiny fulfilled- to become the master of Magik and Time...
Kairose : Level 1; Background: A powerful wizard from another world. He
left his world seeking new forms of magic.
Kaiser : Level 1; Background: extremely powerful, but that is all that
is known. Said to have survived a battle with the dragon emperor Bahamut.
kakkarot : Level 1; Background: wizard
kalahn : Level 1; Background: Kalahn has been taught how to live the streets
ever since childhood. Her parents died when she was too young to even remember their faces. Ater her teacher died she went in a great depression and killed anyone who looked at her wrong. One day she woke up
Kaldaran Wintermane : Level 1; Background: Son of a merchant and a former female cleric.
A noble warrior of virtuous heart and unswerving vigour. Steadfastly loyal and determined, his eyes burn with the fires of his spirit of detemination.
Kaldorn : Level 1; Background: Kaldorn was once very noble and honourable,
but when he came home on the 16th day of Gathering, to find his whole family murdered. His ways were changed, and so he turned to the arcane arts to aid the source of evil, so comfort him in his suffering.
kal-el : Level 1; Background: a sage mage, just trying to earn a wage.
Kali : Level 1; Background: with penertrating dark sky blue eyes, looking
down from 6ft5, there is an element of fair justness that surrounds Kali
Kalick : Level 1; Background: unknown
KAMIKAZEE3001 : Level 1; Background: KILLED MANY THINGS

Kamist : Level 1; Background: bringer of death
Kane : Level 1; Background: A warrior slave beaten within an inch of
his life. The man he once was is dead replaced with a colder personality
Kane the Swift : Level 1; Background: Lone Elf Looking for Adventure.
Kaos : Level 1; Background: The Dark Lord Kaos... Powerfull beyond all
KaraK : Level 1; Background: Thor'Grim came from the Town of Garbeth,
an all dwarven town but was fed up with a normal dwarven life and one day just left home and went to gain fame in his name.
Karnak : Level 1; Background: Big strong Ex Slave
Kasierdragonmage : Level 1; Background: Kasierdragonmage fight for justice and p

Kasilien : Level 1; Background: Shrouded in mystery, Kasilien has come out
of the darkness to gain wealth and experience, but mostly wealth.
Katrina : Level 1; Background: Her parents killed by raiders Katrina was
raised by the elves. She has a lovely singing voice and in adept at playing the lute. But don't let this fool you she was also trained in the art of war by the elves and is very skilled. As to apprearance she
Kattara : Level 1; Background: Kattara grew up as a daughter of a night.
Her parents and everyone she knew were killed by the enemy. She chalenged travelers that crossed her path to increase her fighting abilitys and gain money.
Kavarek : Level 1; Background: A wizard trained under Phyalis or Dakmore,
he has come to an age where it is time for him to go seek out those who he deems fit to train the arts of Arcana

Kaz : Level 21; Background: The legendary warrior returns to actio

kbt82788 : Level 1; Background: Power...to me it knows no bounds.
Kedirech : Level 1; Background: Look at me, I'm a wizard.
kegan : Level 1; Background: A tall dark figured man with dark clothes
and a long cape that seems to flow in the wind.
Keith : Level 1; Background: Short and stocky is all it takes as a
Keldar : Level 1; Background: Keldar comes from a rather small clan f
tree elves deep in the forest.Only good at hunting,fishing,stealing,and Fighting.Keldar leaves his mother and father to explore the lands
Keldorn : Level 1; Background: Keldorn is was a noble and Honored knight,
but after years in the service he has grown weary of his "good" life. He returns home to find his family murdered by a rival family. And thus, he has turned to evil for comfort in his suffering...
Kelm : Level 1; Background: From a poor family, Kelm is out in the world
to seek his fortune.

Kelrath Lothik Myrad : Level 1; Background: Sage of the Lost Yangatri Order. Disappeared
during the Fourth Age while questing for the ancient temples of his sect. Only time will tell if he resurfaces.
Kendrick : Level 1; Background: Chaotic good loner
kenyay : Level 1; Background: the sweetness
Keope : Level 1; Background: Born in the darkness

Kerrik : Level 1; Background: The Archmage Kerrik's origins are clouded
in mystery. Legends say he began as a poor orphan in one of the mountain farming communities. Rumours say he has more gold hidden in his various towers and lairs than any hundred people could ever hope t
kerwyn : Level 1; Background: he is of noble blood, he loves to fight
and is very good at it!!
Keset Modon : Level 1; Background: a hill dwarf wich used to be a headhounter
and now in his old day's his looking for a thrill missing his old life. he used to hang up with the rone tayp of spirts, now he pais the price... he is 130 kg 1.3 m he well knowen as keset the bacon. (more wi
Ketriel : Level 1; Background: Ketriel the Wizard, Very little is known
about his youth but was found to have differnt magical abilities...
Kevcabana : Level 1; Background: Im here. Lets get it on.
Kevin : Level 1; Background: I am a wizard, woke up somewhere in the
middle of the forest. Don't remember anything at all.

KeWlStAr : Level 1; Background: Unknown guy searching for the secret of
Keymaker Strong : Level 1; Background: Strong was borne into a german family of
keymakers. Seeing the small amounts of money his family made, he decided to go into the thieving and adventureing business, the rest is history.
Khayos : Level 1; Background: This is a battle-scarred dwarf, with a long,
flowing grey beard that is braided with pieces of orc bone. He carries a wicked double-bit axe honed to razor sharp perfection, save a gouge taken from one side. Presumably the gouge was put there after the axe
KIAed : Level 1; Background: Seaking to prove that Dwarfs are better
than Humans!
kill boy101 : Level 1; Background: he is the son of the king
Killa the king : Level 1; Background: I come from a noble family wich could afford
my expensive magical training.
killahs : Level 1; Background: i come from the under world of your mums
killer : Level 1; Background: strong
KILLER 13 : Level 1; Background: A Dwarf who has been made fun of in his
childhood is out on a revenge streak. He wants to destroy Nicholas the barbarian and Jonathan the warrior
killer1 : Level 1; Background: destroys everything in its path!!hahaha!
killer2002 : Level 1; Background: Born from an unknown time and place he has
the ability to metamorf into aney benging that would suit his desire altho not the strongest benging when in combat be aware of his ability to metamorf at first he may look like a bloodthirsty warrior but in an i
killertj : Level 1; Background: i was born to fight
killgore30 : Level 1; Background: Im new
kilroy : Level 1; Background: kilroy is following in his fathers foot
step to become worthy of his family name and land
Ki-Lynn : Level 1; Background: ki-Lynn was a princes son who's father was
killed. Ki-lynn was froced to flee adn has since become adept in the arts of war.
kim jon : Level 1; Background: Just an explorer wanting to learn more about
the wrold he suddenly finds himself in
kingbob13 : Level 1; Background: i am a cool man
Kinson Ravenlock : Level 1; Background: Loves Adventuring,and is very strong.Was
a borderman for ten years
Kiraly : Level 1; Background: sdsdsds ssssssssssssss ds sdssssssssssssss
sdddddddddddddddd ffffffffffff hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrr
kirby the elf : Level 1; Background: kirby son of the king.his dad and mom were
dead whan he was little now he is a rael warrior.
Kitarou : Level 1; Background: A deadly warrior..
Kith : Level 1; Background: Noble
KittyKat : Level 1; Background: a lady that likes to play

Kive : Level 1; Background: awoken form a long slumber, Kive now treks
through the many new dungeons. The utter desertion of the dungeons worries him, and he keeps fightng, waiting for the day he will find some of the old heroes who he used to compete with.
Klopnopse : Level 1; Background: Im so nub
Knight : Level 1; Background: from the lost city of dragons
Knight of Wrath : Level 1; Background: An old, wise , and powerful wizard, he is
known far and wide as one of the srongest wizards in the land.
Koan : Level 1; Background: Born in the fierce northern wastes, Koan
is the son of a chieftan. Following the commands of the 'Great Bear', the tribes totem, Koan has left his homeland in an effort to test his abilities.
koloi : Level 1; Background: lost from homeland lookig way back.
KOMODO_GOD : Level 1; Background: Deep in the jungle of Komodo lives a man
that once was left by his mom cause she couldnt afford to take care of him and her.The little boy named James was raised by the firece dragons of komodo learning the ways of the dragon the boy grew to become a grea
KomodoGod : Level 1; Background: same old same old
kon : Level 1; Background: pogey
Konan the great : Level 1; Background: born in lost village traveling to find is
desteny armed with a sword which is father fave him
Konapiliahi : Level 1; Background: Young chiefling of a vast multi-island nation
in the middle of the Endless Sea. He is on a journey to obtain his manhood.
Kondur : Level 1; Background: The strongest barbarian from the planet
kongol : Level 1; Background: This barbarian is on a mission to prove
he is the stongest in the world
Korbin : Level 1; Background: A bold man not afraid to challenge anyone
or anything has battled many times and has been successful.
Kore : Level 1; Background: a large barbarian who quests for the ultimate
weopon. More Brains than Brawn, Kore is a good member to have as someone to stand on tthe front lines. Even with his inferior intelligence, he is a master stratigists.
Kralen : Level 1; Background: Born of a warlock and witch magic nearly
courses through his entire body. He is shy by nature but just from being misunderstood. A calm sense of power prevades the very air he touches. Not one to be toyed with.
Kreem : Level 1; Background: Kreem was born into a rich family. He had
every thing he whanted. Then ther was a rebellion against his house and he lost it all. He is 7 1" with black hair and green eyes.
Krillin : Level 1; Background: Krillin is evil...He kills for pleasure.He
now seaks to become immortal so he has enough time to kill everyone in the world.
Krom He'ares : Level 1; Background: Krom He'ares, noble knight of Arvoreen...[Casper
Larsen ~ |g ~ deamonknight20@icqmail.com

Kronoth : Level 1; Background: Kronoth of the Suroth order who is vowed
against the Evil Dead shall make heed into all dungeons and slain thine enemies of Suroth till all Undead rest once more!
Kroulonus : Level 1; Background: A wizard who is so old he doesn't even remember
where he is from or what his age may even be,So he just mumbles "I'm from the outer regions and I am so old and lonely".
Krug Ayzag the Mallorean : Level 1; Background: I come from Mallorea in search of Knowle
Krunstal : Level 1; Background: Unknown
Kujo : Level 1; Background: Dark in the shadows he waits..
Kuro : Level 1; Background: A mysterious warrior, from no known land.
He seems to be keeping a terrible secret.
kurtmj93 : Level 1; Background: Born in a dwarf cave, he was taught the
technigues of a dwarf fighter. When his father died he set out to look for his killers.
Kush : Level 1; Background: Has grown up studying magic. Though he is
growing in power, he will never realize what power he has.
Kwisatz Haderach : Level 1; Background: a mysterios man, little is known of his
past, and hed like to keep it that way..
Kyata Kuni : Level 1; Background: He's good
Kylikk : Level 1; Background: Kylikk is a warrior whose past is clouded.
He never knew his parents and was raised under a knight whose servants took care of Kylikk. When the knight was killed in battle, Kylikk took up his sword and set out in search of quests and adventure...
Kyrie : Level 1; Background: A child of elves and men, a half-elf, all
Kyrie can rely on is herself, and her sword. And all she can do is seek to prove herself, to be the noble paladin, to show the world she's not just a mutt, and she WILL do it, no matter what.
lady magpie : Level 1; Background: maggie as herr friends call her grew up
as an inn keepers daughter. The youngest of four children, with three brothers to influence her she grew up as a tomboy and knew how to fight, her brothers taught her well. Maggie's family were thought of as eccen
Lady_Jade : Level 1; Background: A wanderer with no memory of her past.....except
that she likes to kick major butt!! *evil grin* An "angelic" vampyre cursed with a soul. Sound familiar? *teehee sorry!*
Lance : Level 1; Background: Born into war, Lance seeks to become a great

Lancelot : Level 1; Background: Once again, Lancelot slips into his armor
and dons his helmet. Wielding his gleaming longsword cutting down anything that gets in his way, he races to get to the top.
LanFear : Level 1; Background: A blessed warrior, born to fight under the
Languard : Level 1; Background: A young wizard always seeking new and powerfull
LardLord : Level 1; Background: i like to eat a lot of lard
laric stormcrow : Level 1; Background: he is one mean mother fucker
Laurien : Level 1; Background: Came from a town in the highlands. When
she was young, her village was over run by thieves, and her family was killed. She has been training to be a warrior ever since.
Lavastar : Level 1; Background: Lavastaris a ruthless warrior seeking his
one destiny which is to slay the man who stole his love. He must find her and he's been thru runescape, and halo looking.... all hope seems lost...
Lavin : Level 1; Background: He has lived in Lesteria For Many Centurys.He
is a great warrior and is very smart
layco : Level 1; Background: ..............
layco1 : Level 1; Background: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Le Martyr : Level 1; Background: Nicest Man Alive!
Leah : Level 1; Background: Um.. im not good at writeing backgrounds
Leal : Level 1; Background: A Paladin from a far off land in search
of a holy treasure.
Leanan-Sidhe : Level 1; Background: Unidentified
Lear'isk Careabsent : Level 1; Background: In search of the meaning, Careabsent is
as simple a wanderer as he is a complex adventurer.
Learos : Level 1; Background: Old and mysterious, Learos comes from the
libraries of ancient times. With his great knowlegde or the past,he thirsts for more wisdom... Even if it means the death of others...
Lee Dragoon : Level 1; Background: His cloak hides massive dragon wings and
tail.He has no memory of were he came from.Only his best friends Papaya and Auron know this secret.Possibly the key to his true power.Lee is only 21 and lives a life full of conflict.The only thing connecting him t
Legolas : Level 1; Background: 6'2 245 lbs green eyes green hair buff strong
and he likes to fight lol
Legolas Greenleaf : Level 1; Background: Son of Thranduil, Lord of the Elves of M
Leif Falkirk : Level 1; Background: Young Paladin Knight, Leif Falkirk of the
Red Brook. Who just finished training when he struck a warrior while he was down. Now labled a Dark Paladin, he is now in search of adventure and fame. "Rules of Engagement? I don't need any stinking rules!"
leiganne : Level 1; Background: Death is in my eyes
Leila : Level 1; Background: Deceptively quiet, she is driven by a profound
faith in all that is Good. She seeks to find and teach those whose hearts are strong; her standards of strength are very high, however!
Lela : Level 1; Background: None nothing to write Just leveling up for
th chalice
Leleanne the Brave : Level 1; Background: I was raised to appreciate all natural things
and strive to maintain the purity of all things around me.
Lendien : Level 1; Background: little is know about Lendien except that
he is a elven rogue
Leo : Level 1; Background: Rejected by his fellow warriors Leo travel
alone in the vest region in search of home...
Levant : Level 1; Background: From the depths of mondor he came after
suaron was destroyed he now searches for an answer to life.
Leviathan_Slayer : Level 1; Background: An Old Wizard, Legend has it he is immor
Levitis : Level 1; Background: he's a fighter who lost is family in a w
Levon : Level 1; Background: A withdrawn warrior who is smart but is
very new to battling.
Lexyansia : Level 1; Background: Lexyansia is a dark elf(drow) with Long
silver hair and icy white eyes. She wanders alone, though at times joins a party if its to her advantage, she doesn't like to discuss her past with others.
light matter : Level 1; Background: ?????

lightened : Level 1; Background: >>>|||<<<
Liken : Level 1; Background: Comes from the forgotten realm of Nortock.
He learned the ways of archery at the early age of 5 and from then on has been exploring the world looking for the murderer who slayed his parents.
lilrob : Level 1; Background: His mother was killed by an unknown force
now he uses his magic to strike back at others.
Limdul : Level 1; Background: Born in the old swamps in the south. Limdul
has taken up adventuring to gain power, and rule over others. This quest he will acomplish, or die trying. With his Powers over necromancy. He plans to rule with an army of Dead. He adventures to find the t
Lingere : Level 1; Background: Ancient warrior from the flat fields. Sent
forth by the Stigmata Martyr in a quest for an ancient jewel that holds all the secrets of the world.
Linkin Park : Level 1; Background: Hey im just doing somthing to tell you who
i am. It's High Voltage you cant shake the shock because no one wants to stop check it out. I've been taking into crates ever since i was livin in space Before the rat race before monkeys had human traits Maste
LinKuei : Level 1; Background: Afected by Amnesia
Lionheart : Level 1; Background: a knight who was banned from his kingdom
on the acount of his jealous brother took over the thrown. Now he travels from village to village to find a way to get back to his castle.
Liper Mishka : Level 1; Background: Combat mage, with a roguish nature.
Liringlas : Level 1; Background: Small town person.
littlewolfman : Level 1; Background: lonly person
Livia : Level 1; Background: An adventurer looking for great treasure
lloyd : Level 1; Background: asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfaf
Loctor : Level 1; Background: Loctor came from a long line of royalty;
however, he doesn't want to be part of it, he wants to fight in the fantasy world.
Lodar : Level 1; Background: Strong and fast.
Lodis : Level 1; Background: noble
Lodoss : Level 1; Background: Lodoss is a black mage, with a concealing
cloak about his body and a shrouded past as an accessory.
Loenor : Level 1; Background: Loenor is a slight youg woman, long blond
hair, clear blue eyes. She was the hier to the leadership of the guards of the green dragon before the evil priest of her kingdom took the crown and the life of her king. Her mother sent her from the land to gai
Logain : Level 1; Background: War wizard from Andor.
Logan Boh : Level 1; Background: I'm a hard man, born of wealthy perants,
but at the age of 14 my mother was accidently killed by theaves which fled, and my father killed himself becouse of the dispair. I then become very bitter and independant with a large amount of hidden gold!
Logarithm : Level 1; Background: Logarithm, son of Algorithm, elven lord.
Mighty in the trigonometrical arts. Hater of Gnomes, for the many times the Illusionists defeated him.
Logarth : Level 1; Background: A warrior that has no memory of his past
but has the a killer instinct that has kept him alive for years.He hunts this dugeons in search of his past.
Loki : Level 1; Background: Loki is a shapeshifter if you havent figured
it out yet.
Loki Armos : Level 1; Background: A warrior of little notice, he strives to
be a paladin and defend the weak and defeat evil.
loki2006 : Level 1; Background: loki is the angle of death
LokiAlpha : Level 1; Background: Loki is a mischievious Rogue.
Lone Sword : Level 1; Background: A mysterious warrior of great power and
unknown origins.
Longshin The Dark : Level 1; Background: Longshin the dark is a powerful wizard who
succumbbed into darkness because of his wifes death 10 years ago.
longshot : Level 1; Background: he is motivated by personal gain and enjoys
Lord : Level 1; Background: Its My World !
Lord T'Varin Durnhaven : Level 1; Background: Lord Durnhaven was born 33 years ago in
the mountains of Durnholm at the family keep beside the great lake Durnlach. Being the youngest of three male children, T'Varin was not to inherit much beyond a noble name. His father ever mindful of his children'
Lord Abramelin : Level 1; Background: Unknown
Lord Darrocon : Level 1; Background: Darrocon began his magickal practicings
from birth. He was born and raised in the magestical lands of SAICREST. Around his teenage years, the empire was attacked and destroyed...few survived...
Lord David : Level 1; Background: a young adventurer who dream to save the
world like is father.
Lord Deadeye : Level 1; Background: Deadeye is the Lord of the Cave of Sorrows.
Blinded in one eye in a feirce battle against orc's he seeks revenge.
Lord Deimos : Level 1; Background: Ha ha
Lord Fenix Revenant : Level 1; Background: Lor Fenix is the grandChild of the greatest
Warrior The Undead Revenant.He become The Strongest warrior in The Undead World and so in the living world.his father is Luke Revenant The son of Locke revenant and his Mother Is The daughter of the King Avatar,
Lord Frieza : Level 1; Background: no one knows where he came from

Lord Jon Ray : Level 1; Background: A Welsh Lord from the west coast of England,
he has journey far and wide and seeks fame and fortune.
Lord Locke : Level 1; Background: A rogue with dreams of greatness, Lord Locke
is a treasure hunter with great aspirations. He searches the caverns in an attempt to claim it's treasures for himself. Just call him a theif, and die.
Lord Marduk : Level 1; Background: Lord Marduk's village was raided when he
was a child by a group of orcs. he was taken by the orcs along with a bunch of other villagers to be slaves. while the orcs were taking them through the woods on the way back to their camp, a group of elves managed
Lord Orin : Level 1; Background: hes just a guy who likes to beat up mons
lord Rahl : Level 1; Background: i am a wizard with additive and subrcativ
Lord Soth : Level 1; Background: the spawn of darkness was created on the
aligment of the dark moons
Lord_Luis : Level 1; Background: A young wizard begining his journey.
Lord_Luke : Level 1; Background: Luke was born to a rich merchant family.He
became a warrior and is lookin for adventure.
LordEmerald : Level 1; Background: I hate Fey'ris

Loregray : Level 1; Background: Loregray ventures forth from his tower seeking
adventure and wealth.
Lorica : Level 1; Background: Amazon bitch for a far away land. Hates
men and thinks their only purpose is to be used for reproductive purposes. A brutal fighter; she hardly gives any quarter.
Loryn Roca : Level 1; Background: Orphaned and taken in by druids, he has
learned to love magic, especially earth based powers.
Lost Lester : Level 1; Background: Wondering lost and hungy elf who longs for
awnsers and an end to the etearnal suferings.
Lother : Level 1; Background: Lother a master of the sword was bought
up in the highlands but then moved to learn new techniques and styles of the blade.
lu : Level 1; Background: a mysterious person which little is know
Lucian : Level 1; Background: Lucian is a dark and mysterious man. He
wanders by night, and his intentions are often unclear. He is however, as loyal as any man alive, if you should happen to be lucky enough to befriend him.
Lucifera : Level 1; Background: The soul stealer, slowing growing more powerful
with every life he takes.
Lucious : Level 1; Background: Lucoius comes from a small Mexican town..where
he had to learn how to box. After this experince, he got bored and went to this site.
Luke Desetser : Level 1; Background: having lost his family to an illness, Luke
couldn't find much to live for. that is, untill he happened to see a wizard, who dropped a magic girdle. ceasing the moment, he threw himself over the girdle, quickly got up, and began running. The wizard, now fi
lukul : Level 1; Background: ancient reincarnated angel

Lumberer : Level 1; Background: Im lumberer on neopets to so neomail me
if you want. =)

Lun : Level 1; Background: During the last chalice hunt Lun was out
on the big ocean, she didn't even know about it before it was over. Now she is swearing to herself it will never happen again!
Lusmu : Level 1; Background: A lone warrior of the shadows.
Lute : Level 1; Background: Lute is from the shaddow of the past. Hes
a fearless wizard!
Luther : Level 1; Background: Half Elf half merfolk... Luther was born
in Rivendale! He studied Dark arts at a Cathedral when he as abandoned by his friends for being half Merfolk! He will soon show them his wrath!!
lvl 5 pkin : Level 1; Background: he comes from a lonely place
Lyric : Level 1; Background: Born blind Lyric has still the uncanny ability
to see the truth in to the hearts of all.
Lyvanna : Level 1; Background: Elven Shifter
macaboros : Level 1; Background: I emerged from a dark, evil swamp as the
last survivor of a group of magi which were ambushed by hoards of vile demons. Alone in the baren wasteland, I sought refuge in a nearby cave only to discover it a portal into this realm.
MaceBanger : Level 1; Background: From the far wastes, MaceBanger travels
to seek adventure.
mad_man_94 : Level 1; Background: fearless he says"hahaha i laugh in the face
of danger!"
madhatter : Level 1; Background: madhatter is a warrior from hell that has
come to inslave all that is good and kills anything that challenges him...
Mage of Elements : Level 1; Background: chosin as an apprentice early in life became
an adept in the elemental sphere and is now writing spell books
mage_ace : Level 1; Background: blue eyes, skilled fighter, very strong,
magic user, very handsome, and a smart creature
Mage_of_light : Level 1; Background: My Email Address is aaronmongf@yahoo.com.sg
you can mail me if you have anything to ask me thanks :)
Mageta the Lion : Level 1; Background: []D [] []\/[] []D
magic : Level 1; Background: none
Magic_Master : Level 1; Background: Magic_Master is a wizard from Vigulsca City,
Voldemortia. He is very very powerful and is a white wizard (like Sauromon or Gandalf-eventually)
Magicb4ureyes : Level 1; Background: Da magic person thingy
magico152 : Level 1; Background: magic
Magis : Level 1; Background: I am Magis of the mages high tower i was
sent here to discover the evil happenings.
Maglust : Level 1; Background: As a child, Maglust was gifted with magic.
He loved to play magic tricks on his friends. When he grew older, he left his parents in search for a master to learn how to master his skills in order to rid the evil of this land.
Magnus : Level 1; Background: Magnus is a Warrior with a Heart of steel.
He hates evil and all that treatens good.
Magnus Faustus : Level 1; Background: Magnus Faustus is a renowned Warrior Mage.
His commonly used name is Greenknight, and only those who know him well use his last name.
majamurda : Level 1; Background: a dark knight from hell
Malachi : Level 1; Background: unknown
Maldore : Level 1; Background: A thief from Ruddershire
Malieth : Level 1; Background: a man who likes his cottage cheese
Malix : Level 1; Background: I fight with the strength of many men!
Malkyus : Level 1; Background: He wants to be the greatest wizard in the
world in order to gain the mercy of his beloved.
mallstar : Level 1; Background: he is the best at what he dose, but what
dose he do?
MAN OF DOOM : Level 1; Background: DOOM
mana flare : Level 1; Background: he was a slave and at one time in his early
years he come across a small magic scroll and he trained with that for many years untill he was able to kill his master.
Manabreaker : Level 1; Background: i'm the best better than all the rest you
should know i'm not a ho like most of them know but it takes a ho to make a ho and to create a ho so don't be a ho call langomega@hotmail.com
manakra : Level 1; Background: has no info. all u see is death
Mandingo : Level 1; Background: looking for where he fits in
Mandure : Level 1; Background: A evil soul within a evil body of disgrace.
Hated by most. But if to be around the right people,becomes nicer then normal.
MaNgAs : Level 1; Background: Dropped on his head as a child. He now thinks
he has magical powers but some say he is nt just a crazy old man.....
ManiacMagic : Level 1; Background: Raised by his mentor. His parents left him
when he was born. Now after mastering his magic he kills anyone in his way an trusts only few. He still looks for his parents...
Manifacae : Level 1; Background: Manifacae is a crazy crack smokin', bong
tokin, bottle chuggin, killing machine!
Mannedu : Level 1; Background: A young naive adventurer with a decidedly
spiritual bent. Yet not ready to give up the temporal(and all its pleasures) for the next plane(wherever that may be).
manthorn : Level 1; Background: was born with a staff in his hand
Manton : Level 1; Background: Born poor on the outskirts Nowhere, Manton
was always a currious child. He soon discovered that there was more to reality than what he could see. Now in his early twenties, Manton is still driven by curiosity and a love of knowledge. In fact he is ofte
mar one spell : Level 1; Background: he has came from a long line of spell caster
though not the best in his faimly he can get thourgh most thing people give to him.
Maraxus_of_Keld : Level 1; Background: `I have no master. I am chaos.`
Mara-Yuni : Level 1; Background: An interesting wizard/Warrior. She loves
guys-that's her weak spot.
marco : Level 1; Background: a wandering wisard.searching for the ultimate
magic spell "arcos"
Marcus : Level 1; Background: I'm totally new to this, so I don't really
know what to put here. Sorry :(
Marcus O'dule : Level 1; Background: Marcus is a celtic druid from a clan fell
into disgrace and was destroyed. He has traveled far from his homeland to find a way to redeem the honor of his people.
MarijuanaMan : Level 1; Background: jkghkhgjgkk
Marius Caustic : Level 1; Background: From the depths of an unkown forest comes
a warrior of unknwon prowess, he comes to test his skills and gain the faith of the old gods.
Mark01 : Level 1; Background: sup everyone
martin : Level 1; Background: -
martint : Level 1; Background: a warrioir at hear and never lets down in
a fight
marvy20 : Level 1; Background: i was brought up in a brothal
masamune : Level 1; Background: one eyed dragon
Masia : Level 1; Background: Lived in a room and played with brothers.
Masia is in fact a cat which i loved.
Mason : Level 1; Background: As foretold by the ancients, I have come
Masta Monkey : Level 1; Background: Unknown birth place, parents or any thing
about his life. Gives off strange unnamable power...
Master : Level 1; Background: I am Master Miller. I will always prevai
Master Boo : Level 1; Background: unknown
Master Gerdrick : Level 1; Background: Trained in magick at the temple of istar.
He is brave and cunnig. Quick with mind and spell. He is loved by the people.
MASTER SLAYER : Level 1; Background: COOL
Master_dragon : Level 1; Background: Master_dragon was kidnaped as a child when
he was turned to the dark side.
MaSTeR2 2003 : Level 1; Background: Will rip apart any challenger that comes
his way and doesnt stop at anything
Masterhacker87 : Level 1; Background: He was thhe smartest wizard at Hogwarts.
Mat Cauthin : Level 1; Background: Running away from the Two Rivers, you took
to the life of adventure. Ending up far from home, you seek your way back...
mat190 : Level 1; Background: bold, cunning, powerful and all the positive
Mateo : Level 1; Background: He was born and raised in a temple for the
earth goddess.
Matil83 : Level 1; Background: ***unknown***
Matriark : Level 1; Background: Came from a family with a mother father
brother and half-brother, both brothers were allways in troble since an early age and she desided to follow suit.
matt : Level 1; Background: a young warrior of the name matt that comes
from the candle keep and his foster father dies in battle with the amoured figure of the land
Matthew : Level 1; Background: Uknown
Matthew de flew : Level 1; Background: found in a forrest at the age of three and
bought up in monestry by wizards, matthew became restless and went in search of adventure.
Matthias : Level 1; Background: hjkjgfdlkgjfdlkgjfdgfdlkgfd gfdkgdfg f
fdgfd gfd jgfd hgfdhf ghfg hfgjhgjhgj hgj hgjg fjfj
maveric of the underground : Level 1; Background: strenght and stubborness, two things that
make up for a dwarf's lack of height. i have plenty of both.
Mavrick : Level 1; Background: Hes Really Cool
MaXdArK : Level 1; Background: Long time ago, the dark mage order of the
Followers of Chaos was destroyed by the light wizards, no one survived except for one child who was raised by the light mages, a man, with the powers of a darkmage an a soul of a light mage... Maxdark
Maxim : Level 1; Background: Very adventursome and trustworthy.
Maximus : Level 1; Background: Born on a dark night, with extremely pale
skin. Curse: unprotected exposure to sun causes damage. Blessing: good night vision. A birthmark the shape of a wolf can be seen on the back of the righthand
Maxwell : Level 1; Background: Of humble origens, Maxwell gave up his peasants
life for one of travel and adventure.
mazurian : Level 1; Background: warrior elf
Mazzz : Level 1; Background: Ummmmm...ya
MedievalSlayer : Level 1; Background: born in a fairy land
meditron : Level 1; Background: frozen in an ice cave wakens to find his
home and all that he loved gone with no answers to his burning question as to what happned he finds a piece of paper on the ground stained in blodd the only thing he can make out is a castle and the letters ki.
Medus : Level 1; Background: :>
megabolt5000 : Level 1; Background: He is a 20 year old mage who just learned
all his spells. He may look old but that is his outside, not his inside.
Megadog2001 : Level 1; Background: An average warrior.....
melegaunt tanthul : Level 1; Background: an ancient wizard nobody knows anything
Melfice : Level 1; Background: Talented with the sword.. Melfice can be
Both good and evil
Melieko : Level 1; Background: A young warrior eager to prove his worth
to anything standing in his way.
Melina Ivy STarling : Level 1; Background: Not much is known about Melina. Mystery
surrounds her backround. She knows lil about herself.
Memnoch : Level 1; Background: Comes from the frozen lands to spread fear
and chaos.

MentholX : Level 1; Background: hi ;p
Mercury : Level 1; Background: banished from his hometown, mercury decided
to become an outlaw sorceror banished for using the forbidden arts of the ancient master wizard "Armeriast" specializes with the art of psycho illusions and morphing
Merkon : Level 1; Background: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz
zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Merlin : Level 1; Background: Merlin is an old, powerful wizard. He lives
most of his life in solitude, studying his magic.
Merlin151 : Level 1; Background: HE played games such as Diablo 2 To attain
his high rank.
Messica : Level 1; Background: I'm death hammer's girlfriend (wench....whatever)
... he talked me into this. I sing and dance my foes to death
Metriser : Level 1; Background: Unknown history about him
Michael MagicUser : Level 1; Background: none of your damn business
Mider : Level 1; Background: Good in fighting and in spell.
midian : Level 1; Background: one pissed of muthafucka
midnight_hunter : Level 1; Background: when he came, the moon rose...
Midrya : Level 1; Background: Lives her family in the mountains. When
she was little she had a dream of becoming a fameous hero. She has travelled from her mountain home in hopes of that dream coming true.
MikeJK : Level 1; Background: Most powerful Rogue/Wizard/Warrior in the
milamber : Level 1; Background: the silent one
Milamber Night : Level 1; Background: A wizard who has been reduced to apprencie
level by his lessers.
Milliena : Level 1; Background: Milliena, God of the Insane, Weaves his
way into all walks of life. He is now fooling with this world... And nobody is safe.

Mini Bill : Level 1; Background: A smaller, nad kicking Bill
Minx : Level 1; Background: At the age of 7, Minx's parents were murderd.
She is on a quest to seek out their killers and avenger her parents death. Mystery shrouds her, and her skills are matched only by her wits.
Mirko (The Grey Cat) : Level 1; Background: they Say that in the darkness, all cats
are grey Since I never been caught i got that nick in the guild of thieves where i grew up..my mother was a whore and i never new my father.
mirlock : Level 1; Background: A wandering mage who has lost all that he
has in life
Miro : Level 1; Background: a wizard...lost his family while he was
only 10 years...ever since he's bee ndedicated to magic to stop evil from harming other families like they killed his parents. Strong with fire and ice good shielding spells bad with a weapon.
Mithrandir : Level 1; Background: Wizard counsil Leader in Middle Earth,
Most powerful wizard in Middle Earth
Mitsurugi : Level 1; Background: Came From The Land Of Dark Flames, Mitsurugi
Challenges All. He Cannot Deny A Challenge, Nomatter How Strong The Enemy Is, He Will Not Run!
mnault : Level 1; Background: newbie
Mokkasiini : Level 1; Background: Elven Huntress who loves killing undead
and orc fools with sharp glaives

Momanue : Level 1; Background: I can't tell you anything about myself,
or I'd have to kill you.
moonfire : Level 1; Background: I am an indian wizziad.the mighty and the
all powerful.
morandir : Level 1; Background: Mystic from Nithlond
Morbis Dalzir : Level 1; Background: son of one of the most powerful wizzard
in the realm
Mordak the Blue : Level 1; Background: Born to a tribe long wiped out. a kindred
spirit, but of a great heart.
morigain_dragons : Level 1; Background: no background
Morilaiquendi : Level 1; Background: Dark Elf. Green eyes and green hair.
Morladria : Level 1; Background: Orphaned as a child, raised by a demon name
Morlak : Level 1; Background: Being raised on the streets is no easy way
to go about life. When an opportunity comes along one must know when to face the challage, especially when there is a chance at some great loot!
Morn Bloodaxe : Level 1; Background: A healthy speciment of a barbarian if there
ever was one.
MornelinMaether : Level 1; Background: A man born of Rif Coral and Kahleia.

Morpheus Haven : Level 1; Background: Being raised by the leader of the Thieves
Guild, Morpheus loves to posess other people's fortunes. He has a affinity for smacking around drunken dwarves.
Morphos : Level 1; Background: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
zzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Morphues : Level 1; Background: i am an elf. here me ROAR!!!!
Mortal_Fiend : Level 1; Background: He was once an heroic Paladin, With the
sense of good. But then he started to study the ways of the Dark... After that he slowly found himself slipping from his Lawful ways until he gave up his paldadin ways, to become an Blackguard Mage.
Mortamer : Level 1; Background: Mortamer was born to a family of Wizards..he
has grown up in the old ways and has a knack for getting what he wants
Mortaneus : Level 1; Background: Fought many battles in his day using magic
and technique. Now wanders the world in search for adventure.
Mosha : Level 1; Background: _
Mostis : Level 1; Background: Power-up da mostis!!!!!
MoukasTheGreat : Level 1; Background: I need some action!!!!
mr. grinch : Level 1; Background: mr. grinch was abandoned at birth. no one
knows quite what he is or where he is from. all that he informs is that he was raised by menos, and taght to chase tennis balls.
Mr.Spiro : Level 1; Background: Lives for the justice of mankind.Death to
the Demons
Mr_X : Level 1; Background: Mr_X has trained all of his life to be the
great warrior that he is. Having no family and no love in his life he is a cold hearted ruthless warrior who decapitates his enemy and keeps the head as a trophy.
mstrn : Level 1; Background: loves to fight, not to smart, but loves
muffin : Level 1; Background: i like cookies
Mulong : Level 1; Background: Way back up in the mines, among the rocks There
stand a little hut, made of tar and wood Where lives a dwarf named Mulong
Muraxis : Level 1; Background: Muraxis' past begain in the town of Zanith.
His life wasnt filled with much concern except the occasional bully. At the age of 14 he chose the path of a Warrior to get some extra gold. Unfortunately he had to put his skills to more painful use by clearing
mushra : Level 1; Background: strong, daring, bold
mylander : Level 1; Background: noone knows where he came from he just appeared
one day and startedto wander. he has silver hair and eyes and is of an undetermable age.
Myrdydd : Level 1; Background: A child of the elven people, Myrdydd wanders
the land, content to dare the Challenges.
Mystic : Level 1; Background: Owns all of the eastern lands. www.burn
Mystic10 : Level 1; Background: elven archer...the best
mysticangel : Level 1; Background: 20 years old.. magic abilities since bir
MystikArts : Level 1; Background: I was just a wee little fellow playing around
in the backwoods behind my house when I was approached by a well known warrior. I would learn the ways of a skilled warrior by the time I was of age I ventured forth on my own with his teachings.
Mythrandir : Level 1; Background: Former court mage and dragonslayer, Mythrandir
looks for new adventures to embark on.
Nadia Wilmouth : Level 1; Background: Petite woman with calf-length black hair
and delicate features. Master of throwing daggers and water elemental magic. She always has a few surprises up the sleeves of her robe though.
Naga : Level 1; Background: Naga grew up with noble blood, his parents
where always trying to get him to talk to the high-class children but he was determined to become a knight. He trained and finally at the age of 21 when he was given knighthood he chose to adventure all the lands
NammerElite : Level 1; Background: i am from the nammer tribe. i am the leader
and ranked elite of my group. i have set out to find campaign's and fight against any group which contadict our people.
Nandop : Level 1; Background: The Best Magician
Nantuko Shade : Level 1; Background: Not much is known about the Nantuko Shade,
only that death and destruction follow in it's wake.
Naril : Level 1; Background: studied under great masters. is a powerful
Naryk : Level 1; Background: really stupid and idiotic....
Natalie : Level 1; Background: none
Natalya : Level 1; Background: She has grown up like any other little girl
but only with a nake to travle.On one of these travles she was forced in to combat and leanred the ways of swords after that she hired her skills to nobles and people willing to pay her good money.
Nataz : Level 1; Background: Muahahahahahahahahaha
Natester : Level 1; Background: Nate The Great
Nathan : Level 1; Background: He is from a simple town of many people.
Most think he is a great hero but he just wants to be a regular person. He is 16 and can take on any challenge. He is always looking for another battle.
Nathan G : Level 1; Background: i am a geezer whon h8s hayden vernon
Nathorn : Level 1; Background: He is a powerful elf that determins to do
good in the world.
Natil : Level 1; Background: A very quite elf. Little is known of her
Natterly : Level 1; Background: Daughter of a tradesman, her parents were
killed by a mysterious stranger. Angry, she now seeks revenge and information that will lead to the identity of her parent's killers.
Navid : Level 1; Background: I Am A Reincarnation Of Mitsurugi. I Harness
His Strength, His Power, His Wisdom. The Only Drawback Is He Controls Me!
nazrek : Level 1; Background: Alright, Already, We;ll all float on!
Nazzarath : Level 1; Background: Born of a witch Nazzarath grew up learning
magic with his mother being killed in a confrontation w/ a band of kobalds Nazzarath now finds his own way in the world..
Necormancer : Level 1; Background: Form diablo2 came to D&D for a callange
Necralitor : Level 1; Background: Necralitor is a Zusayan from the great and
unusual Zusayan Empire.
Necromancer : Level 1; Background: Unknown
Necroul : Level 1; Background: Necroul has no knowledge of where he came
from, but he will develop his powers and strength until he is equal to no one.
Neelix Hammerfall : Level 1; Background: He comes from a long line of barbarian blood.
His name descended from his grandfathers, he is immensly strong and brave.
neggs4me : Level 1; Background: a old bandit lokkin 4 money with a hard
life but hes never without gold ( chat wt me glyn1313@hotmail.com )
Neo : Level 1; Background: Born afreak raised a freak. This ugly ass
elf will kill everything in his path.
Neo Creelix : Level 1; Background: Warrior Of Humble Contact At Killer77338@yahoo.com So
be it
Neo Paladin : Level 1; Background: A man with amnesia, who seeks simply to
learn who he is. Cursed with the unresistible urge to destroy evil.
NessaK : Level 1; Background: refugee
newage : Level 1; Background: grow up in a small part of greenland and
is know trying to make a name for himself
Nexthor : Level 1; Background: A warrior dedicated to his work.Not much
is known of his past though.
NiceAaron : Level 1; Background: He's a warrior. He kills things and bravely
goes into dungeons.
nick : Level 1; Background: unknown
nick versluys : Level 1; Background: loser
Nick12 : Level 1; Background: The Greatest Barb. of them all!
Nico : Level 1; Background: mysterious origin and painful upbringing
make Nico a wise and nieve character allin one knowing only one thing to find a way to fill the hole inside he seems to have beem born with along with a strange feeling he belonged somewhere
Night Elf Flamin'star : Level 1; Background: A starnage man from a distant time, Flamin'star
is a mystery.
Night Shade : Level 1; Background: wise,strong& been in many battles
Night_Gardian : Level 1; Background: testing the background
Nightstalker : Level 1; Background: Nightstalker is beginning to earn a name
for himself amongst the dungeons. After passing lvl 10, greater warriors began to watch his progress. He is one of few who relies on his wisdom rather than his strength.
Nigsha : Level 1; Background: I was born in the wood next to Shidoshi's
temple, in Inemin's TA. My parents taught me all i need to know about archery and elven magic.
Nihmedu : Level 1; Background: Fallen I have been, but now i return in
the path of light. Let me journey with you as we battle the wretchedness i once was.
nikor : Level 1; Background: born in a small village trained by his Sir.Slamalot
in battle and blacksmithing he has set out on the adventure of his life
Niltsiarian : Level 1; Background: Character Background is unknown
nister : Level 1; Background: nister was raised as a peasant but became
a warrior when he won the national swordfighting tournement after he portrayed a noble.
Niureth : Level 1; Background: Speaks softly and carries a large axe.
Nivek : Level 1; Background: Older than he seems, Nivek has been around
quite awhile. . He plays games like chess in which he is VERY good. He even plays that blindfolded.
Nizaha : Level 1; Background: Nizaha is a lucky go happy kind of person,
who tends to be slightly clumsy. But when she is serious she can be a real threat to herself (mostly) and others.
No1 winz : Level 1; Background: hi im gay
Nobody : Level 1; Background: He was a thief who stole off of a wizard
and the wizard told him to come and learn about magic

Nodens the Ancient : Level 1; Background: Nodens appeared one day out of nowhere.
Rumours say he came from the eastern lands and that he practices a forgotten art of the arcane.
noma : Level 1; Background: a mysterious traveller,little is known about
"NOMA" Except that he wields a magical battle axe forged from a mix of dragon bone and titanium alloy. and has triumphed in countless battles...
Nomad : Level 1; Background: i am a dwarf, brrrrr!
Nomek : Level 3; Background: Nomek loves slaying dragons, beating the
crap out of steroid orcs, and destroying elementals.
Norion : Level 1; Background: As a child Norion found a family of dragons
and they befreinded him then they awakend the magic within him. He is a wizard with an interest in dragons and the elements, he studys whatever he can when ever he can. He seeks advanced knowledge.
Nororin Dragonsbane : Level 1; Background: The Great warrior
NorthShark : Level 1; Background: HE likes apples and oranges and Likes to
play ragnarok.He wants to be the best person EVER!!!!
Nosperatu : Level 1; Background: Nosperatu has dedicated his life to a mystical
quest of knowledge and power
nunuvou : Level 1; Background: trying to level up properly!
oafrum : Level 1; Background: he wanders from place to place in search
of answers to the many questions he has. Who am i. Where did i come from. Why am i a wizard. who are my parents. where are they. are they alive. he asks these questions to people from town to town, but gets no answ
Obron : Level 1; Background: is a very powerful wizard. likes females
and likes to be nice to them of all kinds.
Odin : Level 1; Background: Bound bye lonlyness & darkness hes movements
have become sharp and his eyes accurate
odin56678 : Level 1; Background: hiya
odinthegreat : Level 1; Background: ate some cheese
ogre lord : Level 1; Background: killed a dragon with his bare hands

Oime : Level 1; Background: Knowledge is what lasts, in the end.
Old Buzzerd : Level 1; Background: I have been playing RPGs along time, So
I Guess you could sasy I'm an old Buzzerd of a Wizard.
Old OneEye : Level 1; Background: As Old as time, as wicked as sin, he entered
the lands with a deadly grin. Gods of good screem and EVIL gods cry, None can withstand the stare of the EYE. Check Sleepy out at home! www.wrathgame.co.uk
Olfredo : Level 1; Background: Olfredo is a wizard with the best of magical
olin : Level 1; Background: My character was framed for a murder and
now in on the run fron the law.
Omni : Level 1; Background: A powerful Wizard Skilled In the Magical
Onrik Doombringer : Level 1; Background: With this guy's record I should be called
meaty chunks. But I am moving on up.
Op I v : Level 1; Background: Hi he was a... um yea
Orinus : Level 1; Background: Im a wizard starting on the path of a magical
experiance.Learning quickly as I go.
Orkboi : Level 1; Background: Spawned of the alleys and sewers of the
city, he vows to rise to eternal glory.
Orm Macnith : Level 1; Background: Orm was born into a poor family, he fought
for his village when he was 13 years old, because the village had no warriors to fight for them, so he took his slain fathers sword and fought off the knights attacking. He now leads a knighthood.
Orzan Drow : Level 1; Background: Orzan Drow was a simple teen until one
day he was attacked by barbarians. Thank the heavens a wizard was passing by and help him out. From there on, all Orzan wanted to do is become a wizard and one day meet the one who helped him again.
oshmar : Level 1; Background: Likes to summon monsters from there grave
as power ful attacks.
Osman : Level 1; Background: Osman, the second son of a noble family,
joned the clergy. He fights to protect the week and to advance the church.
osmosis : Level 1; Background: a fiery night. lightning struck as the barbarians
ripped the house apart. women and children slaughtered, the corpses of innocents littered the courtyards.... his family destroyed and all he has ever known and loved ripped away from him.
Oversoul : Level 1; Background: A wizard turned thief. He steels to stay
ahead in the game.
ozzlan : Level 1; Background: young,setting out for new advetures,learning
new spells,and exsperiance.
Pal_Capone : Level 1; Background: Stab now, ask questions later. Namely, how
much in goods was the victim carrying...
Palen : Level 1; Background: A novice War looking for adventuer.
Palin Majere : Level 1; Background: most powerful mage of all time
Pameth Tornbeard : Level 1; Background: Seeking to increase the honor of Clan To

Panthress : Level 1; Background: Her parents were warriors and she grew up
with the best of training. *now officially Dubbed "She who gets her ass kicked"
Party : Level 1; Background: i like to party
Party Boy : Level 1; Background: Great warrior of the lands.
Paster : Level 1; Background: was told he was raised in a old shake in
the forest with no life but only praticing the art of sword

Patric : Level 1; Background: Raised in a small country village, the fool
sets out to seek his fortune where brave men fear to tread.
Paul Simmons : Level 1; Background: Lost from his hamlet at an early age, he
has grown up in the wild taming creatures and learning to fend for himself.
pearse : Level 1; Background: someone
peeps : Level 1; Background: A all around guy with one purpose?? to be
able to make an army!!!
Perfact Vegeta : Level 1; Background: I will kill you!
Periole : Level 1; Background: A warrior of the Golden Horde, he travels
helping all who have need.
petros2099 : Level 1; Background: a small time mage just setting out to become
the greatest the world has ever known
peuty : Level 1; Background: he is the ruler of the planet peuty he
has many forms such as a human wizard his true form is a fleash eating-monkey that has wings and a very powerful tail
Phenix : Level 1; Background: over 1000 years old he serches for his lost
Philphy : Level 1; Background: Born in the deep within the solace of the
Klurtha'rin Wetlands, Philphy left his homeland in search of long lost Artefacts and Lore to help his people.
Phobos : Level 1; Background: Having earned his name from fleeing an encounter
with a large toad, Phobos has since strived to prove his courage. This has sometimes led him to overzealous foolishness.
Phroto : Level 1; Background: A lonely warrior, but strong.He has great
will and can overcome anything.
Phydeaux : Level 1; Background: I seek hearty adventure, for I am a hearty
Pib4 : Level 1; Background: A Fearsome Barbarian seeking the ultimate
Picachu2 : Level 1; Background: pica power
Picoon : Level 1; Background: Picoon is the leading killer of the pisr
pincher-2000- : Level 1; Background: he was kild wen he was at the age of 32
now he was summond to destroy the world
Placter : Level 1; Background: Likes to kill things
plague lord : Level 1; Background: apprentice mage seaking fame
pollee : Level 1; Background: a mighty dwarf worrior
poo : Level 1; Background: MAN
Poonination : Level 1; Background: POON
popetoper : Level 1; Background: im the best fighter around.
Popote Strawheim : Level 1; Background: Doesn't really believe in magic and therefore
regards most things that cam't be explained rationally as lucky or unlucky.
PowerMage : Level 1; Background: Yada, yada, yada
Pratheon : Level 1; Background: Father and mother were killed when young.
was on my own till a wizard took me in I became his servant until I was ten when he began teaching me magic. I learned well and fast, and when I reached eighteen years of age I went out on my own.
predalien 8472 : Level 1; Background: very strong
Prellis : Level 1; Background: Prellis is a middle aged cleric who is
a powerful character.
pretty lady : Level 1; Background: She is very pretty she is Never scared beware
Monsters every where!!!
Prime Knight : Level 1; Background: f

Primus : Level 1; Background: A total stranger. Easily fades into the
background. Keep your eye on his staff though, unless you like to be scorched by a flaming fireball.
Prince John III : Level 1; Background: The ruler of New Atlantis
PrinceOrion : Level 1; Background: Created By God to Defend Those Weak and
to stop Evil
Princess-Of-Death : Level 1; Background: I am the devil's daughter he send me to
fined the holy chalice and I will fined it and no one could stop me.
Psania : Level 1; Background: appeared in a pub one morning with a terrible
Pvarien : Level 1; Background: awesome ranger good with sword
Qball21 : Level 1; Background: i dont know
Quaragan : Level 1; Background: Quaragan was born of noble birth, so he
says. Of sheer bordom He writes about his search for the origin of the word, "But" His book did not sell well and he was forced to a life of obscurity. (He had a nervious breakdown and insists that frogs are going
Quarrion : Level 1; Background: Silver hair. Azure eyes that glow at night.
Large family. Lives in Marteron near a forest.
Questor : Level 1; Background: Being born from both fairy and human he
has magic in his blood. Being brought up in a place that refused magic and banned it from use, he has little understanding of his abilities, thus his magic goes a little awry sometimes not always being able to contr
Quillin Du'Urden : Level 1; Background: I have traversed the known planes to aquire
relics,knoledge,and anything else I need to survive.
Quin : Level 1; Background: seens I remeber I have been the fight I
have no past I only have now
Quintaro : Level 1; Background: The Mighty Warlord. The swift and mighty
hand shall strike the down in a blaze of justice.
QyckSilver : Level 1; Background: Named after Hermes the god of speed, Qycksilver
was born far away and journeyed long and hard to find the fabled source of magic.He is an acolyte of the following of 47.
Rabbitz : Level 1; Background: Born from the seeds of Chaos, misled by
an unfortunate childhood and perverted by the very roots of evil... He's a nice chap, still...
Raccoon : Level 1; Background: Was once a raccoon, transfored into an human
through magick.
Raggsnoff Threshhold : Level 1; Background: He was a father of two sons. He had hoped
they would grow up to be great warriors one day. Maybe, one of them might even defeat the Dark Worrior who had killed his wife. Then one day the Dark worrior came to his small village and killed almost everyone. H
Ragnarok : Level 1; Background: Ragnnarok has been around scence the dawn
of time. his original poupose is only known to him. but he quests to find out why.
Raider : Level 1; Background: was once a travler with Dlanod the mity
RaisinNut the Barbarian : Level 1; Background: Named by village bullies after an unfortunate
skinny-dipping-in-ice-cold-pond incident, he roams the land in shame...
Raistlin Majere : Level 1; Background: Just your avarage Warrior?
Raj el-Hajin : Level 1; Background: Hates fighting but when his parents were
murdered and the attackers laughed at him he vowed vengence on those who suppress the weak
raja : Level 1; Background: orphan, left to fend for himself at a very
young age.
Rakaithe : Level 1; Background: Rakaithe is at best a cold, detached man.
He does not talk about his past often, and his company is mostly scorned. Pale eyes glare balefully out at anyone that dares to approach under a curtain of platinum-tinted hair. Tall lean and slightly muscular, Ra
Rakunshu : Level 1; Background: Rakunshu was bannished from his hills for
his tendency to kill anyone that he didnt like
Rakuro : Level 1; Background: A human wizards from the mountains of Daregh.
He studied under Ka'Areth and has since gone out into the world as a journeyman.
Raldos : Level 1; Background: A Fierce Warrior who never backs down from
a challenge.
Ralnor : Level 1; Background: Born to a peasant, brought up to be a farmer
but he wasn't content with his lot in life. He picked up an old sword that he found in the field and decided to vanquish evil with a vengeance.
Ranalan Mandrake : Level 1; Background: A Good wizard that vowed to protect the
light after his parents were killed by the undead. He trained with magic in the wizard guild and has a profound love for it. He is always looking for an adventure and something evil to blow up with high octane magic
Randall Flagg : Level 1; Background: Attained fame when bringing about the apocalypse;
was foiled only by an expected plot device.
Randolf : Level 1; Background: As of right now im not quite sure what to
put but ill fill it out when i get a chance to.
Ranulf Nighthawk : Level 1; Background: A refugee from the northeast, Ranulf "Rafe"
Nighthawk is a rogue and a rascal and a bit of a ladies' man. If he can't dazzle them with his ready smile and easy charm, then he'll shrug and leave with some token of the encounter, whether she planned to giv
Rastillian Dragonbane : Level 1; Background: Born in to a slave caravan he escaped at
the age of 18 during a night raid by orcs, having to fend for himself he took to a life of adventuring fending for himself trusting no other.
Rastillian Trueheart : Level 1; Background: Rastillian grew up and into the order of
the griffins, his true serving nature to his goddess Zabubi makes him one of her most loyal clerics. He left the abbey at 20 years of age to go forth into the world of adventurers to spread the blessings of Zabubi
Rathmar : Level 1; Background: LE Anti-Paladin
RatzJr2001 : Level 1; Background: I am a beginer and do not know much about
this but i am a fast learner when it comes to game
Raven : Level 1; Background: Raven is the only name anyone knows him
by. His other names have been left behind him in the dust as his past is no more. He is as shifty and flighty as his name suggests.
Ravenheart : Level 1; Background: I am an Elf who is on his journey to prove
Ravenking : Level 1; Background: i am the wizard lord of the legions of th
high king Green
Ravielle : Level 1; Background: Ravielle is a warrior without a past. She
knows nothing of her life before her 17th birthday and spends her time trying to find answers to her many questions.
Ravnos : Level 1; Background: Found on the side of the road by a passing
caravan and raised as a rogue to live life to the fullest.
RaynaTheHellMaster : Level 1; Background: Being with out some one to take care of
her but a lonely old wizard she has learned the ways of magic.
Razark : Level 1; Background: He is immortal.
rebecca : Level 1; Background: I felt like fighting
red : Level 1; Background: red
Red Kaiser : Level 1; Background: Unknown
redIII : Level 1; Background: redIII is adopted by lucifer that way he
became the world most nightmare
redsmelly : Level 1; Background: i'm smelly
redstar : Level 1; Background: euh
Ree : Level 1; Background: When Ree was twelve, she fled from her father's
house and swore never to return. Little did she know that she was destined to become the Queen of Thieves.
Reigensei : Level 1; Background: Stands 5'10", sword in hand, he fears nothing.
A High elf, he is very knowledgeable, a very worthy opponent or a very helpful ally...
Relic : Level 1; Background: Evil pycopathic wizard obsesed with death
and destruction to all that is being on this world.
Remirez : Level 1; Background: With wit as sharp as his rapier Remirez
appeared from nowhere rather unexpectedly. An intensity about the man and his eyes miss nothing. Although he jests with the best, some feel uneasy when his steely gaze pierces to the core of their character.
Rene : Level 1; Background: one of the northenland people
Renniks : Level 1; Background: Wonders when ill get a better weapon
Renvier : Level 1; Background: Killer
rete : Level 3; Background: ?
rexeth : Level 1; Background: a sward maser
Reya Dawnbringer : Level 1; Background: An angel brought down from Heaven to protect
Rhaiyne : Level 1; Background: A lost soul
Rhal Thunderbrook : Level 1; Background: Abandoned as a child Rhal has climbed the
social ladder to become one of the most famous in the land. his quick reflexes and abilities make him perfect for any quest
rhino : Level 1; Background: smart young boy he is willing to become
strong at this passions:foot ball position:defender nick name:rhino he is quite good in goals and at striking passion2:keyboard lessons skill:begginer thats all you need to know about rhino
riaden : Level 1; Background: he isnt very driendle a all
Riakari : Level 1; Background: The youngest of a poor miner's 3 daughters,
she ran off to become a warrior the summer of her 22nd birthday...
Richard : Level 1; Background: tall muscular male who spent many years
fighting for Queen and country.fighting off any threat that came his way,until he retired into mercenary work for whoever paid the most money. likes to use doublehanded swords the most of any weapon, buys only the m
richie : Level 1; Background: i cant remember a thing up until now exept
that i must fight
richie1 : Level 1; Background: have left college and got a flat has sex
every night just wants to play a game now and the
Riddick : Level 1; Background: Seth was abandoned as a child at the age
of 10. He ran into a rouge who took him under his wing until he though he was ready to be released unto the cruel world.
Rigale : Level 1; Background: "My life is so different from that of the
overwhelming majority of people in our society that I doubt if I could even explain it to them."
Rikio : Level 1; Background: I am Rikio an elf Rouge. I live my life
for adventure and battles. I live in the forests of Kelethen training for my adventures away from home.I'm not really the back stabing type of rouge. I'm more of the speedy and stealth type.
rikyu : Level 1; Background: she is 19, 5'1'' 118 lbs. silver and black
hair with green eyes. master of elemental magik and also a swordswoman in training. grew up figting for survival. her parents were killed when she ws 3 years old. loved on her own ever since.
Rilik : Level 1; Background: Kicked out of his home at a young age for
theft, Rilik, Wanders the world in serach of riches and wonder
rincewind : Level 1; Background: failed wizard
Rion : Level 1; Background: cant win them all now can we?????
Risc : Level 1; Background: A brave warrior who vanquishes evil in his
spare time.
Risson : Level 1; Background: A sickly child at birth Risson was given
up by his parents to his grandfather Darius.Thought only to be a senile old man, Darius was actually once a high wizard and takes Risson under his wing and raises him as his own.As Risson grows Draius begins to tea
Rith : Level 1; Background: A traveling warrior with golden eyes and
long silver hair, he seems unusually solemn...
Riversong : Level 1; Background: A young lady full of zeal and zest for l
Riverwind : Level 1; Background: ???
RLHawk : Level 1; Background: Born in 1486
Roan : Level 1; Background: With a thirst of adventure, this wizard
has won many battles and has learned much.
robert clear : Level 1; Background: i want a great scorceror one that has lots
of magic and great amounts of magic and with great armer i and want a magic staff stronge one that is easy to use.

Rocco : Level 1; Background: Rocco is adept in the magical ways.
Roccondil : Level 1; Background: He is a child of nature: born in the woods,
raised by rangers.
Rodge : Level 1; Background: Rodge the Hedgehog
RODOLF : Level 1; Background: rodolf comes from a long line of wizards
and his family of wizards have set high standards for him,he believes he is up for the challenge.
roland : Level 1; Background: msytic healer
Romulus : Level 1; Background: Orphaned at birth, and raised by wolves,
he continually seeks to establish his own legacy; and help others who are lost.
Ronin : Level 1; Background: was found as a baby by a poor man and raised
to fight to protect the town that he lived in and then the town was attacked and a nearby army came and saw him fight of the army alone and he then he was knighted
Ronnie : Level 1; Background: Strong and magical, 140 years old and vegetarian
(doesn't like tuna) likes to hit on hot babes.(lol) and very charming.
Rose : Level 1; Background: mysteryous
Rose Azoul : Level 1; Background: the only daughter of Valor having 8 older
brothers she was tought the way of men,Gray eyes,black hair

RottweillerPuppy : Level 1; Background: A tough little pup from the back streets
of Nottingham.
rouche : Level 1; Background: a one and only wizard out for blood so build
your dungeons strong
row52 : Level 1; Background: watch out hes a mean dude!!!
Roy : Level 1; Background: He is a problem solver he lets nonething
go unsolved he wishes to not use force but if he has to he will
Rune : Level 1; Background: A knight from the land of Getti. He is
refered to as phoenix because of the many marks on his armor of the infamous bird. His family was killed by orcs when they ransaced his home village, he now wanders in hope of a life with meaning.
Runelord : Level 1; Background: hehe
runescape : Level 1; Background: realy cool
Runic : Level 1; Background: likes to go into dungeons higher level than
recommended. i will kill any lvl evil doer
Rurick Tovron : Level 1; Background: On a personal quest to slay as many enemies
as his great grandfather did in his adventuring days.
Rusi : Level 1; Background: A princess who has become an adventurer.
Trains in all manner of fighting. Enjoys building dungeons to tourture foes.
Ryan : Level 1; Background: A orphaned half-elf,he has benn wandering
around with his spellbook and quarterstaff for nearly 6 years...
ryan38750 : Level 1; Background: mountian raised father was a holy knigh
Ryo Cho : Level 1; Background: Once a newbi, always a newbi
Ryose : Level 1; Background: from the village of caragon, hi village
was shrouded in mystery and did not know of the outside world untill he set off for a quest to save the powers of his self and friend for a village ceromany called an idrigation
Rystra : Level 1; Background: Rystra is a young warrior who has seen to
many harsh lands and will not be struck down by another before her quests are through.
Ryu : Level 1; Background: his parents were killed at a yuong age since
then he has been studing magic & dragon's
ryu tienshin : Level 1; Background: a thief of many names killed many of the
dragon elders
Ryu91 : Level 1; Background: Ryu is a swift elf with the powers of fire.
At the age of 13, Ryu's powers were lost to an evil wizard.
Ryudo : Level 1; Background: Haunted by his past, he searches for answers;
answers not so easily found.
Ryukin : Level 1; Background: A warrior who has no family, searching for
a quest and purpose in life.
Sacred Mist : Level 1; Background: A heroic warrior, Sacred Mist is also a
fierce lover. Win her love and you will have luck for life.
Sadia Valanthe : Level 1; Background: When she was really young, Sadia has lost
her entire family because of an attack of the theft of the Fallen-Rock Forest. A local Amazon clan took her in and taught her how to fight. Now that she is a little older, want to avenge her family…
sadist : Level 1; Background: stranger to man.found near death in cursssed
forest.able to speak but not making much sense as if learning to communicate again for the first time.
Saedric Mourneblade : Level 1; Background: As a Knight of Truth, I shall carry forth
the ways of the good and dismiss all evil...through the use of divine might.
SAGEN : Level 1; Background: My character is a cleric i think clerics
rock since all the other games ive played one is magestorm u get it at www.mythicgames.com

Sagus : Level 1; Background: "I awoke in the barren wastelands. Naked
but for a strange looking jounal. I was lost without memories and my only guideline was the words in my book: 'Amnesia can also be a blessing'"
Sahib : Level 1; Background: Skilled swordsman, used to be a Knight for
a King.
Saivala : Level 1; Background: Never under estimate a woman.
Salokin : Level 1; Background: Born in the city, his disdain for the hustle
and bustle of the crowds and people lead him to a life in the woods. Finding a lone priest of nature, he was taken under his wing and trained as such. Now, Salokin roams the wilderness striving to protect nat
salvage : Level 1; Background: born of unknown family salvage was found
lost in the woods as a kid. Raised by a stray rogue this elf has learned to become inventive
samen : Level 1; Background: ruler of brocwell he searches for his real
perpose in life
Sammel : Level 1; Background: AS A dark wizard I have set out on my journey
to conquer the world.
samthebest : Level 1; Background: born in assect he inhereted two castles
where he forces wizards to teach him how to do magic!
Sandro : Level 1; Background: Sadnro is an ancient being. His true origins
are still unknown to us today. He transcends life and death and exists on a plane of mortality that none could ever reach. It is from this plane that he derives he almost unlimited power.
Sangar : Level 1; Background: A cleric who is wise and intellegent. More
Defencive then offenceive.
Sangrenane : Level 1; Background: likes poon
Saraya : Level 1; Background: Mysterious....
Saros : Level 1; Background: Saros son of the northen winter land
Sartonaly : Level 1; Background: My character is a master of dark arts and
Sativa : Level 1; Background: Sativa become a warrior as a result of her
father, who held her responsible for the son he never had. She is both painfully beautiful and strong as forged steel.
Saxo : Level 1; Background: Wellknown danish historian
Scales : Level 1; Background: He is part of the Knights Templar
Scathclaw : Level 1; Background: I am travelling in search of adventure and
scott98 : Level 1; Background: warrior,barbarian,strong,brave,fierce.
Scrye : Level 1; Background: Scrye, for a young age of 15 is very unique.
His magic is far supirior than any of his peers or elders. If his magic can not be of any use his inteligence and strength are still worthy of a good chalenge.
scstonerchild : Level 1; Background: As you look in to my eyes you see something
that makes you tremble, at first you can't tell what it is but soon you realize that its lack of fear thats making you tremble.
seal_d : Level 1; Background: Mighty Fighter and will kill all
Sedeladune : Level 1; Background: The son of a noble knight, who was born
in the valley of Garoth.
Sefroth : Level 1; Background: A wonderer with a bad past who wants to
make up for his sins, by protecting the enisent he will vankwish all evil
Sehkmet : Level 1; Background: Sehkmet is an Elven Assasin. She has left
that job and taken up adventuring. more money, less personal involvment
Seifer : Level 1; Background: A man seeking his past, he seeks to found
out who he is and why he is here. He will not rest until he gains what he's looks for. ( Even if he doesn't know what he's looking for.)
Sekmeta : Level 1; Background: I am a very helpful person that will lend
a hand to anyone that asks kindly. I stay to myself mostly though.
Sennin Koth : Level 1; Background: The first of the 500 Immortals in Japanese
seny384 : Level 1; Background: I will fry you with my magic spell's that
i learned from merlin himself.
sephiroth : Level 1; Background: born out of wedlock he was rised at a magic
school were he learned evrything he knows about magic.
Sephiroth_Incarcina_Night : Level 1; Background: long platinum hair, always wear black, never
goes anywhere without his sword. kill for justice and honor, those who cross me know only the short amount of pain that comes with my blade as they quickly die, i am Sephiroth Incarcina Night Also Known As SIN
SER ERIC : Level 1; Background: man here me roar!!!
SeraphAngel : Level 1; Background: Not much is know about the warrior angels,
but one thing that is for sure is to fear them.
Seravajan : Level 1; Background: Grown up in the deepest forest to be a protector
of the forest.
Serena : Level 1; Background: Serena is from the distant plains of faraway
land. Her father and mother were killed by evil creatures from the Smogwood near her home when she was but a child. Now she travels the world to rid it of evil monsters such as those. She is very beautiful a
Serin : Level 1; Background: Wanderer of worlds, searching for truth.
Seth : Level 1; Background: "I have come seeking wealth,glory,and power.
I am Seth Shadowsbane! the most feared necromancer in the realm,but fear not your soul is safe....for now."
seth bloodstone : Level 1; Background: I was born into rich family but ran away
as soon as my legs would take me. I learned the ways of the street found a way to make a living... bounty hunting.
Sethiria : Level 1; Background: Born And Raised as an Amazon, she's know
in almost all the fighting style's and some Forest/Nature Magic.
setsuna : Level 1; Background: Lived in a small village where he had a
mom (Misty), a dad (rock), and one brother (siegfried).His dad and his brother where strong fighters and wanted setsuna to become another fighter, but setsuna was too week.So setsuna practiced the art of the rogue
sevenine : Level 1; Background: unknown
Sexy Mexy : Level 1; Background: A magical Being from the Spirit Relm who
had to remake her character b/c she lost her old password.
Shadeen : Level 1; Background: YOU MUST DIE! I ALONE AM BEST!

shadow assasin : Level 1; Background: she was born poor but as a young girl she
decided that she will die rich and famous.
Shadow Fox : Level 1; Background: I live to kill, you got a problem?!
Shadow_paladin : Level 1; Background: His father is a great warrior.As his son,
he decided to be a warrior as great as his father.
shadowayex : Level 1; Background: Shadow was originally from a clan that called
themselves the Ayex's. Being the only surviver after the persecution of his clan he's vowed to trap and destroy the ones that destroyed his clan.
ShadowDawn : Level 1; Background: was raised in a noble mans home and trained
from youth to become a cleric
Shadowfox667 : Level 1; Background: Strong magical attacks
Shadowlight : Level 1; Background: Once wealthy, arogant, and hate for all
unexplainable Shadowlight was at the mercy of a tyranial wizard. The mage began to like the arogant teenager attitude and strength and outiffted the teen with a sickly body to suffer. . .
Shadowlok : Level 1; Background: Mage from the plane of shadows
shadowman : Level 1; Background: none
shadowmaster : Level 1; Background: I am a formidable opponent do not test me
for i know your ways.
shadowmonger : Level 1; Background: a very short sneaky rogue. has the abality
to leap building an a single bound and eat other rogues for dinner.
Shadowmoon : Level 1; Background: Unknown
ShadowNemesisZX666 : Level 1; Background: He is completely shrouded in mystery. Those
that mess with him end up missing, or mutilated so badly that no one can identify them.
ShadowScorp : Level 1; Background: SHADOW was here but now is gone left his
name to carry on those who know him konw him well those who don't can go to HELL !!!
Shadowstalker : Level 1; Background: It is hard growing up on the streets of
the city. From an early age I was forced to survive on my own, I started small pickpocketing and stealing what was needed to survive. Nowdays the young thieves tell legends of the one they call the shadowstalker,
SHadowStar : Level 1; Background: was trained as an assasin growing up beyond
that nothing else is known
Shadowulf : Level 1; Background: An orphan from a small village, trying to
find out everything that can be known.
ShadowWolf : Level 1; Background: loner, left society after his village was
destroyed learned barbaian skills growing up.
shagrath : Level 1; Background: a wandering youth looking for adventure
and seeking the thrill of battle with all types of warriors and such.
Shandrakor : Level 1; Background: Borne to poverty he took up the adventuring
life, swearing to never again go hungry and to never end up as a farmer.
shantak : Level 1; Background: Ye Shantak of Leng
Sharpshooter : Level 1; Background: When he aims for something he hits it.
Sharral Spellweaver : Level 1; Background: A vibrant, tall man, with a charming persona,
and an aura of enchantment about him, he is endeavoring to increase his powers daily.
shatter star : Level 1; Background: an orphan who seeks revenge on the death
of his family.. shows no mercy except weak with lust of women
shaun da brill : Level 1; Background: give me mony plz!???
Shero : Level 1; Background: I do not agree upon the ideal that Gods
do not have phsycal bodies; for I am one of those...
Shiko : Level 1; Background: Was attacked by demons when he was verry
little and they killed his parents now he really dosent trust anyone
Shildren Rubicon : Level 1; Background: He was abandoned as a young child by a wizards
guild. The head guild master Gegan Dethbird took him in as his apprentace and showed him the arts of magic. Through his arts will has learned to destroy evil and all that it is about.
Shilynn : Level 1; Background: Shilynn is a 21 female warrior. She was
abandoned as a small child of about 5 and was found and raised by a man named Tristain. He taught her how to fight and fend for her self untill she was 17 then he was attacked but a wild boar, he killed it but was b
Shimeran : Level 1; Background: Shimeran is a being from another realm and
practices strange arts. He has arrive only recently, but has been a quick study. A glowing aura shines when he practices magic.
Shinigami : Level 1; Background: mysterious past, viloent tendencies, the
great destroyer
Shizo : Level 1; Background: no background available
Shocon Battleaxe : Level 1; Background: A mountain Dwarf, 185 years old, been adventuring
for 20 years, specialty is weapon maker and giant killer
Shor : Level 1; Background: Is the son of the great King Gordor the
Warrior God.
Shortstuff : Level 1; Background: .......
Shortz : Level 1; Background: Shortz is a hermit wizard who travels around
completing quesets for gold and survival.
Showstealer : Level 1; Background: Name: Showstealer Weight: 231 pounds From:
The Untamed Wilds of Kalda-Moor
Shump : Level 1; Background: loves to fight
Shurto : Level 1; Background: Grew up being taught by his father to fight
with all his bravery and strenght. Now he lives alone in the mountains training for the day he is needed.
Shyne : Level 1; Background: HE is the wizard of the north and has come
to help in the search!
Sigeara : Level 1; Background: Sigeara was born a son of a warrior of the
kingdom of arenus. After his parrents death he was taken in by the king where he learned, from all the knights, their techniques for great fighting. He is second only to his brother Fifelon.
Silent Bob : Level 1; Background: Since watching his parent slaughtered at
the hands of rogue barbarians, he vowed to kill them to avenge his parents death and hasnt spoken a word since.
Silinda : Level 1; Background: A simple stranger, roaming freely wherever
the winds of chance lead her.
Silken Tofu : Level 1; Background: Im butt ugly so its a good thing I can swing
a sword, tho some foes will fall from sight alone
Silver : Level 1; Background: a lonely warrior wandering looking to defeat
the drago atoll
Silver Wizard : Level 1; Background: The master wizard of many worlds transfered
his soul to rach his strange goals in this realm ... what he wish is unknown.
SilverHawk : Level 1; Background: uses longsword or any sword but low in magic
or casting spell...
SilverhawkD : Level 1; Background: Come from a long line of mages.
SilverShade : Level 1; Background: arrow
SilverSword : Level 1; Background: none
Silverwind : Level 1; Background: Most loving to always do battle with the
evil races of the world. Adventure and excitement always gets him on a role.
Sim : Level 1; Background: I'm a warrior
Simbad : Level 1; Background: Ive sailed across many oceans to find what
im looking for. This is not a quest to find treasure its a quest to find out who i really am. Not knowing what might lie behind the wall i could easily die. But if any will stand they will see my true power.
Sinned : Level 1; Background: Sinned is from Holland, living almost in
solitude. But now he has to come out to save the dutch from all the evil that has come upon them.
Siona : Level 1; Background: A mysterious woman, she holds true to one
thing, and one thing alone, her sword
Sionx : Level 1; Background: Sionx, a great barbarian warrior from the
cold northern hinterlands is the 3rd generation offspring of the great Conan himself. His honour and valor are tantamount to his existence and he seeks both justice for the good and eternal damnation for the wick
Sir : Level 1; Background: i am a bowl of soup
Sir Alucard : Level 1; Background: Son of Dracula wondering the world not knowing
what his is or what lies before him.
Sir Betatest : Level 1; Background: Strangely, Betatest hasn't much of a background.
At least he's better off than that Alpha guy...
Sir Ceridan Du'Vrahms : Level 1; Background: A minor noble of some repute in the Elven
lands, he will stop at nothing for a goal within his sights.
Sir Chad : Level 1; Background: A young knight from the land of Ithcane.
He was born a noble, but wished to become a knight after his family was brutally slaughtered at the hands of an evil wizard. In one of his quests, he consumed the Hell Seed, and was engulfed by evil intentions.
Sir Derek : Level 1; Background: strong warrior of the land and has the strength
of an ox kills any things that offends him
Sir Diablos : Level 1; Background: Born before time itself , he has wandered
and plonder. He has stole from everyone and has killed almost everyone.
Sir Drake : Level 1; Background: his parents died in a war which is what
caused him to become a evil little bastord
Sir Galahad : Level 1; Background: He is the Perfect Knight. He has killed
over 1,000 dragons.
Sir Lancelot : Level 1; Background: A distant reletive of the original Lancelot,
but was taught of magic and sorcery, instead of combat.
Sir Parn : Level 1; Background: Lord of lodoss and fight too defeat evil
Sir slayer Hyber boy : Level 1; Background: One complete asshole
Sir Tristram : Level 1; Background: As a former knight of the round table Sir
Tristram has decided that he has not been benifited by his actions of service for the court sso it is upon his departure that he leaves searching for his destiny.....
Sir Tyme : Level 1; Background: Born to a warrior he often spent many fine
mornings training with his father and learning the ways of the warrior. One fateful day raiders came to their home burning houses, killing livestock, raping wives and slaughtering their children, miraculously he
Sir.Slamalot : Level 1; Background: born and raised in a small village trained
by father in weaponry and blacksmithing
Sir_Greycloak : Level 1; Background: One that is shrouded in mystery by the lost
sirbad : Level 1; Background: orphaned when his family was killed by an
evil knight. Since has sworn revenge against this knight and trains intensively for the battle he knows will happen.
sircasey : Level 1; Background: i am a young warrior i am out to kill all
the monster most lee the one that kill my family
Siris : Level 1; Background: I am a mighty Warrior.
Siris's Arch Angel : Level 1; Background: Cast down from heaven into a harsh reality
where he must maintain the peace and tranquility of the world.
SirKill : Level 1; Background: Wanders around asking everybody "Flyrickhik
Ughjig flickpick?" nobody to this day has ever know what this ment... most think hes mentally ill.
Sirnel : Level 1; Background: Sirnel is a talented young swordsman who
lost his family a few years ago since then hes traveled far looking for job offers to make some money since no one can support him.
Sivv Sarian : Level 1; Background: Born into a militaristic family, it was
only natural for Sivv to become a warrior himself. He started training at age 12 like both of his brothers, Savrin and Skiel. His older brother, Skiel, died in a war that almost every male in the family fought. Whil
Skimmer : Level 1; Background: He does not read books, he just skimms te
pages. Is he that fast a reader, or just not interested?

Skittles : Level 1; Background: Skittles used to be a peaceful farmer, minding
his own business. But then one day the great dragons came and raided skittles village. They stole skittles precious bag of skittles, and now skittles is out for revenge. The self dubbed restorer of skittle
SkullFire : Level 1; Background: Skull fire is a holy fighter also known
as a paladin.
Skye Winterborn : Level 1; Background: A female hero born in the dead of winter.
She is one that is spoken of in legend. She will travel the land doing good deeds until she comes to the place where her destiny leads her, which so happens to be here....
Slash_2k : Level 1; Background: TALL
Slasher : Level 1; Background: Once a good warrior, now seeks the chalice
for his own use to rule this plain, and become imortal.
slaughter : Level 1; Background: Misc.
Slayer of Gods : Level 1; Background: born on the peninsula of washington born
to kick butt
Slayer34 : Level 1; Background: Originally born to a high class family she
ran away to get away from an arranged marriage. She found herself wandering in the woods fighting the forces of evil ever since.
slig : Level 1; Background: a solider for a factory know as rupture
farms, this warrior is a force to be reckened with.
Slippery : Level 1; Background: Not much is know about Slippery, and he
wants to keep it that way.
Slite : Level 1; Background: Not really
Sliver : Level 1; Background: Orphaned at the age of 8 he was forced to
fend for himslef. If he wanted to eat and survive he had no one to depend on but himself.
Slobban : Level 1; Background: Slobban was born about 20 years ago in the
northern wastelands. Fighting the rough climate, wild animals and other barbarians has made him a strong and fearless swordsman.
Slothman The Veryslow : Level 1; Background: Went to the academy of magic only to graduate
the last in his class.
Slust : Level 1; Background: A Zenobian Knight
Slyce : Level 1; Background: nyah!
Smokey : Level 1; Background: not much is known about this warrior.
smurdo : Level 1; Background: likes other elves
Snerrad : Level 1; Background: A newcomer from a faraway land. Skilled
in the magical arts.
snuff : Level 1; Background: A newbie in search of new adventure.
Softon : Level 1; Background: SWM looking for a little fun. Are you the
dragon I can slay with my sword? Wait...that sounded kind of gay....
Solaar : Level 1; Background: Solaar is a wandering boy with a secret
desire to be a Mage...just like his Mentor,who was killed by his best friend.Now he seeks to grow to avenge his mentor.
soldier_of_strife : Level 1; Background: Strife was born into a world of combat and
strife (hence the name). He learned to swing a sword as soon as he could walk. He became the champion of his small town inprotecting raids from goblins. However, the goblins won one day, and burned his village to

Sorcere : Level 1; Background: An arrogant seasoned Mage of notable influence.
He walks confident through the countryside searching for his 2nd Chalice...
sorcerer114 : Level 1; Background: a person
sotherby : Level 1; Background: a thief that put the ass in assassin....
Soul : Level 1; Background: Soul found himself laying naked and cold
in the middle of a famers feild. Not knowing where he came from or who he was. He wonderd toward the farmers house which was perched ontop a small hill. When he knocked on the door a man opened it to see a long, si
Soul Eater : Level 1; Background: I eat souls!
SoulFury : Level 1; Background: Hey Iam SoulFury
SoulReaper : Level 1; Background: hes a guy and hes kewl and stuff
SoulTaker : Level 1; Background: not much is known about this character
Sowle the Snake : Level 1; Background: Crazy
Sparks1 : Level 1; Background: A beginner in this unknown game
SpazToDeath : Level 1; Background: UM hey....
Spectre : Level 1; Background: a fighter from the pits of hell, coming
to take vengence on heaven
Spellmaster : Level 1; Background: Spellmaster son of Dallben the greatest
wizard in Pyradain, never knew his heritage until it was too late, so he named himself Spellmaster and vowed to kill all the servents of evil and evil itself.
Spetnaz : Level 1; Background: UnKnown
Spiderguy : Level 1; Background: Has a love for spiders and will not kill
a spider under any sercumstances.
SpikyHairedFreak : Level 1; Background: unknown

SpitFire : Level 1; Background: inelligent.not easily intimmidated. has
a Knack for killing
spitfire66612 : Level 1; Background: He is sneaky, very trustworty to those who
earn his trust,smart, knows what he is doing
Splaz : Level 1; Background: Followed by a blue aura of light, splaz
has overwhelming powerbeyond that of your comprehesion. As you look into his powerful glowing staff you know that he is the one to obtain ultimate power!

Spuddo : Level 21; Background: A gnome of questionable morals. Known for
chaotic and avaricious behavior. Just like the picture except more compact!
sqnts123 : Level 1; Background: none
SQUALL : Level 1; Background: mess with the best and die with the rest
ssenkrad : Level 1; Background: the ultimate creature of darkness
ssj_4gotenks : Level 1; Background: ugga bugga
ssj3grim : Level 1; Background: i am an wizard with gold skin and blonde
hair.my eyes are indigo and i have a tatoo of a lightning bolt on my cheek.
SSJRabson : Level 1; Background: I am Prince of all sayains once again!!!
starmancer : Level 1; Background: none
Stealk : Level 1; Background: A Rougue who looks nothing like his picture
Steeby : Level 1; Background: One day he woke up and he didn't remember
anything he was in a cave now he is on a quest to find who he is.
Stephanos : Level 2; Background: Blahblahblahblah
Steven The Dragon Slayer : Level 1; Background: UNKNOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stifler : Level 1; Background: Stifler was abandoned as a child and has
no idea of his background he was raised by a group of mercenaries and will anyone for a price.
STING : Level 1; Background: unknown
Stomp : Level 1; Background: Having had his home destroyed at an early
age Stomp has wandered the last 3 years learning what it takes to survive in an unbelevably harsh world.
storm : Level 1; Background: was raised as a human until he found out
he was of wizard heritage so he is currently trying to find his real family
stormbringer : Level 1; Background: a lost warrior searching for his meaning
in life
Stormdncr : Level 1; Background: His past a blur to him,He has traveled many
lands searching for that which will help him remember.
Stormrage the Druid : Level 1; Background: Druid

Stormy : Level 1; Background: One of the best out there........
Stoulogalnfech : Level 1; Background: .
stretch : Level 1; Background: A taller than average dwarf, with a slow
tongue but quick axe
Strider : Level 1; Background: strider is 18
Striker : Level 1; Background: Little is known about his past and those
whith which he thinks to become friends with usually learn to not ask
Stumpyeye : Level 1; Background: I am mage of Wizardry.
Sturm Brightblade : Level 1; Background: My name is theodis. I serve the dragon
master. When the dragon master went to war with the arcinins on the other side of the world, my father, brother, and I went with them. Then after 8 years of fighting, my father was struck by a stray arrow and w
Styx : Level 1; Background: Blah...
Super Sayian Gohan : Level 1; Background: Son of a great warrior and is trying to
follow in his fathers footsteps
superdude : Level 1; Background: superdude is from the 21st century and he
has won many battles in his time.
SuperSayain : Level 1; Background: YOU WILL DIE TO ME!
Suremose : Level 1; Background: A wizard taken from his family by an evil
sorcerer. Originally trainined in the dark arts his purity and goodness made him immuned from that sorcerrers evil grasp. And one day Suremose ran from the sorcerer and is now on a quest
Surtur : Level 1; Background: Kidnapped at infant, never knew of family.
Grew up as a slave. Forced to do harsh work since young has made him strong agile and cunning. He was given a chance to fight for his freedom in the death arena. his story begins
suzabi : Level 1; Background: Suzabi was a definite outcast all his life.
having come from a long line of warriors and trators in his family, he felt like an inferrior member of his family. he left home one day at the age of 12 and never saw his family again.
Sword Master : Level 1; Background: He came from a long past of killings in
his family so then he did something to help his mother becuase his mother was going to die. He killed him self for her. so then a wizard summuned him back to life and then the wizard said "you must train to become t
Swordgut The Deadly : Level 1; Background: No background available Only knows to fight
No memory of previous events in life
Swymir : Level 1; Background: UNKNOWN
Sylarus : Level 1; Background: Quiet and calculating, Sylarus is an Elf
of much mystery. He enjoys the solace of the Forest and generally prefers to travel alone.
sylvana : Level 1; Background: sylvana ran away from home as a child because
her parents abused her, and she has been seeking revenge since
Sylviana : Level 1; Background: Sylviana is a well trained warrior
Symire : Level 1; Background: Not much at all is known about Symire.
Syn : Level 1; Background: A wonderer who is looking for the nebulas
of all evil
tadbit : Level 1; Background: Nobody knows when or where he was born.
Not even himself,

Tagar : Level 1; Background: Tagar is the eldest of his 7 brothers and
sisters. He has fought long and hard to become the King of Bloodstone. Now he starts a new journey in this place to bring peace to the relm.
Tai : Level 1; Background: A fun loving warrior Tai is also very brave
and intelligent... Well kind of intelligent.
tal : Level 1; Background: dunno
Talana : Level 1; Background: Talana was an aristocratic noble who had
spent her childhood listening to the famed stories of warrior women and the sword maidens. Amoung her family, she had siblings that were also fantasizing a life in the hardship and glory of knight hood.
talaris : Level 1; Background: perchance to better fate talaris has become
an adventurer seeking fortune and fame.
Talith : Level 1; Background: A young mage, Talith has been styuding the
dark arts, seeking to find away to bring his lover back from the abyss in hopes of finding happiness again.
Tallon : Level 1; Background: None
Tallon Stormbringer : Level 1; Background: funloving, allways enjoys a good laugh just
about as much as a good drink
Talon : Level 1; Background: Disgraced Noble seeking adventure
talon_gunn : Level 1; Background: A Dwarf from a land by the cost. I search
for adventures in this land.
Talot : Level 1; Background: Place of Birth: Urgaroth Title: Sworddancer Promenent
Features:White Hair, Grey Eyes, Star Shaped scar over Left eye Mannerisims: Lone Wolf, angry
Tanaka : Level 1; Background: hmm... i have no background.
Tanal : Level 1; Background: a
Tanara : Level 1; Background: He is a wizard.
TanesLines : Level 1; Background: A human that was abandoned at the age of
9. Met an old warrior who taught him how to fight. He now has to prove he can fight.
tani : Level 1; Background: became a slayer out of dishonour
tanis : Level 1; Background: Orphan. Wants to make a name for himself
Tanis Half-elven : Level 1; Background: He is half-elven.
tarais : Level 1; Background: i am a warrior of m blade
Tarious : Level 1; Background: I'm a female elf looking for trouble!
Tarq Doombringer : Level 1; Background: Born late. On first crawl, knocked over
a support strut and brought the house down on his family. Plagued by bad happenstance and good health.

Tasiac : Level 1; Background: http://cafeshops.com/Loser_Inc
Tauril D'Sarn : Level 1; Background: A sly roguish character, always looking
to get one over on the evil forces of the world
Tawl Castilon : Level 1; Background: Grew up with a mean stepmother(evil mage)
who taught him magic. His dad was the head of a crime organization.
Tedward : Level 1; Background: umm.. falala?
Tekalekase : Level 1; Background: Tekelekase is from the mountains. She is
a female elf who uses bows and beauty to kill her enemies.
Tekhum : Level 1; Background: A friendly wizard.
Telperegloth : Level 1; Background: old wizard, leaving his study in search
for new spells.
TEMPEST : Level 1; Background: tempest
Tenchin : Level 1; Background: Great wizard of great power from the dragon
tower if faced would destroy all who stand in My way for power
Tergo : Level 1; Background: Tergo is a the son of a noble, hoping to
get a little dirt under the fingernails through adventure. Upon hearing of his plans, his father disowned him. So, apart from the benefit of a wealthy upbringing (good constitution, education, training), he's on hi
Terjon : Level 1; Background: Terjon is a dwarf of reputable back goru
terminator_tsg : Level 1; Background: He is from a long dead family seeking revenge
for their deaths
TerrorKnight : Level 1; Background: A chaotic knight
Thaddeus : Level 1; Background: Thaddeus grew up in the town of haven whare
he becane friends whith Darkblade when thay whent thair ways thaddeus ended up here.
Thaliot : Level 1; Background: Dumped overboard and left for dead, Thaliot
searches for the nasty crew that stole his father's sword.
Thallia : Level 1; Background: Born on the road, but parents were killed
early on in life, so was an orphan. Begger most of life, as just begun trying to make a living of herself.
thanatos : Level 1; Background: new to this and could use a little help.
Thanitos : Level 1; Background: Thanitos is a quiet, reclusive wizard that
tends to say very little. He prefers the tranquility of solitude.
Thargor : Level 1; Background: After accidently killing his Chieftan
Thargor had to flee his people. Now he spends his life roaming the world in search of a place to call home,always watching over his shsoulder for would be enemies.
that4321 : Level 1; Background: !!!!!!!!!!!
THE APOCALYPSE : Level 1; Background: I m the APOCALYPSE
The Cool-man : Level 1; Background: pretty cool
The Destroyer : Level 1; Background: A mysterious black-cloaked stranger who
carries a staff of unknown powers.
The Dougler : Level 1; Background: I am an elf hear me roar
the huter : Level 1; Background: 6'ft 170lb blonde hair,shoulder length.
very attractive. fast with a long bow, grew up in the forest with ant and uncle. is practising magic. is light footed and pysicly fit. in elven years he is 150 years old, a young elf. has made a few enemies. tries
The Mexican : Level 1; Background: A man with awesome powers who cam efrom
nowhere. Nothing sles is known about him execpt that he is skilled in the dark arts
The MorningStar : Level 1; Background: A wandering swordsman...
The murder from hell : Level 1; Background: killed a lot of people and wont stop now
The Saint : Level 1; Background: Law abiding warrior
The wander : Level 1; Background: As a young child he watched his only family
get kill and he has quested his whole life to remove evil from the world with his mastery of spirtual magic he is also A collector of powerful artifacts and weapons he is kind but not at all weak.
The_Best_Thief : Level 1; Background: 4'6 139lb has white skin and jet black hair.
Not very muscled and its well hidden by the cloak he carries around him hiding his features. He grew up in a outlandish city where the only way to survive was to steal from people, kill people, or move away. Se
the_death_bringer : Level 1; Background: a very p*ssed off wizard
THE_GREAT_MATAFU : Level 1; Background: the best wizard in his tribe
The_Hermit : Level 1; Background: Alone in silence is what me life is to m
thebat : Level 1; Background: I live in Aldrick Minnesota
thedjis : Level 1; Background: born and raised in a poor farming community
i won my chance at a better life when i took my grndfathers equiptment and killed the bandits who ruled the town and killed my parents
TheGreatDoinker : Level 1; Background: BEWARE THE MUFFIN MAN! HE MAKES YOU PLAY
SANTA!! -Character- He sits on a rock. He eats a danish. He thinks Danishes are good. He likes little boys. He has a stick. He does explicit things with a stick. He is a bad person.
TheOne : Level 1; Background: A strong six-foot-tall warrior with emerald
green eyes and strong with the sword.
THEUNDERTAKER : Level 1; Background: My Character has no background.
thief_1000 : Level 1; Background: intelligent and is very good
Thieving Bastard : Level 1; Background: Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
thomas : Level 1; Background: i have had a hard life u wouldn't wana know
Thomas Beckett : Level 1; Background: Lord Beckett was meditating one day when
a great light opened before him. As he stepped towards the light he heard many voices. When Beckett next awoke he found himself in a strange land. And he found that he still heard an occasional voice. As time went
Thomas the Mystic : Level 1; Background: A former monk whose monestary was turned
to rubble by the accursed Dwarfs. Thomas broke his vows and plans to destroy every elf he comes in contact with, and anybody who stands in his way
Thomas_Covenant : Level 1; Background: Thomas's early life was uneventful, his
family was well off and got him into wizard training at a young age. He is now traveling the world.
thor : Level 1; Background: strong warrior with the ability to use m
Thor_the_Mighty : Level 1; Background: After being thrown out of Valhalla, Thor
decided to create his own heaven. When he was powerful enough he would rage an all out war against Odin!
Thorag : Level 1; Background: Thorag hails from the biting cold of the
northern lands. His father was betrayed by a trusted friend, branded a coward, and murdered before he could clear his name. His family holdings seized and women taked captive, Thorag made his escape. Now, he seeks
ThoreAxe : Level 1; Background: I am A Dwarven Fighter
Thorin Orek : Level 1; Background: Hi
Thorn54321 : Level 1; Background: I am a mystery
Thoron Lith'um : Level 1; Background: Thoron is a tough, dour dwarf from the old
dwarvish stronghold of Kazak'Dum. However after dark elves over ran the stronghold he was forced to flee by his parents while they fought on.
Thrd : Level 1; Background: A large powerful barbarian outcast. He
is outcasted because he was given the gift of magic. One of a kind among barbarians.
Thunder Axe : Level 1; Background: This dwarf was the most powerful dwarf in
his part of the world.He left to help fight in the war agenst the elves.When he had won the war he came back to his village only to find it in ruins.He now is training in dungeons hoping someday to find the person
thunder maker : Level 1; Background: the maker of storms
Thunder_Dragoon : Level 1; Background: Unknown............
ThunderSmithy : Level 1; Background: Parents killed at the age of 3, he has been
forced to fight for himself
Tianna : Level 1; Background: Wants more from life than the tiny village
of her youth offers. Perhaps she will find more than she ever bargained for.
TIBER182 : Level 1; Background: After leaving his home he became a fight
Tidnab : Level 1; Background: Checking out first, background later
TigerHawk : Level 1; Background: A rejected son of Elfangor sets his own
path throwgh a mortal desert to find and conquer any knigdom found on the way
Tim : Level 1; Background: my name is tim
Tim Olsen : Level 1; Background: Find out more about the "vagabonding shapeshifter"
at http://www.vagabondolsen.com
Timothy : Level 1; Background: very strong
Tina Allensgate : Level 1; Background: Female thief who keep her past to herself.
Usually quick to laugh, but just as quick to draw a blade. Has a dislike for warriors, but will tolerater them.
tinisha : Level 1; Background: strong and likes to fight
tino de groote : Level 1; Background: born in the small city of cydon is conan
a boy who fell in a wel and drowned only to be found lying in a lost forrest in a lost country with no memory but extreamly powerful powers
tinybro : Level 1; Background: parents were kill by a mystery man and srive
s to save other chldren
Tiran : Level 1; Background: Tiran the Still of Ruler's Ledge lived his
young years on a silent thrown in the land where no man nor beast dare roam. Through his exploits he is now praised as the savior of Farway, and distand land, but those are the writings of another tale.
Tirun Tirunbar : Level 1; Background: Just another mage.
T'Kilron : Level 1; Background: Once a great warrior and ruler, I have been
banished by my rivals. But, I will return to slay them!! I will destroy all who stand in my way! I fear nothing!
Toady100 : Level 1; Background: was a prostitute until he was 90 then turned
gay. born on middle-earth, real name-Gandulf
Toan : Level 1; Background: All parent dead and an orphane
Tobias : Level 1; Background: Nothing is known about this guy.
Tojejedno : Level 1; Background: He came at no time from nowhere....
Toledo : Level 1; Background: Toledo, a generally mild mannered wizard
from parts unknown, in search of a greater power.
Tom : Level 1; Background: Brown hair. Green eyes. Lives in Marteron
near a friend, Quarrion.
Tom x : Level 1; Background: a wandering warrior who lost his family
in a battle.
Tombstone : Level 1; Background: just playing
Tomth : Level 1; Background: His parents where killed in a raid on his
village, he joined a wandering group who teached him how to surive.
toonslash : Level 1; Background: family killed only he survived trying to
get reveng and will kill those who get in his way
Toran : Level 1; Background: I'll write this later.
Toran the Wise : Level 1; Background: A wise old cleric, well versed in healin
-TOXiC- : Level 1; Background: Greatest wizard to grace the surface of
this world with his presence.
Tragic_Deth : Level 1; Background: tragic is darker than most and is an anarchist
a lot of the time he is sarcastic
Tremere : Level 1; Background: In life before becoming a vampire I was
a German Navy General. I was sired 127 years ago and I am currently 149.
tres : Level 1; Background: 16 years old,strong, somewhat of a loner,
he was an outcast all his life,
Trinkett : Level 1; Background: A Huntress from the Northern Lands.
trivor : Level 1; Background: i am a warrior magician i use my mighty
powers to fight
Trunks : Level 1; Background: He is an elf once a fair prince but a wizard
put a spell on him turning him ugly.
tsahi12345 : Level 1; Background: is parents were marudered and he want's
Tsoran : Level 1; Background: na
Tsunami : Level 1; Background: I have come from the farthest regions of
the earth to come and conquer evil well i shall be on my way my friends
Tucker : Level 1; Background: First time I have entered any world
Tukumou : Level 1; Background: Parents abused him as child, brutally murdered
them and ate them afterwords.
turrick : Level 1; Background: born has a human abandon by his mother a
group of dracons a group of dragons looks like humans found and raise turrick.He has learns to speak human and drangon langue,the dracons release powers from within.turrick learns powerful spells at the age of 5 no
Turtleguy6 : Level 1; Background: After battling the evil wizards of Muu he
became a wise sage of light.
Twig : Level 1; Background: Hailing from the Court of Stars, the magical
court of the Fairie Queen. He's one of the Eladrin, the eldest of the fairie kind and resident of the realm of stars. He walks the bounderies of the multi-verse in the interests of the Court and his Realm.
twista : Level 1; Background: kool
twisting : Level 1; Background: this is fun
twoneo13 : Level 1; Background: Archmage of all types of magic that enjoys
killing people!

Tybald Axeblade : Level 1; Background: The son of a poor farmer, the young Tybald
dreamed of a greater life, more glory than could be found digging up turnips. On the eve of his sixteenth year, his father asked him what he wanted to do, now that he was a man. "Will you stay, as your brothe
tyler : Level 1; Background: fsbouj
Tyrania : Level 1; Background: couragous, ambitious and powerful
Tyrant Moron : Level 1; Background: He's stupid, but he's got one hell of a
Tyrany : Level 1; Background: A warrior of many talents, one of witch
is dungeoneering. he fights to the death and expects the same in return
Tyre : Level 1; Background: Not very intelligent... Very strong...
Tyriel : Level 1; Background: Tyriel is a bold man, never cowering, and
often winning against all odds!
TyrMouse : Level 1; Background: in process of creating
tyromon2 : Level 1; Background: a wizard
Tyurafa : Level 1; Background: A warrior looking for a good rpg.
Udemae : Level 1; Background: He's a.. warrior?
Ultamite_Warrior(reborn) : Level 1; Background: i am a old old warrior from several thousand
years ago who had never died but had been put into a cryogenic freeze for several hundred years and now i have awakend to reclaim my throne of power!
Ultimos : Level 1; Background: Born a traitor to his own people. He was
abandoned at birth by his parents and left to die. His birth was only a myth but not even the greatest wizard in all the land could tell it would happen becuase if it did the child would bring great terror.
UltraMatt : Level 1; Background: A higly trained elite warrior capable of
slicing metal in half with one slash ..orphaned at the age of 13 he went on to become a great warrior
UNHOLY FATTY THE GLADIATOR : Level 1; Background: fatty is a fat character, who likes to e
unknown : Level 1; Background: not known.
Urien Rakheart : Level 1; Background: Dungeons mastered: Gnome Beer Fiesta
urza : Level 1; Background: n/t

Uzziel : Level 1; Background: Uzziel is a young dark priest just beginnning
on the road of adventure in dedication to his dark benefactor
Vadseen : Level 1; Background: an outcast.Vadseen wanders trying to get
power!His tribe was wiped outlong ago.He is the sole suvior!Doomed to wander endlessly!
Vain : Level 1; Background: Was in the war of the worlds when he got
sent into the past and know knows the future.
vainofgrendel : Level 1; Background: i'm a hero
valaria : Level 1; Background: Blah
Vald : Level 1; Background: a Elf that has destroyed everything of his
Valdimar : Level 1; Background: Secretive magic user on a lifetime quest
for knowledge.
Valek : Level 1; Background: dunoo
valgov-the-great : Level 1; Background: wazzzzz up
Valhalla : Level 1; Background: Family was masacred, now he seeks revenge
on the people who did it, the barbarians!
Valkris : Level 1; Background: Abandoned young, raised as a feral child,
Valkris is a powerful, yet undisciplined warrior.
Valkyrie : Level 1; Background: One of Odins strogest valkyrie's, she revolted
after unfair treatment

Vampire2000 : Level 1; Background: Before I became a man of the UNdead, I was
a very brave and famous warrior. I am now an old vampire, the year 2000 marked my 1999th birthday. Am I old or what!
VampyreDarla : Level 1; Background: Vampyre
vanusuke : Level 1; Background: a wizard that bashid from where he called
Varian : Level 1; Background: Mystery surrounds the past of this quiet
yet sometime unpredictable mage. Many rumormongers abound, yet none have returned the truth...or alive.
Vash : Level 1; Background: No longer a young man he has earned the
rank of Lt. General in the army of King Arthur himself, though he isn't on of the Knights Of The Round Table he is a unknown force who could be the turning point in the battle against Lady Morrigan
Vastal : Level 1; Background: Vastal grew up on the streets the product
of a whore and a drunk. Abandoned by his mother and not nowing his father her soon learned to survive on his wits and speed.
Vaulden : Level 1; Background: Vaulden grew up among the elite. However,
his father's lust for power and his unscrupulous methods of climing the social ladder, caused the downfall of Vaulden's family. His father was framed by another family, but his father's past made the frame all t
Vaulting : Level 1; Background: LALALALA
vegeto : Level 1; Background: i kill you!!!!!!
Velan : Level 1; Background: Born with powers beyond his comprehension
he always knew he was better than everybody around him. The loss of his sister turned him in on himself. In an attempt to make up for his loss he seperated himself from all that was around him to followed the pa
Velecrot : Level 1; Background: Velecrot, is a powerful enemy to all he
names as his foe.
Venat : Level 1; Background: Really evil, bent on subjecting all to his
Venom : Level 1; Background: Not much is known about Venom, he keeps
to himself all the time. But the one thing he is very well known for is his skills in battle. He is one of ther fierces Knights to have ever stepped on the battle field.
VenomX : Level 1; Background: Born and raised by bears/ wolves/ and rocks
VenomX was bitin by a radioactive snake. Most of his records were destroyed in the GREAT BEAR RAID in 1200.
ventje : Level 1; Background: i'm go play
Venus1 : Level 1; Background: Me Venus Me have penis BIG PENIS
Verko : Level 1; Background: I am a Warrior
Verlock : Level 1; Background: A humble warrior in search for an advent

Verrasi : Level 1; Background: Tempermental at times, very loyal and holds
a grudge for a long time. Extremely passionate about whatever his quest is.
Vesper Blade : Level 1; Background: Once a royal prince Vesper was banished
from his mother's kingdom after killing 4 royal knights by means that were deamed "dishonorable". After years of training with various swords, he sets out to find who he really is, with vengence in his heart.
Vexon : Level 1; Background: I am Vexon,a rogue that lives and work in
the shadow.If you want to know more about me you will have to wait.
Victor : Level 1; Background: Strong,nice,and cool
Victoro : Level 1; Background: A man with a sorbid past, Victoro has given
up everything for the cloth, and with no regrets. His wisdom and courage allows him to excel in almost any situation.
Vigorious : Level 1; Background: Har!
Viktor Saariathi : Level 1; Background: A young unexperienced son of a peasant,
who became novice in a clerical order.
Vilnac : Level 1; Background: Vilnac has honed his fighting skills to
a razor's edge. Beware...
Vinlac : Level 1; Background: Elf mage male
Vins : Level 1; Background: The mightiest wizard of this times are just
uglie creatures against ME!!!
Violent J : Level 1; Background: I am Violent J, the great insane Clown!
viper : Level 1; Background: demon sent from hell to kill what ever he
Vipermonk : Level 1; Background: Vipermonk is a highly trained monk who likes
to explore new lands.

VipersEdge : Level 1; Background: A cleric from deep within the sands of the
Harakki desert.
Vivi the black mage : Level 1; Background: the mage who was left out...
Vladamir Taltos : Level 1; Background: kills for money answers to no one and has
fun with he`s jobs
Voldemar : Level 1; Background: A mage of resounding power that was cursed,
his power being reduced to just barely above that of an apprencice, and is venturing to reach his former power.
Volith : Level 1; Background: When he first saw the use of magic he was
overcome and vowed to be a powerful wizard...
Volkmar : Level 1; Background: a poor orphaned boy
Volmen : Level 1; Background: Ever since he was a young boy he has became
more and more interested in magic.
volorgeden : Level 1; Background: While growing up, Volorgeden decided that
he wanted to learn more about nature. while 11 years old,he discovered his talent.He could sumon nature including volcanoes,armegedons(vol is the beggining of his name and geden in end)floods earth quakes ,ECT;. H
Volrath : Level 1; Background: He is an evil cleric that will betray anyone
and everyone.You should never trust him.
Vua Rapuung : Level 1; Background: Very little is known about this man's background.
Orphaned at an early age, he was forced to make do on his own and is very secretive.
vulcanus : Level 1; Background: fire-god
Vulcut : Level 1; Background: Lusting for wealth and fame, This Man will
do anything it takes to get what he wants
Vylechylde : Level 1; Background: A servant of the ancient demons of Da'lgral.
Channels arcane powers through is mind.
Waddo15 : Level 1; Background: Little is know about this man.
Wadia Abu Collin : Level 1; Background: He is on a Holy Jihad to destroy Evil and
to purge the unworthy.
Wallace : Level 1; Background: Wallace the wizard of the acient world.
Wandu : Level 1; Background: A cranky and cocky curmudgeon, the Wizard
Wandu battles for sport and for his own amusememnt, caring little for the esteem of others.
Warblade : Level 1; Background: friendly, shy loves adventures. read a l
Wardrof : Level 1; Background: Wardrof was born to halflings who rejected
him. He was taken under the care of humans and followed a good god called Tripper. Aligned with the tigers he runs around purging the realm of evil.
WarrBlade : Level 1; Background: a deadly spell caster that was supossed
to be destoyed
Warrior123 : Level 1; Background: A strong Warrior
Warwick Maud : Level 1; Background: Warwick Maud; one super wizard out to destroy
anything that gets in his way from reaching the chalice!
water_dragon_tamer : Level 1; Background: vey ol and very wise.
WaterMage : Level 1; Background: After seeing her family murdered by a bridge
troll and rouges, she summoned her dragons and now fights to find the people who killed her beloved family and the rogues.
waterwalker : Level 1; Background: .
Westae : Level 1; Background: Barbarian King turned Dragon Master
Wester : Level 1; Background: Lost Soul, Doomed to wander the world, f
Whim : Level 1; Background: As he grew up he learned, that the men with
power rule over weak.
Whisper : Level 1; Background: With no one knowing where she came from
or where she's going, Whisper roams from place to place searching for the truth of the untold tale.
White Mantis : Level 1; Background: I am an extremely sklled fighter taught
in the ancient arts of mantis-edge fighting.The form uses some magic but mainly physical attacks. I travel the land in search of ultimate wisdom and enlightment.
Whop : Level 1; Background: Whop is a tall barb. He looks extremely
intelegent strong in stature. Very agile. and is armed with a Bong packed full of chronic.
Wiccano : Level 1; Background: Wiccano was born far far away...
Wiegraf : Level 1; Background: Wiegraf Folles, a 21 year old ex-soldier
in the Hokuten Knights; left because the leaders became a corupt group of knights struggling for power losing sight of what they use to stand for.
Wilhelm : Level 1; Background: Wilhelm is a young aprentice of a wise and
powerful mage. Now that he is of age he will set out on his own to practice that ways of the wizard.
Will : Level 1; Background: A warrior who enjoys a good fight and is
willing to travel the world to find one
willdid87 : Level 1; Background: hi
Wine Jester : Level 1; Background: A jovial fellow, loves to play pranks, so
watch out ;)
WinterMask : Level 1; Background: A mysterious masked mage that radiates a
cold aura
wisper : Level 1; Background: whisper, not seen and only whispered about
in your nightmares
Wizal : Level 1; Background: blah blah blah blah blah blah
Wizard : Level 1; Background: I'm 13 and LOVE SEX!!!!!! Only blond hair
blue eyes
Wizard 2 : Level 1; Background: I have studied as an apprentice to gandalf
for 132 yrs.
wizardbt : Level 1; Background: The most powerful wizard in the world.
Wizard-King : Level 1; Background: loved to tourcher ppl in the old day for
fun now hes a fighter
wizawort : Level 1; Background: He is one of the oldest wizards in the w
wizbang : Level 1; Background: parents slain by an evil mage riding a red
dragon he has vowed to find and destroy evil mages whereever he finds the them
wodash2 : Level 1; Background: adasfasf
Wodin Grimfist : Level 1; Background: Born to a tribe in the Northern Wastes,
Wodin has received the great honour of severance from his tribe. Where food is scarce, many members of the tribe must leave so that others may eat. Wodin is one of these.
Wog : Level 2; Background: Wog, a stout dwarf. Clothed in light brown
leather from head to foot with a light brown cloak that unravels in the back. Nothing is to tough for this descendent of the mighty Geofoss.
woineger : Level 1; Background: aboned as child grew up in pack of wolves
and learnt how to fight
wolf : Level 1; Background: begon
Wolfhide : Level 1; Background: Wolfhide is a great fighter who has been
known to transform to a raging wolf,hence the name Wolfhide.He is the strongest werewolf alive and is very clever at combat strategies.
Wolfpak : Level 1; Background: Unknown warrior

wolph : Level 1; Background: a roaming warrior from far away. Began
his travels when native army was disbanded.
woolmax : Level 1; Background: hey whats up?
WorldSaint00 : Level 1; Background: A warrior that is good who always wants
a challenge!
Wormtounge : Level 1; Background: After the the rise of the Fallen Lords,
Wormtounge alone smashed the evil necromancer single handedly in a battle that decided the fate of his hometown, Crow's Bridge.
Writler : Level 1; Background: Born as the son of the wizard Khan, Writler
learned magics beyond his own imagination. With his mother, and having learned all he could from his father he now sets out for adventure...
Wulff : Level 1; Background: A young lad wise in the ways of the world.
He spent of his life on the streets. In late youth he was pressed into the local militia and trained in the arts of war and combat. After a few years he was released from service but now he knows no other way of
Wulgren : Level 1; Background: A drunken thief from the slums, looking
for more booze. or easy pickins
wwdragon : Level 1; Background: Always in search of lost componets for new
spells wwdragon sometimes has a confuzzled look about him. But once in the heat of battle that look changes and most people would do well to stay away.
Xaar'ad : Level 1; Background: Not much is known about this Wizard. He
seems to be old, but noone knows where he comes from. He helps whereever he can, though he prefers to explore the lands alone.
xaav : Level 1; Background: Son of Uther Pendragon
Xamizoy : Level 1; Background: I like dungeon building.
Xana : Level 1; Background: Xana is a 12 year old dwarf.
XanderCaine : Level 1; Background: Raised in the mythical city of atlantis,
this powerful warrior is a mystery to all.
Xanth : Level 1; Background: saaa
Xanthea : Level 1; Background: 5'5, pale blond hair, piercing green eyes.
Xanthea is an eager adventurer, new to the world after leaving her familys domain due to a disagreement about who she should marry.
Xarak : Level 1; Background: Not much to say
XCalibur : Level 1; Background: Good With A sword
XDeath : Level 1; Background: A evil wizard who abandoned his family for
Xeider Trueheart : Level 1; Background: Dwarven paladin with axe in hand. Beneath
a dark cloak is dark gray colored plate armor with black chain underneath. On a mission for his deity to recover an item which was lost. A dark brooding individual, slow to anger, but fierce in battle.
Xela : Level 1; Background: Very bad Adventurer
Xeneb : Level 1; Background: I was found on a river and brought up by
the ways of magic and now i seek revenge on the man who kidnapped me!!!!
Xeneth : Level 1; Background: Warrior that gives hope and fights for what's
right, not what's lawfull
xEveraldx : Level 1; Background: A young wizard who seeks power. He is willing
to do anything to obtain it.
XGoru : Level 1; Background: A natural leader, a killer, a brave warrior.
Leaves his face covered, never to show anyone. Why, nobody knows. He is a man of great hatred, and evil.
X-Someone-X : Level 1; Background: not none
Yai : Level 1; Background: Kill
yasic : Level 1; Background: yasic is a member of the dead army(not evil)
that always carryes an alter witha picture of a circle with 3 dots in it, and wishes to help others in any way he can
Yoshiyuki : Level 1; Background: He is a unknown wizard who doesnt say much.
no one really knows him. He came alone and silently from the forests of Jordbro one day, what are his attentions?
your_mom : Level 1; Background: Well basically she is your mom!!!
Yudi : Level 1; Background: Yudi has trained with his wepon for the
past 14 years of his life , he finaly feels confident enough to venture out into the world and start his own adventure.
Z1000 : Level 1; Background: I fight for honer not pleser
zackaz : Level 1; Background: a very powerful wizard comes form the forest
of doom
Zaknafaltian : Level 1; Background: An Escaped Drow elf, Running from the evil
of his past home... His House Torm'Tor Destroyed....He Tries to make a home on the Surface...only to become the Owner of a Dungeon Battle Ground....
Zaknafein Do'Urden : Level 1; Background: He is the father of the legendary Drizzt
Do'Urden, his figure moves stealthily towards the unsuspecting hook-horror. He is right behind it now, he thrusts his weight towards the hook-horrors legs, it falls, and Zaknafein slides his swords into the gap in
Zaknafien : Level 1; Background: Weapons master minor magic ability
Zanzabar : Level 1; Background: Hi. I am an evil DWARF. Fear me!!!!!!
Zarik : Level 1; Background: Zarik fights for all that is goog. Evil
doers beware!
Zarrehp : Level 1; Background: Zarrehp is a very old man... nobody remembers
when he was young! He is alwais traveling and dont care about the comum people. He just wants to bring back the old gods.
Zed : Level 1; Background: Born evil, Zed grow up killing everyone
that crossed his path even his mom and dad
Zeddicus : Level 1; Background: Insatiably curious, chaotic neutral,
ZeniMercury : Level 1; Background: Okay, so I took the Sailor Senshi prisoner.
Do I give? No. ALthough I regret it, if they fell into the wrong hands, they could be corrupted. If you wish their freedom, save them from the prison of the senshi.
Zephyr : Level 1; Background: As fast as the wind blows are his arrows
Zeppelin : Level 1; Background: Imagime wisdom,energy and age in a single
spell,that best explains how this young sage became an enlightened wizard, a victim of a rogue sorcerer mischeif.
zerkon : Level 1; Background: raised by his grandfather he became a wealthy
young fighter in his race
Zerohawk : Level 1; Background: Zerohawk grew up in the small town of Thais.
A land with no laws, and where murderers and thievs dominate the populace. Zerohawk never gave up, and kept practicing his high moral standards, looking for a better place. Have I found it?
zeroshadow : Level 1; Background: A wizerd that won't take anything that
came from the wiz acadmy
Zerox : Level 1; Background: Backround unknown!
Zerthimon : Level 1; Background: Stands 6'5" and very skinny. Although he
looks like he might break with the slightest touch he has a great deal of inner strength.
Zervous : Level 1; Background: Whoar from Cantina
Zether : Level 1; Background: I was a simple theif when all of a sudden
i cast a spell while I was stealing from a master wizard and he took me in now here I am.
zimfam : Level 1; Background: zimfam is a cleric he is human who was orphand
in a goblin raid at the age of 4 he has been raised by the thiefs guild in the city of sails.but became disalusiond with thifs and went in search of something better he found it as a cleric aprentice
zineo the mighty : Level 1; Background: Zineo is a person who does not like to be
bothered. He trains well and sonn thinks he will be among the best
zionbound : Level 1; Background: a freedom fighter
zman : Level 1; Background: zman has spent many years trapped in his
mind he is now trying to escape!
Zolof : Level 1; Background: Zolof is a decendant of Merlin the Magician.
He comes from a whole family of Wizards who's house burned down when he was 10 years old. He has learned everything he knows by himself. He is very deceitful and can not be trusted.
Zombie Queen : Level 1; Background: Queen of the living dead...

Zork : Level 1; Background: A magician with no history and no family
trying to piece together the purpose of his existance!
Zornix : Level 1; Background: From the hill of asgranite skilled in the
war club he seaks his fortune anywhere he can
Zorro : Level 1; Background: The masked avenger, come to steal all that
he can!
Zrex : Level 1; Background: Unknown
Zuldin : Level 1; Background: I am from a different planet. It is called
Zuldania. I am the ruler. We are a peaceful race, but here I have to fight to survive.
Zule : Level 1; Background: Coming from the darkness of the past, in
walks the mighty Zule. The Warrior of worriors. His might is equeled only by his might of his knowledge.
Zuljin : Level 1; Background: Zuljin has no home. He roams the country
to find treasure. He is a very kind fellow and he is a master of hand to hand combat. His style is unique. He doesn't use large weapons, he simply relies on his aglility. He is hungry for power, and is always looki
Zy : Level 1; Background: Fresh Meat!
Zyrox : Level 1; Background: A knight sent by Satan to destroy the Earth,
meets a human girl, marries her and helps to protect the Earth instead of destroy it.

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